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a small man named mike saul created this web page to fill time. he is 23 and growing tired of things, but hope exists in his life, even if it is only a small cup sitting on his tv. he can be found in the burbs of chicago.

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Thoughts While Reading Delano's Voyage's of Commerce and Discovery
1. My ceiling seems a little too bumpy.
2. ...
3. Fuck Mr. Delano and his boat.
5. When I bite down my teeth feel like they are rubber.

Yo Joe

The return home towards Chicago begins on Friday for a party and will continue on till late evening Monday for the Arab Strap and The Good Life show at the Empty Bottle. I encourage others to attend since I have already ordered my tickets. No worries of it selling out anymore.

This weekend was filled with lethargic humans.

That all ended when I took a walk around midnight on Sunday. I've been talking about it for a few days now, and finally did it. These are my findings/thoughts/ideas/missions/life that were found while wondering the surroundings of Urbana.

A 27 inch tv was found. My first thought went along the lines of, "that would look amazing being thrown off of my roof!" And it will happen, when the Cradle unites for their final time before we all have to move out.

The year 2000 had many events, and one of them was the beginning of it. Just as all the other years had a beginning so did that one. To celebrate this event my friends and I traveled to the town of Urbana to party, and party we did (I know the picture is of Halloween, but that is pretty much what the party was like). On the way to Urbana I saw a sign that said "2000 Celebration Shuttle Parking" and had an arrow pointing to the right. We jumped out of my car and YOINK, it was ours for our party. It was a great sign. The sign was placed right outside of our party so that the other guests would know that the 2000 celebration was right here, and you should park over there. No more than 2 hours after we put the sign outside, it was stolen from us. Those bastards.

While walking this evening I pass a house and the sign calls to me. I look inside a window and there it is, hanging on a wall in some guys den. "2000 Celebration Shuttle Parking" that way. I knew there was no shuttle parking over there, because the parking was blocks away. Standing on the sidewalk, looking at the sign that used to be mine, that was stolen from me, and now I knew who stole it, made me smile. An urge came over me to walk in, take the sign, and walk out. Luckily I stopped that urge since it would have ended in my getting my ass kicked in. I knew I would never do anything about it, but nothing really needed to be done. I stole the sign, and someone stole it from me. How could I be angry at that. We didn't even need that sign because everyone who needed to find a parking space, found one with very few problems. So screw you guys! It isn't even the year 2000 anymore schmucks!

So that is my story. I was getting slightly down on myself before the walk. The normal stuff: girls, life, school, future, world, universe, and things like that. Now I'm doing all right. Talk to you all later. Bye. And for my friends that worry about me. Thanks. I'm doing just fine.


Happy Weekend everyone.

Back on the How Is Mike Saul a Winner wagon, I just found the Saul family finished a big 2-3 on the Citicorp NCAA pool. Citicorp, men with money. The only reason I joined this one was if I did win the entire pool, I would have gotten close to $500. Instead, since I finished a whopping 3rd (2 points behind my dad) I get nothing. My dad did get $50. But that is not the point. I won, don't you see how it is. 3rd out of a lot of people. That says something. I totally can get used to winning.

I really do not need anyone to tell me that getting 3rd is not winning.

When I woke up today I had a cut on my knuckle.

For your information, I plan on taking over the world some time in the future. When I get out of school I will have more time to devote to it. Just for your information.

This day, or Thursday, had the feeling of something amazing happening, but instead it sort of just went plafts and blorgh. I'm not quite sure what the noise is, but I definitely heard it outside. I thought it might be the thunderstorm, only the thunderstorm that was building up all day only lasted 15 minutes. Drat.

To Thinking About Hesterman I celebrated your b-day a little early because I saw Hey Mercedes play in Champaign this evening, not Sat. as you are planning. Some members of Champainful were there. Haven't seen a few of them in a while. I was going to spend a lot of time writing something creative and having a lot of links, but I'm tired, so screw it. Just try these links. political angst, snowball fight, monkey and Yo Joe.

I need to get out more.

Pikus wins because he has my site linked more than anyone else in his post today. If you have more links to me you should let me know, then Pikus will not be the winner anymore.

We are now taking suggestions for a topic on a new website, We Live In A Society Around Here. Early next week it should be running, trust me on this one. Mainly, it will be a place were I can discuss more things, but with a definite topic, instead of my random ramblings as this page shows. There will be another person yelling at me there too. I'm attempting to set up a place where random people, such as you, can put their comments on to the page.


Sadly to say, is a porn site. If anyone misspells blogger, you are in for a surprise. Damn pop up pages! And Damn me for being in a lab.

The worst part of this, besides me looking like a scary guy who looks at porn in public places, is that is wasted on porn. Boogers are funny, not porn!

Even though some porn is very funny, but my guess is not the porn on

I'm talking about porn too much. My goal was to talk about boogers. Now I am looking like that scary guy who talks about porn in public places.

Does the word 'porn' stop being funny after seeing it typed a few times.

