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a small man named mike saul created this web page to fill time. he is 23 and growing tired of things, but hope exists in his life, even if it is only a small cup sitting on his tv. he can be found in the burbs of chicago.

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thoughts that were thought about walking home last night
1. "I'm leaning on a broken fence between Past and Present tense."
2. i'm rockin'.
3. i still wish i could fly.
4. i haven't watched any Simpsons this week.
5. why haven't i slept on a beach?

yo 2001

Drinking + D-Plan + Cradle Rules + Firemen = Goodweekend * Smiles all Around
Okay, all that work I had to do before this weekend never got done, and since I had no time the entire weekend (a blatant lie, but please, if you accept it, we can all accept it, and understand I won't sleep till Tuesday afternoon). First thing first. Many of my friends came down this weekend which made me remember what the previous few years were like. All of my old roommates were here causing a ruckus, which means, they made me have fun.

The drinking began early in the afternoon on Thurs. and continued right before Dismemberment Plan played. Dismemberment Plan holds a special place in my heart. When I went to visit Boston Mike Renaud played "You are Invited" and dedicated it to me, which made me all nice and warm. The D-Plan is slowly becoming the band I need everything that they release. (like Screeching Weasel was back in high school) At the show I bought their new EP, and a few months ago I got their Christmas Special. Plans are already in fruition to see them on May 10th (finals week can go suck themselves if need be).

When I saw D-Plan in Chicago last year they took the ranks of BEST SHOW OF THE YEAR 2000 from Modest Mouse, which was a very difficult and closely fought battle. This show had the makings of BEST SHOW OF THE YEAR 2001, but then again, the shows I've seen so far have not amazed me in the least. I met Nanette there but she was leaving back to Chicago that night so we only talked for a couple of minutes. D-Plan played, I danced a bit (which in it self is unusual), and then we went home. End Day 1!

Day 2- Friday- The Party. Our party started out quiet, and slowly ended up with us taking our old Christmas tree out of the bushes and set up a bonfire. You know you have a great evening when the police do not show up, but the fire department does. After about 20 minutes the firemen show up. Luckily we do not get fined, and we put out the fire using buckets of water. Then, the firemen pull out their hose and dose our bonfire for 5 minutes. Soaking it. The fireman then turns to me and says "Hope we didn't DAMPEN your party too much." Those funny fireman.

Sat. was recovery day. Since I didn't go to my classes on Thurs. or Fri. the entire week is all fucked up in my head right now. It is sort of like having someone give you really bad tasting food, that person telling you it is really bad tasting food, and you eat it anyways coming to the conclusion that this is some bad tasting food.

Now that I think about it some more it is exactly like that.

I ate all of my peanuts this weekend too.

It's Friday, and I need to make this quick. So much to do, so little time. You can all expect a nice update sometime this weekend.

Cradle Rules football will be played this today. This is when the members of the Cralde play two hand touch football. Hopefully I will not break an ankle as I did last time. I know, breaking your ankle playing two hand touch football sounds pretty wussy. Well, if you read this page often enough, you will learn I'm quite a wuss. (i'll never deny it.)

The O'Brother Where Art Thou soundtrack is amazing!

Due to all the comments of bowling out on thinking about hesterman we are going bowling today at noon. I am overjoyed.

Okay, instead of my simple plan (walking and eating peanuts), I didn't go to class due to me starting my weekend last night and heading to a bar. Instead, I played Nintendo with Tim and Samir, eating peanuts. That, in my opinion, is much better than speech class!

New new website, Sammy Can't Drive. More of a classic.

A simple plan for me today. Walk around with some peanuts and eat them.

A simple plan for me at work from now on is to create as many happy faces throughout the museum. There is one now in the rock garden, and those people upstairs better not smooth it out!

Willie The Crime Solver
Over Winter Break the Cradle was robbed and most of my things were stolen. I got over it because I got a fat check from the insurance company which has allowed me to live the past few, and future, months. When Willie, who used to live next door to us found out he was quite upset over it.

Willie is a forty year old african-american guy. He was stationed in Germany when he was in the army. When he gets really drunk he will revert to speaking German and English in the middle of a sentence. (you can find some great Willie quotes in the cradle quotes section). He can be shady sometimes, but still an okay guy. When he found out we were robbed he said he was going to talk to some people and find out who did.

My first thought was that Willie was going to have these guys killed and I'm going to be blamed in some fashion. Crap! (I do know someone who knows someone who knows someone who will kill someone for 25 bucks). Well, last night around 2:00 AM Willie knocks at our door. He tells me he knows the people who robbed me, gave me their names and said I should go to the police with them, but I can't mention Willie's name. I gave Willie a shot of vodka, because Willie likes to drink, and ten bucks. (he attempted to sell me some cologne, but instead I just gave him some money). And then he left.

