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a small man named mike saul created this web page to fill time. he is 23 and growing tired of things, but hope exists in his life, even if it is only a small cup hanging from his key chain. he can be found in the burbs of chicago for right now.

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created by me in 2001

NFL2K the season

Okay, screw all that dancin'. IT'S TIME FOR BREAK DANCING! Throw out that bop of the head and knees. Now we will just head on to a windmill, then slip in to hand glide, and finish up with a Superman. Yeah! Now why are we break dancing. Well, to answer your question, I found a place to live in Chicago, that little wonderful city right by my little suburb. No more hanging out at the 30 Plex for me anymore. It's all up hill from here. And rent is cheap as a Pittsburgh hooker (not that I know how cheap a Pittsburgh hooker is, but since people keep searching the web for them and coming to my page, I figured I will give them a little love. I mean, how often do the people looking for Pittsburgh hookers get some real attention? Really?

Expect the move to occur Oct 1st.

Continue the dance...and dance with me. Why are we still dancing? Well, I understand that I was bragging just a bit with the whole "I'm out of debt dance" thing. But today gives everyeone a great reason to dance, I got out of work at 3:00, and all I can think is SWEET I GOT TO DANCE!

Just in case people may have forgotten, I would like to explain how tough I am. Because no matter how much I do dance, I'm tough. Now, most of you are thinking, "Mike, we know your tough and all, but how tough are you?" Well, I'm so tough that I use that stairs instead of the eleveator EVERY DAY at work. Instead of only hitting the snooze button 5 times, I slap it only 3 in the morning. So, if you were thinking that I was straying from my tough mob boss ways you are very very wrong.

Vinnie, go break that guy's legs until he starts to dance. Good, it is nice to see all of you dancing.

Come one, come all, come and dance with me. Why should you dance with me? Because I'm officially out of debt. It is all positive from here on. Objective one met, now all I have to do is figure out what I want to do with my future.

It still would be nice to have the 491.50 hours of my life back though (work was slow today so I figured out how many hours I worked). I was trying to figure out if I would be paid for having Labor Day off. I won't because I haven't worked 500 hours yet. Stoopud corporation with their stoopud rules.

But all that doesn't matter because I'm out of debt, and I'm dancin'.

Other exciting news in my life...clear skies with only a 30% chance of rain for the weekend.

Mental note 1: Do not shave when you are tired.

Mental note 2: Do not take 90/94 out of Chicago after midnight due to construction...30 minutes to move a mile and a half.

Damn straight!

The search has begun. I'm looking for a place to stay in Chicago, moving out of the burbs. The burbs have become quiet lonely, or at least they will in a couple of weeks. Too bad not to many leases begin Nov. 1st.

Songs That Popped In My Head Today At Work
Gremlins Theme Song
Zelda music
A little of the Super Bowl Shuffle
That fucking siamese song from Lady and the Tramp
Some Sugar Ray song (heard on the radio right before I walked in)

All this goes to show you I need to start bringing cds to work.

How pointless am I to my job (even though they told me I'm doing great and to keep it up). I input credit applications at my job. I spent today entering 61 applications into the computer. Once in a computer someone else looks at them and decides if they are going to get what they want to buy. Well, out of 61, only 1 was approved, 31 were declined right off the bat, 13 were declined-conditioned (needs more info) and the rest were all sort of spread some where else that I don't really know. 9 hours of my life...1 approval. Hope you enjoy it sir.

Good-bye Cade McNown, the Chicago Bears will not really miss you. That, and we will find someone new to yell this year (I mean we lost Enis and McNown, who is your pick for the player we yell at).

A Simple Goal
Isn't it funny how people set up small little goals for themselves and blow them out of proportion. A friend of mine played hours upon hours of Tetris his freshman year of college because he always tried to beat his high score. He still talks about how many lines he got with pride in his voice.

I'm not mocking this. I'm the king of pointless goals. I used to race a friend on who could have more cds. Ultimately I lost, but he bought a lot more pointless cds than I did (we can all forget the band Happy Head already). I was involved in the Pigskin Pickem last year during the football season and the entire Cradle (minus the girls, they thought we were stoopud, and were correct) got into it.

