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5 Reasons
To Become a Reindeer

1. I get to hang with Santa.
2. Odds are the presents would be the best!
3. I could poop on everyone's roof (poop is funny all of the time).
4. "On Saul!" (get it?).
5. I totally would be able to fly.

Why I Should Not Be A Coach On A NFL Team

Fantasy Football Rankings
Chris T. (3) vs Ethan (5)

Bears 12-3

created by me in 2001

Two days ago I didn't change out of my pajamas until 8:00 PM. Game are sucking my life away, but I give it to you willingly!

My neighbors must hate me due to the fact of how late we have been playing games till. 4 in the morning is just ridiculous.

So New Years Eve, huh? Guess it is time for me to assess my life and such...yawn. I'm tired so screw that.

At some point (I'm thinking around the age of 7 or 8) I lost the urge to just go out and party. I'm quite happy sitting around a house with a handful of friends chatting away about whatever it is on our minds. Sometimes maybe walking around and causing a ruckus (but not too loud). I think that will be fun. How about that? Who's in?

A plan of mine is to be drunk by five, (that is if I don't have to work, if I have to work I will be drunk by four) nap, wake up sober and be drunk again by the end of the night. The plan begins when I see Lord of the Rings for a sweet second time (with hope to see a good trailer and not some crappy Austin Powers 3 preview) with a small flask.

Other movie news, I attempted to see Lord of the Rings this weekend but failed due to the movie being sold out. Changing gears we purchased tickets for Vanilla Sky, which was interesting and worth seeing as a matter of fact. But the strange thing is that I was asked to show some ID. I looked in disbelief. This is the second time since I entered college (this time I'm out of college) that I have been asked to see some ID. I know I look young, but I can pass for a 17-year-old boy can't I? No, seriously, can't I?

You almost could consider everything I say in ( ) as my split personality. That is if I had a split personality, but if I did, would I tell you? Odds are yes, because how many creative stories could there be.

I never met my goal of waking up in a strange ditch with a strange woman. For that I am proud of.

Happy New Years everyone. May you sleep joyously.

How good are my friends? I get home from Christmas and I find a bunch of gifts from my friends. I haven't opened them (this is a lie; I started to, but stopped myself and decided to wait till some of them are around), and now I feel like a 3 year old waiting for the morning to finally get here. People tell me that I do a lot of nice things. My friends are so much nicer then I am. Trust me on this.

My mother is the greatest. Every Christmas she makes these wonderful Danishes and my family devours them year in, year out. This year my mother gave me one to take home, not to mention a bag of cookies out of the hundreds she bakes every year. Even though she doesn't read this, I would still like to give a shout out to her, because my mother is the greatest.

I had a really good Christmas. Recap - wake up early for my niece, eat Danish, open gifts grant thanks, eat Danish, play game one of Risk, lose Risk but was so close to winning, eat dinner, eat Danish, read, play with niece, jump on bed with niece, eat Danish, play game two of Risk, say good-bye to Grandmother, quit Risk, visit Grandfather, see Royal Tenenbaums while laughing, ice cream at Denny's, go home eat Danish, fall asleep reading.

I would also like to state that I thought about eating Danish while I was taking a shower.

Our neighbors upstairs who deliver our mail to our door from the entrance down stairs gave my roommate and I a bar of soap and a box of rice-a-roni, and we still have not met them. My place just became dramatically cooler.

I just opened my gift, a Freakin Game Cube, from my friends, and I would like to state that they are the bestest best besty bestness people in the world. They didn't have to go and do that, and I'm now committed to purchasing the new Mario Kart (as soon as it comes out) so that we may partake in the Game Cube together. Now I can't complain about not having a Game Cube anymore. I will even let everyone win every once in a while. Thanks...Bill, Jason F., Scott, Kathy, Eric, Tim, Samir, Chris, Val, Brooke, Kevin, Marc, and Pete S. You are all the best.

I'm now going to get my lazy ass to bed. Hope you all had a find holiday. On to New Years...time to get the drink on!

