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5 Reasons
To Work

1. less sleep
2. less free time
3. financial stability
4. slef worth?.
5. learn secrets to the power of flying!

created by me in 2001

I felt like being productive today after work. I was going to shovel my car out of the fluffy white snow, which was the wet heavy kind by the time I got home. It didn't matter. I borrowed a shovel and got to work at it. While I was slaving away, three children (I would say the age of 12) asked if they could help me. Of course I said I had nothing to give them thinking they wanted to be paid for their services, but they just said that was fine and got to work with me. Just when I was beginning to believe the entire world's population was shit, these kids come by and help me believe in this thing we call a society.

I returned the favor by shoveling a man's door so he could get out of his house. He said thanks.

It is nice to have functioning eyes again. The last few days I haven't really seen what was going on around me, or feeling it either, if that makes any sense.

It is quite fantastical that it snowed today here in the lovely city of Chicago. In the last few days I've wanted to crawl into a little hole and just sleep, but not today! Today I woke up in a fairly good mood, and the best part was I got to walk to work in the snow.

I got extra nourishment today because I caught snowflakes in my mouth, and extra exercise by sliding on the snow. God, the day was fun outside.

Plus my cd player is back in action at work, and all the children rejoiced because of it. I asked them. I forgot how quickly the day goes by (and how much more work I do) when I listen to music. Especially with a new mix cd to play (the first one created by me since the big robbery back in Dec. 2000).

As I listened to music my eyes went out of focus as I looked at a file. I started to picture a cartoon rabbit start running around, then I pictured myself running in the cartoon, very similar to the way Run Lola Run looked, but with me running and not Lola. I wasn't quite sure if the rabbit was chasing me or running with me. I don't have a fear or rabbits. Then my day dreamed ended with everyone coming back from lunch. So I went to lunch.

At work today a co-worker of mine critiqued my winter clothing habits. She yelled at me because I wear a hoodie under a jacket with a broken zipper (the jacket is only 3 months old. How the hell does one break a zipper in 3 months?), no hat, no scarf, and no gloves. She told me I have to go buy a true winter jacket this weekend or she is going to make me purchase one on Monday. Sadly to say I have no money! Ha, jokes on her. Brrr.

If you haven't heard, the Tick has been canceled. Sad, I know. Had to happen. At least I still have Six Feet Under. A show as soon as it ends I want to watch the next, man do I need to start taping them. Other tv news I don't think I have made any reference to the Simpsons in close to two weeks. Shame.

I think I'm going to take a little walk around tonight. Could be fun. We shall see.

I shouldn't write when I'm tired...mind works faster than hands can type. Should re-read what is written...less mistakes made...zzz

I would usually mention this on Hesterman, but damn this is too interesting. The U.S. government studies the entire population pretty much our entire lives. Every year they like to put out a study that pretty much details everybody's lives down to the most miniscule details. So of course (due to the popularity of bowling in my life recently) I went straight to any information concerning bowling alleys. Here is what I have been able to find concerning the year, 1999.

About 18% of the human population of the United States has bowled sometime in the years of 1998 to 1999.

Only about 1.1% of the population goes bowling more than once a month, but that number of people is 2,251,000, which is still quite large.

41,635,000 people have bowled, 21,287,000 are male, 20,348,000 are female. The most popular age to go bowling is 35-44.

There are 5,590 bowling alleys in the U.S.

There you go, hope you were entertained. While I sat at work I started to think about how it would be fun to attempt to bowl at every single bowling alley in the U.S., like how those baseball guys try to see a game at every baseball stadium, well, I would be that bowling guy. But then I figured out that it would take a good portion of my life, and I don't have money to travel that much. Must find a new bowling shoes?!

Just this morning a phone company wanted to make some phone changes with my long distance plan. First of all we do not have a long distance plan and my roommate is in charge of the phone (even though everyone has trouble saying his first name, and it is so simple of a first name...William, see simple). When I told the telemarketer that William was still sleeping, and no he is not married so you may not speak to his wife, (I guess I sound too young on the phone and I must be the child who woke up early for Sat. morning cartoons (not that I'm knocking Sat. morning cartoons, I would watch them if I could find them, and didn't drink so much)) she tells me that I should inform William on the important phone call and he should be waiting for the next "CRAZY" phone call from our phone company. Crazy? Oh crap, the phone company is losing it.

Shame on me. I haven't written almost all week, and all you working people have nothing to read (well, at least nothing on this page, but the rest of the world wide web exists so get on with it). My reasons. Tired, sleepy, nothing exciting in my life, good mood therefore nothing to bitch about, still sleepy, working now, reading, tv, gamecube, and other things. Sleep mostly.