My question to all of these things is why do we put ourselves in stoopud little goals like this? Do we do this to fill up the empty space of our lives? Is it boredom? When we meet these goals is our lives actually better? Or is it a simple fact that meeting these goals puts a little satisfaction in our lives...pointless satisfaction that really doesn't matter in the long run, but still satisfaction nevertheless. We may not be accomplishing anything life changing, but we are making our lives more enjoyable by challenging ourselves and sometimes competing against your friends. As usual isn't it the small tings in life that almost define your life.

Sorry, I have to go now. I'm going to see how many magic markers I can stack atop one another.
A Little Later in my life.

Last night I saw The Score (a movie). During the movie an elder gentleman made a comment to his elder wife. "Those fucking kids." in reference to Edward Norton. I chuckled, but then quickly stopped in fear of the older man making a "fucking kid" comment towards me.

Last night I finally finished Microsefs by Douglas Coupland. It was a book that when I finished I sat on my bed, looked at my ceiling fan, listened to the noises outside, and really contemplated my life in the aspects that the book brought up. The whole what makes a life and what am I looking for in my life. I stumbled down stairs with some random thoughts I was going to write on this here web page, but about 10 minutes into it I deleted everything, mostly due to the fact that I really was not saying anything important. (not that anything I write here is important, but you get my point (and if you don't you should really start to talk to me more)). So in reference to my earlier comments stated today, little things with important people. Maybe tomorrow I'll have a little more specific things, but for right now I'll be thinking about these things...those things and comic books. And video games, maybe some thought on food...and...

Random Thoughts I Had This Week At Work
Ever since I visited Cleveland I haven't like The Drew Carey Show as much. "Cleveland Rocks!" Yeah, so does my ass!

This gum on the bottom of my shoe is really tough to get off. (insert grunts of paper clip prying at dried gum.)

Weekend, where is everyone?


Life is nice when you use company time to search for another job.

I'm a bit dizzy. My chair spins too well.

To answer my own question from the most recent post, "Where the hell am I going to sleep in Champaign?" The answer became more complex then we could have imagined. First off, the only weekend where no one exists in Champaign was the weekend Tim and I went down. It is the weekend in between summer session and full time regular school, so the four or five people I did know in Champaign were already gone. So after some time debating what we were going to do, the decision was made to sleep in my van in the old parking lot of my old apartment complex. A place very few cops ever come to check out because it is so far from campus. (Go Colony West! ROCK OUT! Shhh, real people live here too though). So first, Murphy's. There we saw a few people we knew, but I was too excited about sleeping in the van. After Murphy's we drank a bottle of jager, played Yahtzee and Rackco. Next morning came moving day. If you still go past the Cradle you may find many of our possessions. Oh garbage heap. Many many memorie. Moving on.

That night was much more interesting than it sounds...really.

As I stated many months ago when I was still living at the Cradle I wrote about how I found a TV on the side of the street, and my first thought was, "Hey, that would be cool to throw off my roof." Well, I didn't throw it off of my roof. It was too large to fit through the window, but I did throw it off of our porch. It made an amazing sizzling sound. Then we hit it with a bat. That's what you do when you move out of Champaign. You break things. Much like the desk we pushed out of the window...that we hit with a bat later on.

Here comes a good question that I would like to here from people. Who should I be in my NFL 2K1 franchise? I would be the Bears, but their plays suck so much that I can't. I mean how many screens do you want? Really.

So when the hell did I become such a sports dork? I was never like that. Damn.

Here is another good question. I've been thinking about moving out a lot lately. Nothing wrong with living at home, but I would like to get out on my own. At least for a while. The urge to move up to the city is really appealing. The only thing is I might get an offer for a job out in the suburbs. Now I understand it would be foolish to do this, so that is the problem. Would you move to the city if you had to commute every morning out to the suburbs? Ugh.

So sorry about missing the party.

(Party meaning all the parties of the world. I should have more time this weekend to attend them all)

here we go again

because everyone needs a hug every once in a while.