The thing is that now I have this list of names, and I really do not know what to do with it. This is too crazy.

One of the best police stories...Someone was arrested for having a fist fight at an Indigo Girls concert. Feel free to use this story as your own since it isn't even mine.

The boys are coming back into town! Excitement all around! No more reading! Only drinking! PARTY! COLLEGE!

Hell, I'm going to start this wild weekend tonight. Delano can wait. Drinking can only be done so often. 0ff to the pub (writen at midnight).

My friends are the greatest. Case in point. When the new member of the Cradle, Colleen, moved in, she tosses me a t-ball that Marc and Colleen found. Sweet. Someone and something to play catch with. My questions are answered.

Today is a great day. Why you ask. Well, someone out of the kindness of their hearts has sent me some peanuts from vine tree orchards, all the way from California. Whoever has done this, you are great.

Shameless plug. If you want to see another web page of two people arguing about nothing in particular, or pictures of me and Tim, check out this web page. We Live In A Society Around Here. I know it isn't much right now, but expect it to pick up early next week.

Somehow I am an idiot. I know, people may not believe this, but I do many stoopud things. For example, I erased my history journal (one that I have actually kept up with from the beginning of the semester) last night trying to get some pictures saved on the disk. Needless to say, I'm a fool.

Party at the Cradle this Friday! If you wish to join, let me know.

My toast this morning tasted false in my mouth.

Last night blew. The main reason was because I couldn't sleep. I tossed and turned all night. This is the first time in two years this happened. My eyes kept undulating (ha, take that 8th grade vocab. class) every time I shut my eyes. I did have some interesting dreams though.

My Dream...I'm walking around looking for a mouse that has eaten my house key. There are many attempts of me diving onto the ground trying to catch the mouse. Finally my cat (there is no cat at the Cradle) catches the mouse. I pick the mouse up and hold him in my hands. I am then met with a dilemma. How am I going to get the key out of the mouse? I will not cut up the mouse to get my key. I'm pretty sure the mouse will not poop out the key because the key is about the size of the mouse. At that moment the mouse began to expand in my hand, and finally blew up...I woke up then...Any one have an explanation?

At least this dream is better than the dream of me watching myself play nintendo.

MAN LIVING IN COUCH! I wouldn't mind becoming a little man that lives in couches after college. Think about it. It would resemble The Littles. Me, jumping around on the springs inside a couch. Sticking people with my pitchfork when they sit down. The people sitting down would shout, "ow". Since I would lose all sense of communication I would have to grunt and laugh a lot. Begging for the random chip that falls in-between the cushions would be all the food I need. I would have the largest GNP of all the couches because of all the random change (and the fact that I'm the only small man who lives in a couch.) Excitement all the way!

Anyone know how to write a resume for "little man in a couch."?

Hey, I finally wrote the 'me' page to the left. If you have been wondering who the hell has been writing this page, look at me.

Dismemberment Plan this week! THURSDAY! SWEET! Friends coming to the Cradle. SWEET again! Party at the Cradle on Friday! SWEET THREE TIMES! (can my life get any better than this?)

The Cradle is increasing its numbers to three! The Cradle, the house where I live, will be getting a new roommate. This, in my opinion is great. This now brings the total number of girls I've lived with to a total of three. Not bad if I do say so myself.

Damn you Peter Forsberg!

Weekends here in Champaign try my soul.

Clockwatchers, a movie about temping, was just shown at the Cradle. It had more of a plot than American Job did, but both still depressed me and encouraged me to actually look for a job this coming summer instead of temping. This of course is a problem because I'm trained to teach children. I, if all goes according to my plans, will have a elementary education degree in May, but the desire/drive/hope to teach isn't there. I wasn't too happy when I was student teaching, and dropped out of school after three days of me sitting the dark trying to figure out what the hell I am going to do with my life. Well, I still haven't found an answer. So far the only one is that I'm leaving here in May. I'm going to get some form of a job. I'm going to make some form of money. I am going to then become rich and live off of my wealth. See, it is a simple plan.
Oh, if you know of a job where I can work with a small group of children, I wouldn't mind that.

I guess I could work at the museum a little longer (god help me). see me and marc here , here , here , and here. I'm the one in the blazer.

I was going to mention that I saw G Love and the Special Sauce, but I didn't. Instead I sat here and read Delano's Voyage of Commerce and Discovery for my History class.

Sweet, Arab Strap is playing in Chicago April 16th. Another excuse for me to leave this town!

Finally a concert listing in Chicago that is summarized. Props to Amplified.

I like saying sweet, so sue me.


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