Foot cramps are some of the worst feelings in the world (almost as bad as a brain freeze from a 7-11 slurpee). I have had a foot cramp on and off through out two days now. It is sort of like one of your toe bones becomes dislocated and hangs around the other toes socket. The other toe is like, "Stop getting' your shit all up in this!" (I think toes would talk in ! all of the time, don't you?) Rubbing your feet do not help. Screaming does not help (even though it is nice to randomly scream). Nothing much helps besides living with it. Odds are it has to do something with my circulation.

Just for your information I have poor circulation. If you don't believe me I will gladly place my cold hands on your neck on a nice brisk chilly day. Of course we don't seem to be having too many of those this winter.

The man on the bridge continues to play his buckets, which continues to make me smile. I'm glad he is there everyday at five because I'm usually a bit out of it after a long day of work, but he always makes me smile uncontrollably.

I've already reached the stage of work where I just want to throw things at the people around me. Not that the people around me are annoying, but throwing things can be much more entertaining than refinanced loans.

Side note, I worked on a file that was a loan on a building at the corner of the street where I live. I looked at the picture for a while because I was trying to stall until my work day was over. I then spent the rest of my time looking to see if I recognized any other places near my house. I didn't find anything.

Surprisingly enough my good mood carries on, something must be up. It must be that I won a beer playing pool. And when I say I won, I mean my friend won because I was too drunk to really accomplish anything with a pool stick.

Amusement of the day - Besides the paper clips at work, I was amused at the man whistling near me as I tried to get to the train. He was a poor whistler, but he continued to try for at least 5 blocks until we walked in different directions. May he continue his good mood, and may he continue to smoke his cigar so confidently.

I think I have figured out what the hell has been bothering me for the past few weeks. There are many reasons why I have been in a crappy mood in everything that I have been doing. It was mainly trying to make myself do things that I didn't really want to do, things that I wouldn't normally do. I was forcing myself to be something that I wasn't, and my mind was rejecting the actions/thoughts/feelings therefore creating a pensive, moody, and even angry (and we all know I don't get angry, I may get sad/depressed/upset, but never angry) guy that just wanted to hang out by himself. Then something just clicked with me. I just started doing my usual thing, and a smile, a genuine smile, crossed my face, and from then on I have been enjoying the day. So smiles all around, sleep well, have fun, I don't have to work today!

Well, if you watch football or live in the general Chicago area you know that the Bears lost (lost bad too) and we have nothing to fill the void of Sundays anymore. So instead we will be going bowling. Side note, I just bowled my best, 137, last night. Then the next game I bowled a 136. I seemed quite tough, even though 137 is pretty bad. So therefore I'm going to go buy my own pair of bowling shoes. The entire exchange of the monetary system should become even after a few weeks. Then who will be stylin'?

Can a person who owns his own bowling shoes looks stylin'? I say yes. Not me of course. I'm never quite stylin'.

My parents might see my place for the first time. They will be coming over at a time when all the dishes are dirty from the weekend, when the floor is trashed due to the light snow Chicago experienced this past week, when the walls have scuff marks on them from friends kicking them (the walls not the kicking the friends) when they grew angry at Mario Tennis, when we have just noticed the first mouse crawling around on our floor, when I'm just too tired to really deal with it. But it should be fun. They might take me out to get something to eat.

When did I become a crotchety cranky man?

Amusement of the day. When I leave work I cross a bridge, and everyday on the bridge there is a man who plays the buckets. Yesterday he was beating the drums pretty hard. I mean, it was 5:00, peak time for passengers on the bridge because everyone is rushing to leave the city and be with their families or whatever. So, the man was beating, vigorously, and then he would suddenly stop and shout, "GO BEARS!" I attempted to put some change in his cup, but the crowds were too much. I go against the massive movement be going deeper into the city instead of the train station below my building. The man did make me smile never-the-less. Oh, and Go Bears!

I have a Subway mint in front of me. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it, especially since I can't remember when the last time I ate Subway was.

I got paid...I got paid. More money than I use to make in a month. I got paid. I got paid. I want to go and just blow all of this money because I actually have a chance to. Luckily we all know I'm not that type of guy. You know, spontaneous.

Here's to a weekend of drunkenness and with a lovely Monday off. This past week and a half was a killer! I deserve a day off.

I still have not made any new years resolutions...

here we go again

Bands I Like Currently and Have Played

because everyone needs a hug every once in a while.