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a small man named mike saul created this web page to fill time. he is 23 and growing tired of things, but hope exists in his life, even if it is only a small cup sitting on his tv. he can be found in the burbs of chicago.

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5 Reasons
not to get a job
1. sleeping is cool
2. why not?
3. "Hey Mike want to do something?" Friend
"Sure, it's not like I have to work tomorrow." Mike
4. time for me to focus on learning to fly
5. wait wait, i'm broke...fuck.

created by me in 2001

madden record 5-0

Rock Star Life Style! Yes, I'm still living like I'm in college. But then again, my graduation party isn't till tomorrow/today (fucking sleep thing, screw off, I'm trying to write here). Yeah, continue the rock, even if my music won't.

"Funny thing about weekends
When you're unemployed
They don't quite mean so much,
except you get to hang out with
all your working friends" Primus - Fizzle Fry

Damn straight I get to hang out with my working buddies. I've spent most of this week walking around my house attempting to find things to do. I've spent a bit too much time in front of the computer, read a little, thought about the future but got distracted by the breeze, and did my laundry. At least one of my friends took this week off before he started life, or something that looks like life. He is the one that has been playing basketball with me all those late late nights. He beat me in "kickin junk". (exactly like horse, but completely different). I really have to stop losing, or I'll continue to be last picked. But now my working buddies are coming to rock! At least a little rock. We are going to have a whiffle ball game. That's has a bit of the rock.

Risk and Axis may not appear to be a rock star life to you, but have you wondered what the rockin' guys do when they are not on tour? Well, have you?

I'm a little lost still. My mind keeps telling me to do both options, but both options can never peacefully exist. So therefore no action, except action that may make me appear to be the complete opposite of both of my options because when I get into those situations I do my best to not allow them to work. A vicious cycle. So, has anyone caught on what the hell I'm talking about? My guess is a big fat no, and I'm going to keep it that way.

The most amusing thing right now, besides that I'm tired and I think that the beanie babies keep looking at me, is the spring in my keyboard keeps making that "BOING" noise. So I continue to type, and I continue to smile.
3:49 AM

I'm a little lost right now. I'm not quite sure when it happened. A little bit occurred last night when I was sitting on a roof in Chicago drinking some beers. It sort hit me, and my mind sort of shut off. Most of the time I searched for things on the ground to hold. Like those helicopters or whirrily-thingermabobs. I would look at them for a while and then throw them in the air. Stoopud brain for shutting off and thinking about stoopud things.

I love it when I start to really complain about things in my life that are important I become the most vague in my writing.

"I'm a pianist." Bach
"Thank you, good night." Yacko.
One of the many reasons I love Animaniacs.

The keyboard that I've been using since I've been home has a broken 'c' key. It only works about half of the time, and I'm slowly getting tired of going back and re-hitting the 'c' key. I'm like, "Hey c key, work why don't you! That is all you are suppose to do." And the 'c' key is like, "Why aren't you working? Isn't that what you are suppose to do?" Since I have no rebuttal to that argument, I will accept the 'c' key not to work all of the time until I get a job, but if you see a 'c' missing in my writing, it is just that I don't care anymore about not re-hitting the 'c' key as muh anymore.

A broken 'c' key does make you realize how often you use the letter 'c'. Even though in these last two statements I did not use the 'c' key.

Okay, I'm talking about letters now, that is a sure sign that it is time for me to go and do something, unless you want to hear about my thoughts on
2:12 PM

Night basketball was played again, and again I lost all games. I really should start to get some game, because without game it will be a long long summer.

No crazy antics for me yesterday. Risk was played with no appearance from the Union of the Snake. That could be that he didn't hear about it. Victory did not come for me though, and there was no mention of how I'm a shithead, so I viewed the night as a success.

Daryl Strawberry was let out of jail today to be put in a drug rehabilitation facility. The only problem I have with that is when the judge released him she made some stoopud baseball reference about being up at bat with 2 strikes and 2 outs. Hey judge, he has a drug problem, don't make some pathetic remark about baseball to him.

