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a small man named mike saul created this web page to fill time. he is 23 and growing tired of things, but hope exists in his life, even if it is only a small cup sitting on his tv. he can be found in the burbs of chicago.

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thoughts that were thought about walking home last night
1. i wish i could fly.
2. my shadow makes me look tough.
3. i'm only insane if i write what i think.
4. "Your tears are only alibis!"
5. i've been in computer labs more than i've been home this week.

yo 2001

"The genuinely free man is not the person who spends the day contemplating his own navel, but rather the one who losses himself in a great cause or glorious adventure."
Gerogre S. Counts in Dare the School Build a New Social Order?

I've always believed that navels hold the cure to cancer or something. People tell me that the reason our navels existed was to frighten aliens away so we would not be invaded. Then the world should start to worry, because lately navels have not played a role in the national policy for a great time now. They keep talking about a taxes or something.

I'm reliving my past as I look at the He-Man website I found. When I was small, around 7 (7 year olds are really small, please do not step on them) I had a Man-at-Arms figurine. I visited a friend in the backyard who happened to have dog. At one point Man-At-Arms was left alone. The dog of course attacked it. I saw this and panicked. The dog then attacked me, biting my hand and clawing at my face. Sadly to say I lost a good man that day. He-Man never had his close friend to turn to when the problems became to great. Man-at-Arms lost his head and his hand, which at a young age I found ironic that Man-at-ARMS lost his arm.

Damn you Saul Smith. Damn you!

they don't sleep anymore on the beach.
I am one of those who have not slept on a beach.

Does anyone want to play catch with me?

While I was walking around campus I saw this red t-shirt that said "The Party Stops Here. Communist" and it had the sickle and hammer in the center. I didn't know that communists do not like parties. If I would have known I would never have had a birthday party when i was young. If that was all it took to stop the Cold War, then by golly I would have done it. I could have lived through life with out the new Quick Kick action figure, Orko , or Thunder Punch He-Man. For peace I would have done these things. If only those damn reds told me.

I believe that Mosquitor was a communist. Maybe even Sssqueeze was too.

This guy is not me! No matter how much it tells you he is Michael Saul, I'm the true Michael Saul. Really I am. Wait. What if he is the true one. Man, I feel just like Arnold must have in the blockbuster Sixth Day.

CRADLE FOR SALE! Yes, you heard me right. The Cradle of Humankind is up for rent to any of you lucky people living in Champaign/Urbana next year. Me, I'm out of here, but trust me, you can not pass this chance up. If you like a large cheap house (only about $900 a month) e-mail me, and I'll put a good word in for you. Hell, I'll even throw in the couch in the living room. If you want a couch on the front porch (the Cradle even has a front porch) we will leave that one too. If you want squirrels running around in your walls, take them, they are free with the house. If you want marsupials, we do not have them, but I'll do my best to find them and give them to you.

Look at all of the fun that is had at the Cradle. Don't you want to have some of that?

Walking home yesterday from my lovely time at Krannert, I saw one of those stoopud scooters that I've been seeing everywhere, but the little kid looked like he was enjoying himself so I let it go. He then said 'hi' to me. I replied back 'hello'. He asked me if I liked his scooter. It had some pretty neat plastic red wheels and I told him so. He then got a huge smile on his face and rode off. At this time he tells me that his dog is coming towards me. So I stop and look around and then I see a dog come running at me. The amazing thing was this dog was only about as tall as my ankle. The little boy picked up the little dog, and said his name was Kicker, and he, the dog not the boy, was only 12 weeks old. It was my chance to have the huge smile this time.

Feel good stories make my soul less cold and small.

I want a bag of peanuts. Walking around campus a desire of oven roasted peanuts has entered me. If I was in Chiago I would go up to a hotdog vendor or a peanut vendor and say "Can I have a bag of peanuts?"and he would say "Sure, how many?" and I would say, "Only one." Then he would say, "There you go, $2.50." And I would say, "Thanks, I have been wanting a bag of peanuts all day." I then would walk away eating peanuts, and that would make today a good day.

Feel free to send me some peanuts.

Smashed Cane Toads!

Oh Misha, my cousin twice removed, but four times brought back, and nine times asked to leave again is at it again. You know, he hasn't written to us in a while. I must assume he is having too much fun with that crazy girl in Minsk. Dropping those pants again. He is crazy, I say. Crazy!

It is time for me to get crackin'. All last week SPRING BREAK 2001 NOT AS GOOD AS THE OTHER ONES! (I know, not as catchy as previous Spring Breaks, but I didn't even leave the state of IL, so bear with me) ended on Sunday. That means it is time to go back to Champaign-Urbana and pass these last few remaining courses I have. My teachers seem to have forgotten that everything should be due before Spring Break, and not after because I'm right where I was when I left here, up a creek, but a smelly creek that makes you underwear ride up on you and your socks and shoes squeak because they are wet.

K-rad lent me two cds of theirs. Since my SPRING BREAK 2001 NOT AS GOOD AS THE OTHER ONES! just finished and I was sooo busy I didn't get a chance to listen to them, but I must say I do enjoy. Props to them.

Grimmie is officially retired it seems. Since he is owned by my parents, Clarence and Jackie, they have decided to keep it in the lovely metropolis Lisle, IL, the suburb of Chicago I attend when I'm not in school. Instead I have to drive Mr. Happy. A simple name for a pretty crappy car. I will not take the time to name it anything special because I miss Grimmie. Mr. Happy shakes too much and seems to say "hello" instead of "I'm going to get you. Get out of my way. I am death incarnate." I don't understand how I'm supposed to appear tough with out Grimmie, or the Grim Reaper. Alas, I'm made too look wussy even more. Damn you Mr. Happy!

Both of my nieces were in town this previous weekend. Since I'm tucked away at Champaign most of the year I don't really get a chance to see them. Samantha, 19 months old, and I played tea yesterday. We of course traded cups many times and began to eat whatever we were eating out of cups with forks. She then put the cup down and began eating the playpin figurines. I of course nodded in agreement that those people deserved to be sucked on.

It was brought up last night that the fat guy in Star Wars who keeps yelling "stay on target" has a figurine. I wonder if Samantha would like to suck on them?

Basketball, basketball, I like basketball. Even though I'm losing the tournament. Because of the tournament I have now placed Oklahoma as one of my least favorite states. You hear that you teams that are left? I will get revenge if you let me down!

Oh, Nicole, my other niece, is a genius. She is 11 and smarter than me. She doesn't laugh at jokes like 'stinky butt' anymore, while I'm still rolling around on the ground.


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