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a small man named mike saul created this web page to fill time. he is 23 and growing tired of things, but hope exists in his life, even if it is only a small cup sitting on his tv. he can be found in the burbs of chicago.

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5. We all know flight would be my power, and flying is damn cool.

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Whew. What a tough couple of days. The whole sit around and not do anything after work is pretty tough.

Yesterday was my father's birthday. My father is a very interesting person. I feel he wins the votes of father my friends like the most. Now you may be asking why would people really like my father. It is because my Dad likes to joke about everything. A simple story to show it. My dad said if I ever did something (I can't remember exactly what but maybe something about having a kid before I'm married) he would piss all over me. I told my Dad that I don't think I would like it too much and I would attempt to make it difficult for him, such as by dodging the urine. My Dad shoots back the comment, "I should hope so. I'm not expecting you to stay in one place while I piss all over you." Ah, memories. Memories about your Dad telling you he is going to piss all over you. Thanks Dad, and hope you have fun on your fishing trip.

Does anyone know what title Stalin had when he was in charge of the USSR? I'm pretty sure it was not Assistant Janitor. I've seen those guys and they really don't have any power. Oh, sure they can order an invasion or launch a nuclear missile, but there is always someone else to tell them to go and clean the shitters. "Hey Jimmy, why did you leave some streaks on this window? Get me some vodka!" Something like that.

Again I am asking. Where is the rock? I want my ass to feel the rock, but all the bands just do not rock enough. Oh sure there are moments when the rock begins and I get all excited about the rock, but then they slow it down. Damn non-rockers.

Stop scaring the girls already.

Two days in a row, as I'm driving home from work, I have seen the same guy riding home on his bike. On his knee has been a 24 case of Miller Lite. Something about that man made me smile.

I've been offered a full time job at my currently temp job. As my boss asked me what my plans were I felt my heart cringe over the idea of staying at my job. I believe I have to sell a little piece of hope each day I come to work. Taking a permanent job there would be a sign that I have no hope left. Luckily for you people hope still abounds in my soul.

I'm watching the final half of the 3rd of the Sopranos. There was a fabulous episode where two gangsters take a guy out to the woods to "get rid of him" and while they are there the guy gets away and the two gangsters get lost in the woods for the night. My gangsters of course would not be stoopud like them, mostly because there are not too many woods out in the wonderful burbs. There are a lot of condominiums though.

Okay, enough already. I'll see you all later.

Tommy Hagar, who may or may not be related to Sammy Hagar wants to buy a truck. More power to you Tommy.

"Bush told several hundred World Bank employees as he set the stage for his first meeting with the leaders of the world's seven richest nations and Russia..."

You have to be pissed if your Russia. In every report that I've been reading about this large ass meeting of many rich people who want to give money to poor people, Russia is always separated from the other richest countries. I'm not even quite sure who the richest countries are, but I'm damn sure that Russia isn't one of them. Leave it to the media to continue to ostracize that poor non-communist country. (they must be poor if they aren't mentioned in the top 7) Usually I'm one of the first people to voice my opinion of the 'fucking reds', but these reports sadden me.

5:53 PM

"Mike, where the hell have you been?"

So I bought a Dreamcast yesterday...

Shhhh. It's thinking.

What are you doing Thursday night? You should go see Marc star in a short film. Yes at the Chicago Short Comedy Film Festival in Chicago you can see the only Mighty Marc Heiden perform in a little film about working or something. Hell, I haven't seen it, but I will. Show up around 7:30, you could just see me and Bill, and a bunch of films. You are going to see the films of course.

Somehow at work I have been demoted. Instead of calling people now I just enter a bunch of names into the computer. At first I thought, crap, this might mean I'm going to get fired from a temp job. Then I realized that my workload has just been cut in half. That means, more time to think about ways to escape. Jumping out the window screaming like a mad man has been ruled out so far.

I went to the Tivoli last night. It is a great old large theater, but the only problem was that Mummy 2 was showing. Not that anyone really needed to be told this, but Mummy 2 is a bad movie.

Next time your driving through Westmont on Ogden Ave. and thinking, damn is it hot today. Turn North on Blackhawk Dr. and there you will find a park, but inside the park you will find Stop N Chat. The best ice cream out there. I was going to play basketball last Sunday, but instead, I ate Stop n Chat ice cream. Sweet.

"Water doesn't obey your rules. It goes where it wants. Like me babe." Bart.

I was just thinking how I'm just like water. But then I remembered that I'm a solid not a liquid.
6:53 PM

here we go again

because everyone needs a hug every once in a while.