This man is having what I believe to be an entirely reasonable reaction to the appearance of a pair of giant creepy eyes behind him. Giant creepy eyes the size of an entire wall should not appear in your day to day life. I don't care if some jerk says that the giant creepy eyes are art. They are not a rich, incisive metaphor for the hyper-permeation of media in the modern age. They're just fucking creepy. Stop it. No more giant creepy eyes on walls. If you encounter some idiot artist who thinks it's a good idea to make giant creepy eyes and put them on walls, punch that artist. You may also consider kicking that artist. If the artist has already managed to unleash the giant creepy eyes, then it would be a good idea to pencil in the kicking for some later date and run away as fast as you can. Nothing good will come of the giant creepy eyes. You will not gain a deeper understanding of your role in recorded history. You will not realize that George Orwell's "1984" was prophetic in its depiction of a bleak society where people's basic impulses and feelings are delivered to them from on high by an all-seeing "Big Brother" figure. No, you will just find it creepy. Artists really piss me off when they do shit like this and think they're all clever. It's not clever. There is nothing clever about giant creepy eyes.

(photo: AP)

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