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a small man named mike saul created this web page to fill time. he is 23 and growing tired of things, but hope exists in his life, even if it is only a small cup sitting on his tv. he can be found in the burbs of chicago.

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Feel free to leave a message even though it says Don Anderson. That is me, well, not the voice, but the voice mail is mine.

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5 Reasons
to learn my superpower
1. I have the right personality for a superhero.
2. For the creation of a catch phrase.
3. POW!
4. I would be placed in many awkward situations.
5. We all know flight would be my power, and flying is damn cool.

created by me in 2001

NFL2K the season
it's back!

Man can those girls dance. If only I could find my groove.

Hey I fixed it. My page was down for about 12 hours. All it said was "Shit. I locked my doors." But it is back. I did the simple process of turning off my computer and walking away. Much as I did when I took that C++ class my Soph. year. I worked on this computer program for three hours and I couldn't find the problem. Turn the computer off, three hours later, zampooliee. The program worked. Man you modern wonders of science.

Today is the day. I'm finally moving out of the Cradle for good. Do you want a kitchen table with 4 chairs? How about a stinky matress? Maybe some movie posters or dishes? Don't we all like dishes?

Good-bye Cradle. You gave us many good times, as long as we ignore the three times when you allowed us to be robbed.

I'm tough. We all agree on this, but I'm not tough enough to sleep at the Cradle. Where the hell am I going to sleep?

Misfigs = Lego people.

I'm heading out to the city tonight. It is Jason Francis's last weekend in this lovely area until he heads back to school. Oh fun. I'm not sure what I'll be doing. I'm not sure where I'll be, but you can look for me. I'll be the drunk one on the left.

I attended my first business meeting. The network was down and everyone was walking into the lunch room. I thought that there must be free food because we have been given ice cream before. That and all the pop is free (one of the best things about my job allows me to have as much pop or juice as I want. Juice for everyone!). Surpise surpise though it was a business meeting, not free food. I was trapped. So I sat down because I had nothing else to do and spinning in my chair has made me a bit dizzy.

During the meeting it wasn't very surprising to find out that the really intense business guys talk like they are at war. They were talking about how they have strategically placed 14 locations in the continental United States with an aggressive advertisement plan compared with their competition to get rid of the excessive amount of surplus. I think the guy talking said "aggressive" 10-20 times in the span of 10 minutes. I just proceeded to sit there listening to a bunch of numbers and proceeded to sing the new Jimmy Eat World album in my head.

Because the people demanded it, MY NEW EXTENSION! Yes at work I have been sent to desk to desk to desk about 7 times now, which means 7 different extensions, but now I should be placed at a desk for at least a week. They even put up my name on some paper over my desk to signify this desk is now mine. See, we are all happy. Except me because I'm still at my job. Apologies to the man who called me today. The new guy doesn't know me, which is just fine according to my plans. Anyway, if you wish to call me and tell me some interesting info or just wish me to do a credit rating on you, my phone number is now 800-659-4444 ext. 4435. Let's celebrate!

If you wish to get more people to read your web site, all you need to do is write "hookers". The people will flock, oh yes. The people will flock! But then again do you want those people? Warren Sapp is a funny man. I don't think he is one of those people who looks for hookers.

Is anyone else excited about football season?

It has been decided. I'm leaving for Champaign Sat. afternoon. So if you want to hang with me in Champaign Sat. night, let me know.

Anyone wish to join me on a trip down to Champaign, IL? Come on it should be fun. You can help me clean out the Cradle. Come on, this may be the last time I go down there (at least while I am renting a place).

There was an industrious spider outside today. When I got home from work there was a large spider web stretching from the top of a tree all the way down to the middle of the road. Now we all understand that the web had to be large enough for me to see from my car, right? As I sat there thinking about how I've been seeing a lot of spiders in our house the thought hit me. The spiders are trying to take over. Shit. I locked my doors and searched for the large spider that created the web, but then a car drove down the street right where the web was and destroyed it. Oh well. Maybe next year spiders.

