Godzilla thursday nights/friday mornings from 2-5am on WEFT - polymental audio defenestration on an all-night freeform train wreck splattered with any and all genres of music from the UK, britpop hip-hop jungle space drum 'n bass celtic fiddle punk ska funk and beyond. Join the fun in a deadly game of cat and mouse where no one is sure who is the hunter and who is the hunted! We mix flavas like there's no tomorrow, and since there actually is no tomorrow, listening is the right thing to do and a tasty way to do it. (217) 359-9338 is the phone number, 90.1 FM is the frequency.

RADIOACTIVE MONSTERS OVER LONDON is hosted by Marc Heiden, a DJ ("airshifter" being the technical term) and features a wide range of co-hosts both real and existing only in the host's mind. RMOL debuted on November 25th, 1997 after a series of covert excursions substituting for a metal show, an adult alternative show, and a soul show. After 43 episodes on Tuesday 2-5am, RMOL moved to Friday 2-5am where it continues rampaging to this day. We tell no lies, only parallel truths. WEFT is an independent commercial-free radio station that was founded in 1981 and serves only those portions of central Illinois which have learned to accept that electricity is not the work of the devil and is, in fact, a very useful thing.

Gamera Why a UK show?
It's admittedly a rather arbitrary format, but it helps guide what usually ends up being a pretty eclectic yet interesting mix. Given the relative area of those isles, a disproportinately large amount of utterly brilliant music has come out of there. I mean, what does Montana have to show for all of its size?
Why monsters?
In show business, they tell you to go with what you know, so we did. We actually are a hundred feet tall and green with scales. And breathe fire. And stomp on stuff when we get mad. And are kind of territorial. But only about what we consider ours. So y'all best recognize lest we start urinating, beyotch.
Why radioactivity?
Because of the folly of mankind whom problematic, regretful! The sea and the slime crept into a misplacement! "Perhaps it would be appropriate to move, Father!" Yes, Billy, a judicious insightful. Let us move. "Oh! Relief and ecstatic! Gamera saves us soon! He is now!" Oh, how advantageous! Over here, sizable protector turtle! Over here is we!

MOTHRA'S MUSIC CORNER what's been spinning on RMOL's stereo lately

final episode was mid-december 1998. thanks for joining in the rampage. email for tapes, transcripts and playlists. be sure to tune into the next step on the evolutionary scale: the Untitled Improvisational Radio Theatre Show, sunday nights at 10pm!