Merry Christmas Eve and Day everyone.

You know a movie is good when it has a fat man riding a fat pig. Pure genius. Genius.

I was quite happy it snowed today. It made me excited, thrilled, even joyous! Good timing.

I'll be heading home to the parents for the next couple of days. Friends will be home, I will see them, and we will do things. The usual and oh so special.

I sat in a hot tub for the last hour or so. It was so nice and relaxing...

The pondering begins.

I had a good day yesterday. I met my dad at his work. It was the first time I have ever set foot in his office, and he has worked there since I was born. I assumed that the building wasn't as gigantic as it was, but it had people streaming all over the place. My dad took me to lunch, introduced me to many people, names quickly forgotten, and he also mentioned how a guy might be hiring some people and that I might get a job. I will be working for the man, I hope my soul will be able to live with itself.

The Lord of the Rings was amazing. I give it a hearty 2 thumbs up. I was not date-less as I assumed I might be. My 1st friend with the stomach virus recovered with a full stomach of 4 saltines. The movie created a feeling that Episode 1 was lacking. Something epic and exciting was occurring. And may I say the elf kicked ass! I still was unable to purchase a ticket for the 2nd friend. I am a schmuck.

I wrote a new song yesterday. Songs stay away from me due to the lack of any ability to play an instrument (this does not count the 8 years I spent in front of a piano when I was grade school, but I do still know my 8th grade performance piece) and sheer lack of voice with any proper tone. The song went something like this.

I got me rent money!
I got me rent money!
No more sleepin' in the alley!
I got me rent money!

The song is better if you were able to see the dance that went along with it.

I finished my Christmas shopping yesterday because I am special.

At what point in my life did I start to receive Christmas cards? For gosh sake (santa is watching). My degenerate of a brother even sent me one. I guess I should clear that up, the older less degenerate brother (who is getting his act together stat) sent the card. Then they all started to come. Does this mean next year I should send out some? Spread the holiday cheer? It is the season of giving.

Big plans for today. After work (the temp agency must be lovin' my sweet ass with all the work they be sending my way) I will be seeing Lord Of The Rings...but I'm not quite sure who will be with me. We got two tickets a few days ago, but we wanted a third. The show sold out before I could get the third. I informed the said third person, but then I found out that the first said person who purchased said tickets lost three lungs and many stomach muscles this morning and may continue to lose lungs/stomach/kidneys/other slimy stuff inside of your body tomorrow, leaving me possibly date-less for the above said movie, The Lord Of The Rings, and the plan won't be known until later in the afternoon. Must take planning skills to their highest level!

I should admit I have only read the 1st Lord Of The Rings book. Sometimes I astound even myself. How am I supposed to fit into a certain characteristic without actually accomplishing the few basic requirements?

Have you seen the Spider-Man trailer? Oh My God! I'm not even saying that because I am a large comic book dork. No, I am saying this because it actually looks good. I'm still keeping my expectations pretty low because as a comic book fan too many comic book movies/tv shows have entered the realm of disappointment. For example, Lana Lang in Smallville is Asian. Clark Kent aka Superman threw a party at his house while his parents were gone. These things just would not happen. Luther is still a bastard (one of the best comic book villains in my opinion, if done correctly (did I just show my comic book geekiness?)). So therefore I will keep Spider-Man where I kept The X-Men, pretty low, therefore hoping for excitement while I watch, because I must say the preview has me hooked.

I'm not quite sure what this is ... but it is quite amusing. Link achieved from Girls just wanna have fun. Yatta Yatta Yatta!

The Fantasy game is officially done for me. My money goes to the winner. I am still entrenched in 12 of 12 as I was during the first week. Oh I had a mighty stand in week 4-6 where I got all the way to 4 of 12, but then fell sharply. Rats (pearl jam song, let us all sing it!? "Rats. They don't compare!"). I'll be updating the winner in the side bar as the playoffs go on.

