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Now I, like any red-blooded, heterosexual, non-Rantoul resident, like boobies...and, also like a good member of the above category, I have a healthy Catholic School Girl fetish...I'm not afraid to admit that...but...I have to admit that AMERICAN BEAUTY made me squirm.... the movie is wonderful, simply wonderful...but, Thora Birch and Mena Suvari, as two high school aged girls (Jane and Angela, respectively) in the film, both give their boobies a bit of screen time...Heck, I even saw a listing in the credits that read, "Angela's Breasts - Mena Suvari's Breasts" and one that read, "Assisstant to Miss Birch's Breasts - Miss Birch's Bra"...if your boobies are getting credited performances, and you're playing a sixteen year old girl, well, there's something afoot... don't worry, I didn't ruin anything for you, so just relax...yes, there are boobies, but they're unimportant in the overall scheme of, to the movie...hey, everyone, Kevin Spacey dies at the end...the only reason I feel able to say that is because he tells you that in his voice-over narration at the begining of the, what follows is the redemption of a man who will die, making it all the more poetic... the film succeeds in portraying all the "beauty" of life without any cheese, due mostly to the fact that Spacey don't truck with no cheese...his character, Lester, is perfectly pathetic, the beaten-down man that pulls himself up out of the sludge that has become his day-to-day existence and discovers something Benning turns in a marvelous performance as Lester's sort of Yuppie-Lucy-On-Crack wife, Carolyn...but the surprise here is Wes Bently...can anyone say SPIDER-MAN? This kid deserves that part much more than Chris "I'm From the North Shore of Chicago - Love Me" O'Donnell...there are a thousand guys just like O'Donnell all over The North Shore and Evanston! AHEM...sorry, I'm just upset with all the Spider-Man rumors I've been hearing... back to Wes Bently, who plays the videotape and Jane obsessed next-door neighbor Ricky...this kid shows more intensity in his eyebrows than O'Donnell could muster if someone mussed his hair (suppossing they could, what with all the styling products), but O'Donnell still gets to play Spider-Man instead of Wes Bently...and Barry Sonnenfeld directing...and Arnold as Doc Ock?!? Shoot me! Shoot me, please! But go see the amazing AMERICN BEAUTY first...
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