lost like this: now you're taken

Want to buy a vowel? I never eat paste but I know how to use it in the spaces between stairs and all over my hands so everything sticks and kind of I like it until they're offering pretzels with the salt I need or something to survive these days of extended free play and naps when I can't sleep cos I'm never having any fun even though teacher's out of the room and there's no end to the toys .. Apollo is clawing at the dry walls inside to find the missing pieces cos they're expecting him to shine and I don't know how he feels cos the metaphor's not for me but in the grand scheme I'd put myself closer to him than to Zeus and the new year and resolutions and change and getting rid of Alpha Centauri cos it's flab round the middle and no one wants that .. hang on sloopy sloopy hang on hang on sloopy hang on hang on sloopy sloopy hang on sloopy hang on hang on sloopy sloopy hang on hang on that's my nipple sloopy hang on to something else sloopy ouch fucking knock it off sloopy but don't let go sloopy I don't want you to fall sloopy hang on .. the abandoned building was built to suit the corporate aesthetic and now there's nothing left but it should have pillars of ketchup (fancy) in all the seats where people used to be so the daily tours can see a message that makes no sense but leaves them fucked nonetheless .. there is no sensible reason for Elton in a snowstorm but there he is John anyway with a piano tinkling thunder ridiculous as a garbage truck flooring it past and which of the two sent me off the icy road I'm not sure but crucially I'm cool in frozen moments I'm smooth and I've got it under control .. a very small lake, surrounded by the woods, smooth granite rocks along the shore, warm weather, four hundred years ago, cooler of food, no one around and some pills for the inevitable dysentery is all I need but they're a thousand miles away so I pick up other dreams at rummage sales and go places where I know all the demons by name in a language I can say anything and I talk so much that I probably have but I never had any idea how to write about myself so I act a sullen choirboy and you remain somewhere else and frequently I stand accused of being rude to snowmen.