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a small man named mike saul created this web page to fill time. he is 23 and growing tired of things, but hope exists in his life, even if it is only a small cup sitting on his tv. he can be found in the burbs of chicago.

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5. I really don't know, I'm heading out there right now.

created by me in 2001

New new website - Eric Emotion. hee hee.

Today while shopping for some board games we were checking out at the "check yourself out" aisles. The person across the aisle at another check yourself (before you wreck yourself) was talking to the machine. "The chap stick is too light. Your sensors are not picking it up. It is in the bag. The chap stick is too light!" I nodded in agreement that the chap stick might be too light, but still thought that the sensors will figure it out sooner or later. We paid for our Simpson's Trivia game (more difficult than I thought it would be) and walked away.

I've been wasting time playing Civilization 2 on the computer again. For a while I stopped playing the game, but it has a habit of drawing me in. I really should just go to bed...zzzzz

I just figured out that Mogwai will be playing here (not here in Champaign, but here in Chicago) on the 31st of May. Odds are I'll be there concerning the fact of no school and no job makes me have lots of free time.

4:42 AM

Well, I was not able to meet Joel's challenge. But I can give an impression of what occurred last night...ugh.

I feel it is my responsibility to get drunk anytime an old roommate shows up down here in Champaign. And boy did I ever achieve that last night. It was a lot of fun. It sort of makes me realize how much I miss the people who have graduated, and what college entails. The free time and the ability to just go crazy. A major thing is while you go through college, you usually only remember the times when it is 5 in the morning and you are trying to type a coherent sentence. Anyways, I digress. Last night.

The highlights of last night are as follows. Eat at the Dos Reales (Mexican). Stomach hates me afterwards, I yell at my stomach that it will prepare me well for the coming evening. Many phone calls about where to go, I do not care much. (my definition of a good bar = I can sit down. No seats makes me sad) Yelling "Come on motherfucker! DRINK!" to people doing the mug challenge (drink a lot of beer now and pay a lot, and then beer is cheap later). Trying to think of top ten songs (all time or personal, you decide). Buy shots for my old roommate in celebration of him getting a job, showing signs of hope for all us. Realize that when the shots are being poured, that those are very large shots. Drink the shots. Walk home. Eat TATO SKINS! (I will inform people of the joy of tato skins in my life later.) Buy pizza (why oh why would we do this). Eat pizza. Throw water at Joel and Pat. They throw mountain dew at us. We laugh, and decide to call it a night. oh, COLLEGE...college.

(I really should not use so many () because it can become quite confusing (even though it is like my personal thoughts(but isn't the entire web page my thoughts?)))

Right before I went to bed I did get a message from an old friend who lives out in Colorado. It was really nice to talk to him, since in my drunken stupor, I knew it was a good idea to call him at 2:00 in the morning. We talked, laughed, caught up. And, he might be around when I head home after college.
11:22 AM

My life has not been all to interesting lately. Most of the time has been spent with me looking at the ground as I walk around trying to figure a few things out. I could tell you about random facts I've picked up in the last few days.

For example, in New Zealand, you need to have so many points to immigrate into the country. You get 10 points if you speak English, 5 if you have all of your fingers. Maybe 13.59 if you are double jointed in your elbow.

Luckily I am double jointed in my elbow. New Zealand here I come.

My speech class just ended, and since I'm that shy quiet guy, speech class blows for me. I can easily say my public speaking skills have not improved since Jan. when the class began. This may make me becoming the ruler of the world a little more difficult.

Future Prospects: Dismemberment Plan/Cursive May 10th. Head home May 13th. Just in case anyone wants to get a look at me.

One of my old roommates, Chris, came down here to visit us. I'm glad because he got me out of the funk I was in. Went out to Jupiter's last night drank a bit. Major plan tonight, to drink. Where, who knows, but no class till 1:00 tomorrow. Just handing out some props to him.
3:23 PM

I just read the best issue of Amazing Spider-Man. (god, more comic talk from me. someone should kick me in the groin or something) John Romita Jr.'s art is still great, and some of the images are the best I've seen of Spider-Man. I'm so glad Spider-Man is a book that I enjoy again. For a long time I wanted to quit getting them, but since I had so many I felt I just couldn't stop. My friend equated it to being in an abusive relationship I was in that I just couldn't leave. I agreed.

