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5. flying comes with age and experience

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So early, so tired from the previous weekend, attempting to write, so much alcohol, too the good times! I drink to happiness forth coming.

Since I fell asleep with the lights on yesterday I think I'll head to bed now. I hope everyone had a good day today. I know I was in a horrible mood till about 6 o'clock, but it was a fun evening. Hope you had your dreams come true. Sleep well. Good night. Maybe I'll dance tomorrow.

If it means anything, I think I should have won the pairs figure skating competition.

In reality, I can't even ice skate, but I'm pretty sure the Japanese judge had it in for me.

In massive retaliation to the snub I have received from the Olympic Committee I am going to go attend a Blackhawks hockey game.

Amusement of the Day: The exact moment when a father lets go of his daughter's bike while she is learning to ride a bike. Yeah!

There were more amusements through out the day but I am very tired due to the events of the weekend so therefore I missed many more simple amusements today. But I did cook some food this evening for my dinner.

Paranoia runs rampant while I'm at work. Every time I am called to talk to my boss I believe that they have finally figured me out. That my skills can be replaced with a well oiled slinky. Well, maybe a well oiled slinky with arms, but a slinky never the less. That is why I spent over an hour in the middle of an isle in the file room sitting in a chair. I would have stayed longer but the file room started to freak me out a bit.

A question that was asked by my friend on Sunday morning is a question one should ask themselves every morning. "Does my hair make me look like Hitler?" This question could decide how you feel for the rest of the day's events. Because sometimes you would like your hair to make you look like Hitler. For example you might be in a play staring Hitler and Calvin and Hobbes. The play could be what would happen if Hitler hung around Calvin and Hobbes and the wacky antics that would ensue forcing Hitler to have a change of heart because he now believes stuff animals can talk. Then it would be a good thing. But let's say your going to go and kiss babies to generate support for an election. Babies do not like Hitler, making it a bad thing. See simple.

Amusement of the Day: Middle-aged men who can be older but not necessary wearing hats, including but not limited to, the size of his head. Usually in a fur kind of fabric.

On certain days to do certain projects I'm provoked to walk over to City Hall. Usually it consists of me having documents become true documents in the eyes of the city, and others I guess. People are in such a hurry in that building, and there are a lot of noises in the background. Typing, copying, yelling "NEXT!", standing, stamping (I got five things stamped just for one document), money jingling (even though dollar bills don't jingle but the city officer checked the cash to see if it was counterfeit which made me want to say "jingle jingle", but i'm not sure why), and a whole lot of people getting something done. I'm glad I don't work there because the noise would bother me. That and I don't think they have free hot chocolate for me to drink.

Today on the bus heading to work there was a mother sitting down and her small child standing on her lap. The child was holding on to the mother, and the mother holding on to the child, but when the child's feet started to slip he would shout, "Hey! Hey!" Then the mother would stabilize him, and the child would then look his mother square in the eyes and say, "What." Not a question but a statement. After the child grew bored with that he put his nose on the window and fogged them up. I continued to stand till it was my stop for the train.

Does this mean I am one of the best people in the world? Wait, does asking that or stating it defeat the idea? Shit, give me a second. What about if I don't really believe it, but think it, but not believe, but know about it, and in some aspects believe it, but not in all aspects, but in actuality do not think I'm hot shit...fuck I'm so confused, I can't do anything right. So that does mean I'm one of the best people of the world...

Link from metafilter. Because I like to give props when I can.

And all we did was pile on after the game ended.

Sundays are now packed with joy and sorrow. Every Sunday night around 9 or 10 my mind realizes I actually have to do things on Monday. Sometimes being employed is no fun at all. And then I realize I like to eat, so working is okay in my book.

After losing a little sum of cash during the football season (damn you fantasy!) I got it back and some more. So today I treated myself to lunch. Lunch recently has consisted of a PB&J sandwich with some refreshing water to wash it all down, and an extra bonus on every odd day I would bring some carrots. But today I went to this noodle shop, and I ate some food. I felt like a king.