Sometimes I wish I knew more about baseball...but then I take a nap and everything is okay.
11:08 AM

Where has all the rock gone?
Recently when I go out to purchase a cd by a band I know and love expecting the rock, I get no rock. The rock seems to be slipping from many many bands, just as it slips from my soul. A shame really. Everyday I sit around thinking about how the rock has to struggle to get out. Hell, I hardly enjoyed Propagandhi when I saw them play a little while ago. Mostly I'm talking about a few cds that I rushed out, cds that I've been looking forward to for a few months and the rock isn't there. The biggest insult is when Weezer does not rock anymore. A shame. Many a nights were spent dancing and rockin' hard to the other Weezer albums. No one had to say they rocked because it rocked so hard. Every once in a while there would be some slower songs, but not the entire album. Now their new album has such little rock from what I remember. Not that I will not like this album, but I really wanted the rock. This has been happening a lot (Get Up Kids, Jets To Brazil), and I'm getting tired of it. I need the rock still. If I lose the rock I'm not quite sure what will happen to me, except maybe curl up and be all emo, even though I like emo, but my heart hurts enough, why make it hurt more you know.

Anyone know of some cds that still rock? e-mail me.
10:58 AM

So this is the real world. I could really get used to this.

The move back home has taken place. Right now boxes are my favorite friend.

Two nights of midnight basketball. Sweet. I understand that I've lost both nights, but some good times were had. Except by my ankle. My ankle is a little upset at the moment.

Sitting in a hot tub can make you appreciate life, or at least make you appreciate that your friend has a hot tub.

If anyone finds any problems on this page after the move, please let me know. I think I fixed everything, but who really knows...only the wizard knows, but he never likes to talk.
10:59 AM

Next time you read some new words here it will be written in the fabulous metropolis of Lisle. I know, I know, excitement. Peace Champaign, I'm out of here! Well, tomorrow I'm out of here.

Last night was a bit crazy. Irish Car Bombs were all around it seemed. joel and jeff came out and the events were memorable, or forgettable, or can't be remembered, but never the less, there were events that occurred last night. I mean, I did pour some for my homies.
2:09 PM

Oh drunk talk...
10:01 AM

Guest Speaker Todnight/Today - Colleen Lemke
pallaange!!!! mike sauul told me that pikus and joel "pallanged" him to post tonight given his very drunken state. beause he has exhausted all of his energy walking my drunkass home and because this is the last night of college he has decided to allow me to post to this illustrious webblog "man cutting globe". it seems appropriate at this time to point out that i am not a man, nor am i cutting a globe. goddamn am i dry when i'm drunk, but still; your cigarette was good, jeff, and me, well i'm just a wreck. saul is one amazing american man. are there any single girls who read this site? because if so, as his female roommate let me tell you, that to not pursue mike saul is a big fucking mistake. whhho else would make sure his friend's girl made it home allright? also, it seems like an appropriate timee to make sure that all of the faithfull readers are not coompletely unaawaaaareeee of the dangerous ultrasonic waves being emmited by the innocuoous looking fellow who lives dddownstairs fromyou. just be careful, okay? finally, this is gradumacation. hello, and goodbye. i'm out with a croooked smile, colleen e.

Now some more of me
Damn Joel and his challenges!

So I'm back (as in Mike Saul) now with no spiky hair, incase you were wondering. My thoughts on a crazy night, the last night of college (unless you count the parents visiting). The drinking started early, 3:00 PM because Nannete finally signed a lease, and the drink was in celebration. Sober, then continue... in my mind, makes a good night.

The thoughts of me at this point: the fan is moving a little too fast, the walk home seemed a bit long, Colleen and Val are great girls, what a strange town, chicago here i come, MY HEART!, rock out and continue to rock out, future?..., party next weekend!, sleep... college.

A much more formal post later today.
2:13 AM

here we go again

because everyone needs a hug every once in a while.