1..2..3 DOMINATE

Back when I was smaller I used to hate sports. I never really understood why or how everyone got really really excited over two teams playing a game. No one I knew was ever involved in the game, but every Sunday my Dad would sit down, sometimes with my uncles and watch The Chicago Bears. I mean, I sat down and watched The Chicago Bears (the best team ever) win the Superbowl in 1985, and I do remember feeling very excited, but I still did not understand why. So my life continued throughout grade school and high school. A sports conversation would pop up and my eyes would glaze over; I would add my few pieces of knowledge to the conversation (such as man those Cubs keep losing. Hope they can turn that around) and then proceed to become quiet and just observe. I didn't know who any of these names were, but I was expected to know them. Still confusing. But then college came. And next thing I know I am watching almost every major sport there is due to the fact that I started watching them with some really crazy people who are really into sports. I have now become one of those people who talk about sports constantly and I can see others around me getting that same glazed look in their eyes, and I still don't understand why I am now talking about sports and excited about the upcoming NFL season, but I am. I'm pumped, and a way to show how pumped I am I have now joined a fantasy football league and espn's Pigskin Pickim'. In these I get to pick players and I get points for how well they do, and I'm also in a game where I just pick who is going to win each and every game. Yeah for football. If you wish to see how each game is doing, and how well I stack up to my friends, who know so much more than me in the topic of sports (except Marc, but he does his best, and he did win the NCAA pool we were in last year), here is a link...

Fantasy Football

Here's to a good season, and I apoligize to everyone who has those glazed eyes if I bring it up in conversation.

The game was taken from yahoo .

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