Whoa, someone actually reads my top 5. I just thought that was a part that people skipped over. Sweet.

My feelings have been in turmoil lately. I really do not have a lot of things to do. I've come to the conclusion that everything I do now in school will not benefit me in the future. It is just shit I have to get done. No feeling is put into it, and usually I have some emotion in there. I don't know. I haven't really opened a book for about two weeks now, and I really can't motivate myself to do anything. Maybe it has something to do with me graduating and no purpose or plans for the future. But that is another topic for a later date...like when I have actually graduate.

My apologies to all who may have received a dateme e-mail. I was confused over the entire process and spent a lot of time putting in everyone's e-mail I might be familiar with in the last few months, and still I have nothing to show for it. First all they guys got entered because my guy friends are the type of people who do that. Then Girls, and after that people I barely know. After a certain amount of time I became obsessed with knowing since I already wasted 20 minutes typing in e-mail addresses I knew. I am more annoyed at it since who ever sent it knew I am the type of person who would do anything to procrastinate from the little amount of work I have to do. I hope I have not created any hope that I've smashed down. Again, I was just killing time, and I feel the whole process should be stopped right now, since I got two messages this morning about it. Just for the person's info, it is much easier to ask me out on a date without me having the chance of screwing it by giving me the chance to talk. Feel free to e-mail me and yell at me, or send me a dateme thing to torment me further, such as this guy did.

That's alright. For a brief, fleeting moment, my heart swelled with the possibility that someone might have wanted to date me, which was worth the depressing descent into loneliness which resulted and the realization that it was just a sham. Screw you, Mike Saul!

I've noticed my recent posts are all about me being stoopud. This whole theme should change in the future.

Another theme that should change is me bitching about my easy life.

Funny Ani D'Franco joke. A few years ago (I think three, but do not quote me here) Bill and I went to see Ani D'Franco play in Bloomington, IL. While waiting for the concert to start we were sitting down in the big arena. A few girls right in front of us made this joke.
"How many straight guys at an Ani concert does it take to screw in a light bulb?"
"Two, because there are only two straight guys there."
"ha ha ha" Then a quick glance at the two of us.
Bill and I just looked at each other and felt very out of place, but we enjoyed the show anyways.
8:15 PM

The Review of The Mexican - A Movie Never Seen
From all of the reviews floating around this thing called an internet, I have created my own, on the movie The Mexican. The attempt was made to view this fine film last night, but failed due to the fact it was not playing at that theater anymore. So onto the review.
The drive out there was nice. Jim O'rourke played on my stereo. "Women of the world take over. Cause if you don't the world will end. It won't take long." I nodded in agreement.
The weather was extremely nice. Both of my windows were rolled down. Papers were making noises in the back seat of my car. Thoughts of seeing a movie by myself flowed through my mind as I pulled into the parking lot. The parking lot was half filled, surprising for a late Sunday movie. My funky maneuvers enabled me a spot close to the door.
Oh god, another advertisement for that crappy movie, Pearl Harbor, hits me as I walk into the lobby Five people ahead of me buy tickets for Joe Dirt. My eyes scan for the picture of The Mexican. "One for The Mexican?" I ask. Right away, the custodian's face told me I screwed up. No tickets? Is it sold out? Oh wait, no movie.
The ride home began like the ride there with windows down. A cool breeze blowed through my car. Cursive rocked out on my stereo now. "your tears are only alibis." I rocked out a bit, thought about driving off into the plains of Illinois for a couple of hours, maybe swing a little at a park. Instead I drove home. Walked inside, my roommate Val looked at me, and I told her about the small problem of no movie. She looked at me and said, "oh saul." A normal response I get when I try things.
So, overall, the movie could have ended up in disappointment, but it kept the surprises coming. I suggest people to see this film, mostly for the fun that can be gained just from the trip out there. Thank you and good night.

I should have just seen Josie and the Pussycats like my orginal plan was.
1:12 AM


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