As I sat around today reading the news at work I realized that there are still too many shits out there mucking everything up. So if you would like, I would gladly run the world for everyone. Give me a ring if you can make it happen. I mean, I'm only a temp currently, so they won't mind if I quit without two weeks notice.

Let me first discuss Dr. Pepper a bit today. Dr. Pepper is one of the sodas I don't care for much. I have never cared for it. It just didn't float my boat if you know what I mean. But yesterday at work they were giving it away for free, so I grabbed one. First thing, when did Dr. Pepper become so patriotic? "One Nation...Indivisible" Half of the can is devoted to this whole patriotic thing, and I don't really believe they are in to it as much as they are making you think they are. You know why I say this. Have you seen their latest commercials?

Okay, I can handle Garth Brooks singing about drinking Dr. Pepper. There are a few drinks that make me want to sing. I'm horrible at singing so I usually do not. That part I can deal with. But the part that freaks the hell out of me is the old man in the red suit. People may think he is playing the spoons, but jesus christ what the fuck is he doing?! I'm freaked out. It almost looks like he is dying, but he's smiling too much. And what the hell is he wearing? Someone should just go and help the red suited old crazy spoon slamming man. For months now I just scream at the entire commercial. Someone should just make it stop. Red suit = communism not = democracy? Patriotism my ass!

New topic
So I was hanging around the internet last night and I accidentally purchased some cds. Man, look what happens when you grease my palm just a bit.

I felt like being productive today after work. I was going to shovel my car out of the fluffy white snow, which was the wet heavy kind by the time I got home. It didn't matter. I borrowed a shovel and got to work at it. While I was slaving away, three children (I would say the age of 12) asked if they could help me. Of course I said I had nothing to give them thinking they wanted to be paid for their services, but they just said that was fine and got to work with me. Just when I was beginning to believe the entire world's population was shit, these kids come by and help me believe in this thing we call a society.

I returned the favor by shoveling a man's door so he could get out of his house. He said thanks.

It is nice to have functioning eyes again. The last few days I haven't really seen what was going on around me, or feeling it either, if that makes any sense.

It is quite fantastical that it snowed today here in the lovely city of Chicago. In the last few days I've wanted to crawl into a little hole and just sleep, but not today! Today I woke up in a fairly good mood, and the best part was I got to walk to work in the snow.

I got extra nourishment today because I caught snowflakes in my mouth, and extra exercise by sliding on the snow. God, the day was fun outside.

Plus my cd player is back in action at work, and all the children rejoiced because of it. I asked them. I forgot how quickly the day goes by (and how much more work I do) when I listen to music. Especially with a new mix cd to play (the first one created by me since the big robbery back in Dec. 2000).

As I listened to music my eyes went out of focus as I looked at a file. I started to picture a cartoon rabbit start running around, then I pictured myself running in the cartoon, very similar to the way Run Lola Run looked, but with me running and not Lola. I wasn't quite sure if the rabbit was chasing me or running with me. I don't have a fear or rabbits. Then my day dreamed ended with everyone coming back from lunch. So I went to lunch.

At work today a co-worker of mine critiqued my winter clothing habits. She yelled at me because I wear a hoodie under a jacket with a broken zipper (the jacket is only 3 months old. How the hell does one break a zipper in 3 months?), no hat, no scarf, and no gloves. She told me I have to go buy a true winter jacket this weekend or she is going to make me purchase one on Monday. Sadly to say I have no money! Ha, jokes on her. Brrr.

If you haven't heard, the Tick has been canceled. Sad, I know. Had to happen. At least I still have Six Feet Under. A show as soon as it ends I want to watch the next, man do I need to start taping them. Other tv news I don't think I have made any reference to the Simpsons in close to two weeks. Shame.

I think I'm going to take a little walk around tonight. Could be fun. We shall see.

I shouldn't write when I'm tired...mind works faster than hands can type. Should re-read what is written...less mistakes made...zzz

here we go again

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because everyone needs a hug every once in a while.