New topic: I slept for 11 hours last night. As a few people may know, I did not do any homework over the weekend, consciously making the decision to stay awake most of Monday night, which I did by only getting an hour and a half of sleep. Therefore on Tuesday I went through the day not accomplishing anything, but still doing what needed to be done. Until finally sleep. That is why there is so little to talk about here today, and why I'm stuck talking about porn.

I'm glad the weather has finally gotten its act together.


One of the great joys of being in Champaign all of the time is that every year Ebert comes on down and has his Overlooked Film Festival. Films such as 2001: A Space Odyssey, Panic, Nosferatu (1922), Jesus' Son, and Everyone Says I Love You, are playing and you just know you will have a good time.

Just two simple words and then let your imagination go. Midget Submarine...seriously, let yourself go.


So I became a winner today. Usually this does not occur. Yes, I won Cradle Rules Football, but that is only once out of too many to count. But I somehow won a NCAA baskettball pool I joined. Don't ask me how, I'm not quite sure. I thought I picked someone else to win, but since I changed it about five or six times I became confused. Maybe that is how I won, confusion. Stay confused and you will win.

I don't really know what to do as a winner though. Should I announce it (as I have done on this page) or should I start to believe that now I should win more often? That winning will now become a common place in my life?

The main reason I'm up right now is that I just finished a project for my class. I created a bunch of comic strips to explain a book, since we couldn't write a paper. Since my drawing ability has not changed since I was in 8th grade the drawings look pretty bad. I decided to use the excuse that the drawings were to be done when the book was written in a really old newspaper. Odds are my winning ability will now begin to greatly decrease as soon as I hand this in. You can bet on that.

Earlier this morning I finally got around to eating some dinner, warm tomato soup (I live like a king down here). At some point I sort of lost myself and was staring into the pot of soup. Thoughts of the universe ran through my head. Everything made incredible sense. My future was laid out in front of me. The little things became increasingly important. Everything that was anything finally made sense to me...

...or it could just have been the soup was too hot and I could feel it going down my digestive track.


I'm doing my best not to start complaining about girls and life and stuff like that on this page. I'm letting Pikus do things like that.

"You say the word forevermore. That's not what I'm looking for. All I can commit to is maybe."
Okay, so I lied.

I'm wondering if anyone out there put beer on our front door lock. If so, we need you to lick it off, it does not work anymore.

Did anyone see Fuck play in Chicago? If so, damn you. Could you please tell me what it was like?

Truck drivers do not strike me as the type of people who will be checking web pages on a regular basis. I thought you would like to know that.

You are able to see more of my thoughts when we are thinking about hesterman.

I think Marc is the ninja monkey.

I think that is enough of me for right now though.

12:30 PM

Drinking + D-Plan + Cradle Rules + Firemen = Goodweekend * Smiles all Around
Okay, all that work I had to do before this weekend never got done, and since I had no time the entire weekend (a blatant lie, but please, if you accept it, we can all accept it, and understand I won't sleep till Tuesday afternoon). First thing first. Many of my friends came down this weekend which made me remember what the previous few years were like. All of my old roommates were here causing a ruckus, which means, they made me have fun.

The drinking began early in the afternoon on Thurs. and continued right before Dismemberment Plan played. Dismemberment Plan holds a special place in my heart. When I went to visit Boston Mike Renaud played "You are Invited" and dedicated it to me, which made me all nice and warm. The D-Plan is slowly becoming the band I need everything that they release. (like Screeching Weasel was back in high school) At the show I bought their new EP, and a few months ago I got their Christmas Special. Plans are already in fruition to see them on May 10th (finals week can go suck themselves if need be).

When I saw D-Plan in Chicago last year they took the ranks of BEST SHOW OF THE YEAR 2000 from Modest Mouse, which was a very difficult and closely fought battle. This show had the makings of BEST SHOW OF THE YEAR 2001, but then again, the shows I've seen so far have not amazed me in the least. I met Nanette there but she was leaving back to Chicago that night so we only talked for a couple of minutes. D-Plan played, I danced a bit (which in it self is unusual), and then we went home. End Day 1!

Day 2- Friday- The Party. Our party started out quiet, and slowly ended up with us taking our old Christmas tree out of the bushes and set up a bonfire. You know you have a great evening when the police do not show up, but the fire department does. After about 20 minutes of burning the firemen show up. Luckily we do not get fined, and we put out the fire using buckets of water. Then, the firemen pull out their hose and dose our bonfire for 5 minutes. Soaking it. The fireman then turns to me and says "Hope we didn't DAMPEN your party too much." Those funny fireman.

Sat. was recovery day. Since I didn't go to my classes on Thurs. or Fri. the entire week is all fucked up in my head right now. It is sort of like having someone give you really bad tasting food, that person telling you it is really bad tasting food, and you eat it anyways coming to the conclusion that this is some bad tasting food.

Now that I think about it some more, it is exactly like that.

I finally won Cradle Rules football. Thank god we played against people who smoked.

I ate all of my peanuts this weekend too.

because everyone needs a hug every once in a while.