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a small man named mike saul created this web page to fill time. he is 23 and growing tired of things, but hope exists in his life, even if it is only a small cup sitting on his tv. he can be found in the burbs of chicago.

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5 Reasons
not to get a job
1. sleeping is cool
2. why not?
3. "Hey Mike want to do something?" Friend
"Sure, it's not like I have to work tomorrow." Mike
4. time for me to focus on learning to fly
5. wait wait, i'm broke...fuck.

created by me in 2001

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Sometimes I can be a fucking idiot. I think I'll leave it at that.
7:25 PM

Mogwai rocked my face off.

Last night was fun. After I found my face from Mogwai Marc and I went to a diner. It has been a while since I hung out with just Marc. Props to him getting a new job. May his soul be saved. Hope springs eternal.

Surprisingly enough, the waitress still gave us a check. Don't they know I'm not supposed to pay for anything. I'm a fucking mob boss damn it.

Somebody asked me if I would be willing to whack my brothers if the need arose. For example if one of my brothers ratted me out to the feds. I'm pretty sure I would wrestle with the decision, but as a mob boss I would have to act swiftly, or it is a sign of weakness and then all the little people would say "Don Saul isn't so tough. Screw him." Then that whole bat thing (yesterday folks) would occur. So, the answer is yes. I would have to whack one of my brothers if he planned a hit on me or ratted me out. Plus, two of the three owe me money. Not that I would use that as a reason mind you. But if I'm willing to whack my brother, doesn't that mean I might wack you if your payments are late...

Yesterday (yeah saul you didn't post yesterday you flippin...) I worked. Just a temp job, don't worry, it does pay for the weekend events though (although there don't appear to be too many right now). Does anyone realize how much paper is wasted by every single business out there in the world. The office I worked in consisted of three people, yet I created over 400 copies. Insane I tell you. Insane. One of the first things I'll be doing when I rule the world is get rid of a lot of that paper. You have my promise.

Oh, another thing, I plan to get rid of the economy thing too. Way too complicated.

Sweet, new comic books today for me. (it has been a while since I reveled in my geekiness) I most excited about Steam Punk if anyone cares.

In case anyone is wondering I'm still confused by girls.

Have a good weekend. I'll write if I am all mob crazy or something.
11:52 AM

Hey, it sounds like I might have a job for a little while. Isn't that swell? Now I can feel okay that I've been spending money left and right since I graduated. Sweet. Odds are I'll be working in some office temping, which is fine in my book, at least for a while. This will give me some capital to figure out that whole flying thing.

In other news concerning money, I'll be spending more to see Mogwai perform tomorrow night. I already have tickets, so feel free to attend.

Having a temp job will not deter me from becoming a mob boss in case you were wondering. I'm looking for some woods where I can walk the people I need to "get rid of" since they (when I say 'they' we of course know I mean "the man") have recently cut down the woods by my house where I used to sneak around when I was young for a new subdivision.
3:40 PM

Whew...a long weekend. Well time designates it was a weekend, but since I only worked one day last week I had a really long weekend.

Keeping in theme of Don Saul, I feel I should now have 10% of everyone's profits. If you have a problem with that feel free to talk to Vinnie.

Another aspect of being in the mob I have started to carry a bat in my car. This is just in case I have to go smash a guys car because he didn't pay me the 10% or he insulted someone I know. For example -
"Hey Vinnie, you got a small dick." Vito
"What did you just say?" Don Saul...who now starts to beat Vito with the bat in his car.

If I can't be a mob boss Ruler of the World doesn't sound too bad, but I'm pretty sure Ruler of the World might be a little more work.

Two games of Risk may have been a dumb idea. Especially since I totally blew it the second game when I had the chance to win the game. For some reason I do that a lot in Risk. I still haven't bought the slightly still new Axis:Pacific game yet.
6:22 PM

here we go again

because everyone needs a hug every once in a while.