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a small man named mike saul created this web page to fill time. he is 23 and growing tired of things, but hope exists in his life, even if it is only a small cup hanging from his key chain. he can be found in Chicago.

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my new fighting technique is unstoppable

5 Reasons

1. More Sleep.
2. My soul is so small already.
3. Having nothing to do but still doing things...I still don't get it but I love it.
4. Look at outside, I don't care if it is raining.
5. More practice for flying.

Bears 4-1

created by me in 2001

If you ever have any question you should look at The Book of Answers. It told me many things about my future. Like how I won't be in a rewarding job for at least six months. Or how I'm going to be on the winning team for the 4th Annual Thanksgiving Football. The best thing it told me was that I will be a superhero because I can learn to fly. You can ask it all sort of questions, like, "What is your favorite color?" or "Don't these shoes make me look cool?" and you get wonderful answers such as "Ask your father.", "More research is needed." and "I'm busy, ask later."

It didn't really have any answers about girls though.

These kind of weekends are why I moved to the city.

The last few days have been me living without a phone due to the fact that Ameritech blows and feels that I was getting too powerful and gaining too many mob connections too quickly (due to the move I have to rebuild my entire network. It is how things get done). They thought that the entire city would erupt in a mob war. Now, as mob boss, I understand that a mob war would only hurt business, and as we all know, I need as much business to get by. Those bags of popcorn aren't going to last forever.

Now my phone line is spliced with some large black man. We hold conversations every once in a while since we answer the phone when it rings. He is quite nice such as this conversation.
"Hello?" Large Man
"Sorry, I'm on the phone. I'll try and make this quick." Me
"No problem. Take your time. I don't have shit to do." Large Man
"Thanks, I'll talk to you later." Me
"Have a good one." Large Man
I'm almost thinking about not having this problem fixed because he so much fun to talk to. As long as I don't find any 900 numbers on our phone bill that is. And if I do...I will blame them on the Large Man.

My temp job that I worked for 12 hours made my feet bleed.

Yes, I did work on Friday, but nothing really came of it. I sat in front of the computer and waited while the computer guy kept trying to fix the programs. Most of my time was spent looking out of the windows of the John Hancock building and staring at the city. I'm quite impressed with it all. I don't really know how any work could get done with such an amazing view sitting right outside their small little cubicles. Since I was there for 12 hours I did get to watch the sun set, and I could easily say I was touched. It brought a smile to my face.

Another cute little anecdote. I was sitting on my front stoop reading a book Thursday afternoon and a little girl walked past with her mother. She stopped at the street sign saying you can only park here for one hour or cops come and ticket your sorry ass. She held onto the sign and started walking around it over and over again. Each time she was surprised to see that she ended up at the same place, and each time her little smile grew larger and larger. Finally the mother said they had to go and the little girl sat down on the sign, looked up and hugged the sign. The mother took the child's hand and walked away. I smiled again.

ARRRGGGGHHHHHRRRGGGGHH! These are the sounds Urlacher make when he plays tackle football. If you are wondering what this sound is try to imagine Arnold Schwarzenegger from the movie Total Recall, you know the one with the girl with three boobs. If you remember the scene when he falls out of the building and lands on the Mars and he starts screaming with his eyes bugging out, or the scence when Arnold is getting the tracer pulled out of his nose. It is just like that.

Sometimes I want to yell like that when I think of life. Other times I just like to yell like that.

My friend B.B. has a new website. She discusses many issues that pertain to life. Such as Girls. Girls are important. If you look at this internet thing you will notice that a lot of it deals with girls. Most bloggers write about how girls break hearts. Emo is all about that. "My Heart" can be inserted in any emo song because it just works. B.B. also writes about cars. Cars help people move. She currently does not have a car so she might write a bit about her bus trips. She might even discuss surfing, but I don't know if she has ever actually went surfing. She was the prom queen at the high school we went to. She is a sweetie. How sweet is she? She helped out a desperate friend in need of a new wardrobe this past weekend. I finally have some clothes besides t-shirts. Watch out world. I'm growing up. Damn it. I'm going to read some comics.

I'm still living in my new place just in case you were worried. I WAS very happy today. Due to unemployment I try to fill my day with small little events through out the day. For example today consisted of shower, look at internet, think about things, read, throw the football, a game of racko, and most importantly, be up at 7:30 AM, wait for gas company, have them turn on gas for stove. Well, the gas company showed up, but my stove ain't workin'. It blew my plans out of order. I was forced to make quesadillas in the microwave.

Marc broke/dislocated/fractured/shattered his pinkie yesterday while we threw the old pigskin around during a break from watching football. (Bears 3-1 yippie) I took him to the emergency room to be healed. It mostly consisted of Doc. Black yanking on his broken/dislocated/fractured/shattered finger. He didn't yell. I would have cried. I'm no good with pain. Good luck with that Marc. Hope for a speedy recovery.

Another of my friends is going to court due to a whole lot of crappy when she was looking for an apartment. Just thought I would give a shout out for that and offer my little cup of hope to the cause.

Due to today's entries being about other people one can assume I'm not doing a whole lot. That assumption is correct.

Well that wasn't long at all was it?

I'm currently unemployed. Being unemployed takes away a lot of material to write about on this page because I can't bitch about my job when I'm not working. So I thought I would take the time to write a little about what I am doing while I sit here and ponder about life's great works. Most of my time is spent sitting here trying to get the little things done in my new apartment. It is tough work. I'm winded most of the time. Like today I had about four things I wanted to accomplish. I had to cancel two of them right away. It was raining and I didn't really feel like getting wet. So scratch those things off. The other, try to have someone hook up gas so that my stove works, took well over an hour. Why an hour you ask? Because I spent a long time on hold with someone who kept saying I didn't live at my new place. At least my stove is going to be working come this Monday (which means I can't work again so my unemployment stage lasts a little longer). Finally I wanted to change the contact paper in our shelves in the kitchen. That was tough work. It took all of 20 minutes...whew. As you can see I'm taking full advantage of my time off.

Due to the unemployed thing I have been watching my money a bit. Not too closely of course. Is life fun without the risk of being completely broke? That is of course why I have only eaten pizza for the last two days. I'm pretty sure my stomach is killing me for this. But don't worry. I have some pizza saved from tonight so I can eat I wish I had a working stove. Those frozen pizzas I have are going to waste.

So things are settling a bit more at my new place. I'm feeling pretty good. It finally feels like the whole college aspect of my life is over and I'm moving on. I'm slowly figuring out the whole public transportation thing. I'm reading a whole lot more here than I did back in the burbs. And the only thing I really feel like I'm missing is some carpet. I'm told it will bring the whole place together.

If you have any great ideas for decorations for our place, please e-mail me. Bill and I are not necessarily known for our interior designing.

I would also like to say congrats on Ron Paryl (since people are searching for his name and finding my page) on running the Chicago Marathon in 3 hours 8 minutes and 35 seconds. A marathon is far. Trust me. I watched the one in Boston last year and I saw the middle and the end. We had to move really fast to make sure we caught the train to get us to the end of the race so that we could see our friend finish.

here we go again

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because everyone needs a hug every once in a while.