St. Louis was enjoyable. Someone should yell at St. Louis though. Have you ever tried driving on their highways? The whole no tols is cool, but come on. If your not from there you will be very confused. It is my belief that this is their way of making sure you do not visit St. Louis so that they can continue to plot to take over the world.

Due to my recent win/lose ratio in Risk, I have decided that my plans to take over the world will not go as smoothly as previously planned.

My niece is so cute. We went out to breakfast and all she kept saying was "pancakes". Babies are so cute, at least till they get old and steal your money.

Think Outside Of the Box Today I was told to think outside of the box at work. I looked at them and smiled as I usually do when one of bosses tells me to do something I think is stoopud. I mean, I have spent the last month and a half turning my brain off so that I could do your stoopud projects. Every time I suggested something people instructed me in the 'proper' way to do whatever it was I was doing. Now you tell me to think outside of the box. Screw off. I hate this job. Whew. I feel a lot better.

This past Friday I had one of those moods where I just wanted to think about things and talk about them. I spent a good amount of time sitting on my friends front stoop pondering the things in my life. I came up with a few ideas in ways to get my life on the right track and to make sure I don't end up at my job permanently. I even came up with a little direction about what to do with myself. I felt good about life, but then I watched Dancer in the Dark.

So Radiohead huh? The best part is that they ended with Fade Out. It made me smile. Does anyone know where Marc, Tim, and Ethan ended up at? We lost them.

Recently at work I overheard a little story of a man trying to avoid THE MAN from sending the collectors to get his truck. The man was a little behind in his payments. So THE MAN showed up at his house and wanted THE MAN's truck back. So the man just laughed and said, "If I can't have the truck, no one can have the truck. I buried it." The guy buried his TRUCK! The revolution is everywhere. I am the revolution.

This weekend I'm heading out of town. Where you ask. Well just down to St. Louis on Sat. I'm going to visit my brother and niece (it's her birthday), so I need to squeeze in my weekend of fun on Friday. At least I'll get enough sleep this weekend. Whew.

Today is the first day that I felt sleep deprived since college. Today is the first day I took a nap after work and actually slept instead of sat on my bed with my eyes closed. Today is the first day I almost fell asleep at work while our system was down for an hour. Today is a day that many first things happened. These are only a few. Today was a tough day on the mind of Mike Saul.

Every once in a while I play chess with my friend Bill We have a good time and enjoy it. We also seem to split the games. My last birthday my parents bought me a Simpsons chess set. It is one of the few things that stands out in my room. Moving on.

I'll be moving again to another desk at work. Odds are my extension will be changing again, so if you want to call me it might be a little difficult because I'm still receiving phone calls for Toni Mitchell, the guy who sat at that desk for one day before me.

On a certain day back in my childhood I made my mother a card. It consisted of a little window that you could open up on the cover and you would see a picture of my mother that I drew. You open the card and see a big X over house cleaning materials and another picture of my mother having a good time because today was the day she did not have to do house work. On the top I wrote, "I love you as much as I love me." Somebody should have told me I was a messed up kid back then. And did you see my flattop I had in junior high. Good grief.

I was recently informed that the Cradle was robbed for yet another third time. Sadly there was nothing for them to take mostly due to the fact that we have been cleaned out two times now. So when I do go down there to move all of my stuff out of there, odds are I won't be spending the night there. A little bit spooky to stay in a house that people have been in three times to take your things.

They didn't take the broken TV by the door that I want to throw off of the roof, or the stereo that we used for all of our rockin' parties. All they did take the third time was my roommate's trumpet, at least I think that but I don't really know, 3rd hand info and all.) I guess they took down our Bears posters and wrote some stuff on the walls. You would think people would have already talked about how that house was robbed back in June and wouldn't do it again. One thing for sure is I do not want to sleep there when I go down there to move my bed out of there. Hopefully the robbers didn't do anything dirty to my bed.

I would like to thank the robbers for removing the posters before they wrote on the walls. Thanks shitheads.

Planet of the Apes gets a thumb up by me. How could you really go wrong with a bunch of apes jumping around and hitting things. Tim Burton knew what the fans wanted.

here we go again

because everyone needs a hug every once in a while.