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a small man named mike saul created this web page to fill time. he is 23 and growing tired of things, but hope exists in his life, even if it is only a small cup sitting on his tv. he can be found in the burbs of chicago.

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Next time you read some new words here it will be written in the fabulous metropolis of Lisle. I know, I know, excitement. Peace Champaign, I'm out of here! Well, tomorrow I'm out of here.

Last night was a bit crazy. Irish Car Bombs were all around it seemed. joel and jeff came out and the events were memorable, or forgettable, or can't be remembered, but never the less, there were events that occurred last night. I mean, I did pour some for my homies.
2:09 PM

Oh drunk talk...
10:01 AM

Guest Speaker Todnight/Today - Colleen Lemke
pallaange!!!! mike sauul told me that pikus and joel "pallanged" him to post tonight given his very drunken state. beause he has exhausted all of his energy walking my drunkass home and because this is the last night of college he has decided to allow me to post to this illustrious webblog "man cutting globe". it seems appropriate at this time to point out that i am not a man, nor am i cutting a globe. goddamn am i dry when i'm drunk, but still; your cigarette was good, jeff, and me, well i'm just a wreck. saul is one amazing american man. are there any single girls who read this site? because if so, as his female roommate let me tell you, that to not pursue mike saul is a big fucking mistake. whhho else would make sure his friend's girl made it home allright? also, it seems like an appropriate timee to make sure that all of the faithfull readers are not coompletely unaawaaaareeee of the dangerous ultrasonic waves being emmited by the innocuoous looking fellow who lives dddownstairs fromyou. just be careful, okay? finally, this is gradumacation. hello, and goodbye. i'm out with a croooked smile, colleen e.

Now some more of me
Damn Joel and his challenges!

So I'm back (as in Mike Saul) now with no spiky hair, incase you were wondering. My thoughts on a crazy night, the last night of college (unless you count the parents visiting). The drinking started early, 3:00 PM because Nannete finally signed a lease, and the drink was in celebration. Sober, then continue... in my mind, makes a good night.

The thoughts of me at this point: the fan is moving a little too fast, the walk home seemed a bit long, Colleen and Val are great girls, what a strange town, chicago here i come, MY HEART!, rock out and continue to rock out, future?..., party next weekend!, sleep... college.

A much more formal post later today.
2:13 AM

Sometimes my friends can be the most romantic people I know. One of my friends just got screwed because something went wrong at work yesterday. He was going to come down for his girlfriend's graduation, but now he expects to be working over the weekend. So, instead he drives down last night to spend a night with her, without telling her. He sneaks in, and surprises her. Then he went to work today. How romantic! Props to them.

I did say sometimes though. Most of the other time my friends (and I) just throw cream filled pies at girls they (we) like.

Well, I'm off for the day. Heading back to the good old Chicago for the Dismemberment Plan and Cursive show. See you up there, that is if you live near Chicago. If not, well, odds are I'll will not see you up there.
8:59 AM

New new website. Mr. T talks. Mr. T ends up adding comments to any webpage you enter. Props to champainful

So that was college?

I wonder what's next.

My last paper, as I mentioned in my last entry, was for me to create a utopia. This is a little more serious than a six page paper could really go into. The main reason I'm stating this is it directly relates to my plan to take over the world. The plan exists. Three prong attack is fool proof (good because of the amount of fools I'll be working with is quite high). I'm pretty sure the world will be a brighter place because of it. Since college is done, I'll be thinking about conquering the world a little bit more now. Moving more people into position to help me (I already have a few all set, what up Paryl and your nuclear subs) so that one day everyone will wake up and say, "Hey, have you heard about the new leader of the world. Yeah Mike Saul. He's a pretty nice guy. I think everything is going to be just fine."

If you would like a place in the new world, feel free to e-mail me. I'm sure I could use you.

In other news, but still relating to finishing college, the major plan is for Friday night when the entire group of 5 people I still know down here come out with me and party. Mostly sitting in a bar drinking and having a good time. Irish Car Bombs all around!

And if anyone was wondering, my walk from last night was just fine. Many couples hanging around. I saw the inside of Grainger for the first time. People were on the swings I wanted to swing on again. The moon looked amazing, as did the clouds. My thoughts were a little erratic.

Work tomorrow. A switch of having something to actually do at a certain time. I finally can read a book I want to instead of a book that I have to. This must be what the real world is like.

I was going to go for a walk this evening (tuesday evening) but instead I finished college. I felt it was worth it.
1:12 AM

Today is a day to make your feet happy. While I was walking to work today in my nice white oxford shirt and tie I pass a guy in a dyed shirt, long blond hair, and yellow sun glasses. Amused by the juxtaposition I smiled.

Continue walking I pass a cookie store. Smell the cookies and go in a buy a white chocolate chip cookie (because as we all know vanilla is better than chocolate). Eat it, I smile again.

At work, there are too many people, and I'm told I can go home. Work five minutes = pay for an hour. Sometimes Krannert Art Museum can be the best job. (one more day to work, trust me I'll take full advantage).

Free food strikes next from Val, my roommate for a few more days.

Then I went and bought O Brother Where Art Thou? soundtrack from the recommendation of Marc and Tim. Some pop punk of Alkaline Trio from Pikus's recommendation, because sometimes pop punk can be fun. And finally Mouse on Mars from the voice of Pat.

(do you really care what cds I bought? I didn't think so.)

If this is what the real world is like, I'm all for it!
12:05 PM

My body was/is quite unresponsive yesterday. Attempting to write my paper was a joke. All I did was stare at the books. Never opening them could cause a little problem. When I wake up today, it better be gone. I got shit to do.

A quick outlook into my life this week. By May 9th, all of college will be done. May 10th is the Dismemberment Plan and Cursive show. May 13th is graduation day and moving day all wrapped up in one.

I wish my brain could work right now.
12:22 AM

Well, I'm in a much better mood, even if my field trip is getting canceled due to rain. I was going to go to Allerton, a really nice park about a half hour from Champaign. It's really weird because you will be walking thinking...tree, tree, tree, tree, bush, tree, flower, tree, statues of centurion?...

After my usual initial thoughts this morning (where the hell am I? who is this person? who am I? where and what the hell is that smell?) I actually had a thought about my paper. This is a good sign that last night will not be repeated.
11:48 AM

Well, only a day and half of procrastinating, but I finally got one or two papers finished. Not some bad words smashed together if you ask me. Oh, sorry you didn't ask me. Wait, you don't really care about my papers...too bad I guess.

At some point I had a panic attack that somebody was in the house. This happens every once in a while ever since our place got robbed back in December. I'm not a fan of it, but then again, I only have 3, no wait 4, no 6 more days left here. Hopefully this college thing can teach me to count by then.

I find it slightly comical that my last paper is me creating a utopia. How amazing is that?!

In celebration of finishing that above mentioned paper, I am going to take a walk right now.
11:43 PM

Well, college seems to be over for me. All that is left is drinking, which over all is not that bad. A few of my friends (feel free to check the link page, .joel. and new life and love) came out with me to celebrate the last test of college, and to blow off some steam from their final schedule. We started early (at least by college people standards). And may I say, we are all feeling pretty good. The bar was fun, the party was interesting (got to say good-bye to some people I might never see again). Over all a good night. I hope everyone reading this feels the same way. There will be a repeat this Friday (my final day in college town and experiencing college life.
2:59 AM


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