I accidentally played Civilization 3 for four hours yesterday. Really. I didn't mean to. Damn me and my work ethic.

Sorry about the damn, santa.

These updates have gotten to be a bit long lately. I really do not have that much to say. No, really.

The puzzle is done (it didn't even take a month), and I am unemployed again. Weird how those things work out?

Tomorrow I have plans. The plans will create something such as a black hole in the attempts to become debt free, but it will bring a few smiles to my family. Christmas shopping, all in one day, will be completed. I actually made up a list of everything I'm looking for, and most of them do not require too many stops. I am very excited. Plans for the day off.

And the search for colored Christmas lights continues... does the search for some snow. It is still too warm out here in the Midwest.

This time last year I was sitting in the Cradle brooding because I had a broken ankle, and I was trying to figure out a way to get a lot of my stuff home from school. Of course my car decides to quit on me. I rushed to find some way to go home for the holidays. My friend, and ex-roommate, Kelly gave me a ride home, but since she was driving her boyfriend, Chris, home (he was going to drive my car, remind yourselves I have a broken right ankle and used to scoot up the stairs when I was going to bed) leaving me with just enough space for myself, my crutches, and a bag of clothes. I really wanted to take my cds home with me and decided to take them on my lap. A huge crate for a three hour ride home. Wonderful. A few weeks later I found out that the Cradle was robbed, I lost many things, but I didn't lose my cds, which would have been taken since they were in a convenient crate for easy access to all the robbers. I am glad I took them.

I'm not quite sure why I wanted to tell that little story. Oh, I remember. I wanted to talk about the walk I took today, and how I haven't really been taking enough walks lately, and then my thoughts went to how it was difficult to walk when I had my crutches and how my friends are the best because they helped me out when I needed it, and how they have helped me out recently due to my money problems, and how sometimes I feel ashamed in telling them how I feel, but I can do so here without feeling really stoopud. Thanks all.

I apologize for the crappy mood I have been the past few weeks. I think I reached a revelation, and all should be okay.

The best character in the latest Ocean's 11 movie is the one named Saul. He is the best. I chuckled every time his name was mentioned.

It has happened, for the first time since I moved sideways (Chicago is East of my home town) I will be working 5 days in one week! I'm thrilled. I feel rich, even though I'm still so poor. 5 days. I had to get up everyday with an alarm. It would be dark when I leave for work, and dark when I get home from work. This lifestyle. It is strange to me.

No one talks to me at work. It is weird. I don't understand it at all. I'm a nice guy. People tell me so, usually then with a direct question concerning my lack of relationships following the above said comment of me being nice. But all I do is listen to my music, type away with my right hand (numerical data entry is the best) and every once in a while dance in my chair. I just don't get it.

All day I have felt the incredible urge to sing and dance. That or the complete opposite, break things, run around and yell. At the office I just wanted to sing my heart out. Feel some emotion. I feel very closed off right now. Something about not letting any emotions out. I flip flop between sad and happy. Like my mind is trying to force me to be unhappy, but my body is like "hey mind, screw you. It's almost Christmas. Things look jolly. Suck it up." So instead I sit in this state of utter confusion.

The amount of time I have to think at work is excruciating. If only the simple decision was made and I went through with it, and just dealt with the consequences instead of being all wishy washy and stoopud.

I understand that when I watched the Sopranos I talked about being in the mob and stuff. I'm still planning on that, it is just taking some time. But another HBO (it's not tv, it hbo) show, Six Feet Under, is being replayed on Wednesday nights. This show is almost as good, if not better than the Sopranos. It makes me laugh, cry, and feel really really creepy inside as I feel my soul die. It is about a family who runs a funeral parlor, and it is just weird. I only saw a few of the episodes when it was first shown, but now I plan to watch them all. Do not worry. There are no plans for me to start working in a funeral parlor. Unless of course I could start soon, and have some benefits. I do need a job and all.

Just a reminder folks. Watch the damn Tick tonight, 7:30 central time. It is still good, so good it might be canceled.

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