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5 Reasons
To Keep Doing What I'm Doing
1. Peace of Mind
2. A little game
3. how much could you take?
4. advice given months ago.
5. avoid distractions leading to flying!

created by me in 2001
This weekís theme is about simple distractions.

At work Iíve been unable to read. Have you ever reached that point, when you try you can only read about three sentences and your head feels like it is about to burst? Thatís how it has been all week for me. And when your job gives you 4-5 hours of free time, well, you start to become a creative person to fill the time. Letís just say my brain has been working overtime and it expects itís dues. Time and a half would be plenty.

Iíve also been eating way too much Taco Bell the last few weeks. In case any one has been pondering the food I consume.

First rule when attending a party. Please stop bleeding all over the walls. A side note, more of a preference than a rule, donít hit me. Iím small and fragile. Thanks for leaving.

Some say the Super Bowl is the game of the year. World Series is what defines a sports year (no matter if they strike or not this year). World CupÖokay, not in the US. But what I found out Thursday night was that the Game of the Century (screw the year) was a game of 3 way 21 played for the large room of an apartment. Who would have thought people would fight so hard for a bedroom. Well, it is the best room. I mean it has a vent and a closet (the other two bedrooms lack one or the other). Congrats to Chris for the big win.

Anyone want a size ten pair of flip flops. Iím not quite the kind of guy who wears flip flops, but I have a pair just sitting here asking to be worn. Please wear them.

The annual tan lines now exist for me. What up farmer?

Game, set, and match! Today Team Pajama Party (known world wide as a dominating bowling force) (minus one on vacation, but plus one for a X-Factor) took the match in the weekly bowling league Iíve joined. ď2 of 3! 2 of 3!Ē could be heard chanted throughout the city. It was masolifous, splendorific, spooftastic, if you will. The Face of Domination wasnít around, but the Foot of Kicking Your Ass was seen hanging around. Congrats to my team. Fuck it, congrats to me too. A well played game.

Now some might say that this dominating bowling performance may be due to the new wallet I was given. See, Iíve been meaning to purchase a new one since the faithful day about a month ago now, but if youíve met me I like to procrastinate just a bit. Hell, I might talk about buying some shoes for 6-8 months until I start to shop. But I digress. I was given a mighty super powered wallet today. I was unable to say thanks since she didnít give it to me, but a mutual friend did. So the thanks goes out right here. Thanks Heather. KA-POW BLAM SLAM! A Superman Wallet! Try and get this from me!

Dismemberment Plan said they had a video on their web page for Time Bomb. Cruel lies will get you no where with me.

Iím not sure where my mind has been the last few weeks. Itís showing. I mean, look at my bowling scores. That was a joke. Not the bowling scores, no matter how low they get they shouldnít be laughed at. Anyway, in the last week just about everyone that Iíve seen has asked me if Iím all right or if everything is okay in my life. They all say I just look sad. And in reality Iím not sure. There are no major issues coming up in my life. Nothing life threatening or causing excruciating pain but Iíve been feeling off lately. Mostly just angry and guilty. Guilty from being angry. Iím not very good at dealing with anger, mostly due to the fact that I donít get angry all that often (unless you count my poor performances at sports), usually only when I get hurt physically (aka dislocated shoulder) or emotionally. I do have loads of patience and I usually confront the problem or issue, but lately I have just been shutting off instead. Staring at the ground in front of myself pondering my actions, if their justifiable or not, if they matter. Thatís where the guilt is falling into place. Iím acting a bit out anger and being hurt, but this has been the only way I think I can act without feeling miserable all of the time. Sometimes I think someone should take me outside and slap me and tell me to stop being stoopud. But then again, odds are, if Iíve learned anything in the last few weeks, Iíll just give you my wallet instead of getting punched in the face.

Someone offered to clean my glasses today. I should have taken them up on the offer. Stoopud dirty glasses. What the hell is that stain?

Next month begins our Fantasy Football league again. If anyone has been reading this page for a while they may remember my dominating performance from last year, finishing dead last. But this year will be different. Really it will. I have $20 on it saying it will! And this time, the Face of Domination will not fall asleep!

Hey itís my Dadís b-day today! Happy Birthday Dad! (even he asked if my life was all right, but that was the day after I got robbed and needless to say I was cranky and sleepy). I know my parents do not read this, but just in case, hope your having a good one dad! And the card, well, I forgot about the extra stamps since the increase, so expect one on the weekend.

My forearm has been twitching all day. What's up with that?

The face of domination fell asleep before I could bowl.

As I'm about to do right now!

This is the face of domination. You may have taken it to be the face of I'm sad and pensive please leave me alone, but you are mistaken because this is the face of domination. All day long domination occurred all around me. I dominated at work. I dominated on my walk home. I even dominated my credit card company since they failed to cancel my card and allowed shithead from last week to use it three times before they caught on. Tonight I will dominate just as my teammates will dominate in the night bowling league. Because this is the face of domination, and do not forget it.

I will not take anymore all know what I'm talking about. Actually only a handful really have an idea, but the shit will not be taken. Instead I will put it in a little bag and say, "Hey, this shit isn't mine. I'm not taking it with me. If you want to keep leaving me shit I will take the shit and put it in your face." And who really wants shit in their face?

Well, I appear to over the little altercation that occurred last week. My lip has almost fully healed, if I didn't have the nervous habit of biting them. And it doesn't really matter if I walk into my alley (after the alley has been sufficiently scanned) backwards so that no one can sneak up and surprise me. And with further study there will be no comments such as, "I'm not in the fucking mood." if someone approached me with a knife.

One of the major problems right now it that I have very little access to money. Without an ATM card I have to actually preplan my evenings or it becomes a night of slummin' and borrowin' from my friends. Sooner or later they will tell me to bugger off.

I would also like to congratulate my best friend for his engagement.

Things aren't adding up right.

"I'm not in the fucking mood."

That was the best statement I could say as a guy held a knife as he robbed me. I actually said that. What the fuck is wrong with me? Scratch that. What the fuck is wrong with the world when some guy can bother another guy who is just having a semi-crappy night because he is so confused and loss in his own thoughts that you can take all that he has?

So I turn into my alley and they guy jumps me. I actually fight back. That doesn't sound like me at all, but I did. Well, it only took one 'something', I'm not sure what it was, but now I have a fat cut lip and he has my wallet. He didn't even take the cd player I was carrying. What the fuck is up with that?

Fuck, I only used one day on that monthly transit card.

I was going to write a bunch of profanity but I controlled myself.

Hope you enjoyed the six bucks pal.

I didn't even bowl well.

Like I'm going to be able to fall asleep now...

Thanks to the friends I woke up...

here we go again

The Things

because everyone needs a hug every once in a while.