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mike saul, who is me, created this to fill time. he is 24. He can be found in Chicago, where I am. What am I doing? I'm not quite sure.

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5 Reasons
To Get It Together
1. to be excited about the day
2. sleep better
3. holy shit, am I really that old/young?
4. what good is a broken toy. a together toy works well
5. together may mean flight!

created by me in 2001
Vanilla Coke, not so good. Shame on Coke.

A penny fell out of my wallet three days ago. Each and everyday I look forward to seeing that same penny smiling back at me as I leave for work. It sits there basking in the sun. Let us all believe in that one penny. You are free now.

Hot and sweaty. That is pretty much the story in my apartment. Damn freaky summer. I didn't ask for this.

The bonus about where I work (the mindless work I do is not a bonus mind you) is that I have enormous amounts of free time. The boss actually encourages us to watch movies and television when it is slow (which yesterday it was for seven hours). I don't have to hide my book every time he comes walking around, because if there isn't any work to do, I can do what ever it is I want. Hopefully my brain doesn't become an enemy in this kind of situation. You know, too much free time. If my brain challenges me to a duel, I'm not sure if I could take it. I mean it is my brain. I bet it would be named Stevie. But I do have one thing over my brain. It does not have opposable thumbs to hold the sword. See who has the last laugh then!

I don't know where you can find a job as a male prostitute. I am so sorry for the people coming to my site looking for this information. As I have already stated, I may not know what I'm going to do with my life, but I do know I wouldn't cut it as a male prostitute. And that is just fine. I can find other work.

Two friends are coming from out of town this weekend. That sure is going to help.

Yo-yos brighten my day.

My right eye has been twitching all day.

I've been busy. It is strange. But I definitely have not stopped thinking. My job allows a lot of time for that.

Did he just say "my job"? Yes, yes I did. More on that later.

In case you might not have heard, Star Wars came out last week, and as usual, I went to see it. Now, many of you have either already seen it or have heard/read all about how it look fantastic but the acting was a little below average. But then again, I can't act either (but people have told me that I did an pretty good job in the radio plays I appeared on) so I am in no position to say anything. The movie cheered me up, but at the same time it disappointed me. The disappointment arose due to the fact that I currently do not own a workable lightsaber, let alone a nonfunctioning lightsaber. I promise not to cut anybody. If you know of any connections feel free to let me know (I would prefer a blue one if at all possible). Vrrooommzz!

While I have been living in the city I sort of took a break from seeing movies. The main reason for this is because I've been unemployed for 6 months and lived in the city for 8. But all of this is changing. First of all, I'm seeing more movies. Second of all, I'm working. No, I still haven't actually come up with a plan for my life, and this job actually has nothing I want to be doing for a career, but it does pay the bills. But more on the job as new information arises.

I received an e-mail concerning the previous day's post. It would be much more interesting/funnier if it was, "I feel like I'm about to poop." But alas, when was the last time I talked about my own personal feces? But do not worry. I still feel no shame discussing your feces.

Ah, poop jokes.

I feel like I'm about to pop.

I am quite resourceful today. After being woken up by an early phone call, sometimes I don't understand my brothers especially one who would call at 7:45 on a Sat. morning, I felt that it would be a crying shame if I wasted the entire morning sitting in my bed tossing and turning because I forced my brain to react. So out of bed I am.

I need more b-sides. Come to think of it, I need a few more a-sides while I'm at it.

I solved it. All those unsolved crimes, well, I solved them, all those unsolved robberies, random vandalisms, white collar crimes getting mixed up in blue collar crimes forcing a cyan collar crimes, and various hookers/pimps at the corners that you couldn't tell if it was a skinny boy in a wig or a girl let alone their real name. I spent a lot of time this week lying on my rug looking at the ceiling with only the bed light on thinking about all of these things. And it came to me. THAT guy did it.

It's funny. When one is employed they will always talk about going to museums when/if they are ever unemployed. I mean, free Tuesday, how sweet is that? While you are unemployed though you never seem to find the time to make it there. I finally got off my lazy ass and went this week. I walked around, looked at art, and walked some more.

Random Thoughts At The Museum...
Suffering Softens Stones! (art by Yves Tanguy)
Winterscapes lighten the winterscapes a word?
That girl is cute.
Stoopud assignments. When are teachers going to realize that when a kid has to do an assignment in a museum they don't have time to look at anything they may actually enjoy.
It's done. Seriouslly, it just is not going to happen.
Those guards look just about as bored as I was when I was a security gurard.
Well, it might happen, crap I don't know what to think.
Winterscapes...maybe not an official word, but it could be a mike saul word.

There are rumors that I might be working starting next week. Please hold the applause till all the announcements have been read.

here we go again

The Things

because everyone needs a hug every once in a while.