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a small man named mike saul created this web page to fill time. he is 23 and growing tired of things, but hope exists in his life, even if it is only a small cup hanging from his key chain. he can be found in Chicago.

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5 Reasons

To Find A Full Time Job 1. To buy the Game Cube.
2. Pay the bills.
3. Find fullfillment in life?!
4. Make myself look busy.
5. They might teach me more hints to fly.

Bears 8-2

created by me in 2001

I lied. The Tick was on at 7:30. I don't tape it, my friend does. See, my stoopud thing of the day. Simple.

Yesterday I did something scary, but at the same time stoopud, which is an average daily event for me. I forgot where I parked my car. I remembered parking it by the school around my house and I walked over there last night because I didn't drive for three days. It wasn't there. I started to panic since my friend who lives around me just had his car broken into (and I was robbed three times so I'm a little paranoid some days). I spent the next two hours racking my brain trying to figure out if I drove after I parked by the school. Finally I remembered that I took my friend to work early Sunday morning. See what happens when you help someone out.

That's a joke, people should help other people out. It is a nice thing to do.


Have you ever wondered if your name is popular? No, I haven't either, but this website is quite fun, especially if your trying to kill time at work. For example, Michael is the 4th most popular 1st male name in the US. While Mike is the 105th most popular 1st name in the US. Saul is the 4863rd most popular last name in the US. While there is no listing for Stoopud Head. Crazy.

I lied. Calvin and Hobbes quotes may apply to my everyday life. "Why waste time learning when ignorance is instantaneuos." Hobbes.

Wow is my head ringing...and it wasn't even from this weekends events of drinking and eating. I should be quite merry from it all, but I think I am getting sick...Luckily my job ended this week (the life of a temp) so I'm going to take tomorrow off and sleep and then look for a job.

Why would I look for a job you ask? My finances have finally looked at me and told me I've been an idiot the past few weeks. The dinner was good never the less (plus leftovers).

I guess I should explain. My friends came over and made the most kick ass dinner I've had since I moved. That is why food is a hot topic for me lately. Because I have a plethora of it, and I won't be able to eat all of it until it goes bad. Free soup everyone!

Being a temp usually means you are given pointless tasks. This week I was in charge of entering files concerning hundreds of thousands of dollars. Needless to say, due the 15 minutes of training I received, I screwed up some of the files. Thus creating about three more hours of work for the guy who was in charge of us. The best part of this was while he was trying to figure out my problem he was on my computer meaning I had nothing to do. Which was good since I kept falling asleep in front of the computer.

Let me start talking about a large event that I have been talking about in person for months now. Thanksgiving Football. My friends and I have started an annual meeting of sorts were we go back to the hometown the Friday after Thanksgiving and play a tackle football game. Last year we were talking about it all of the time but I accidentally broke my ankle when I was playing touch football (another story for another time) and was unable to play the big game. This year marks the Return of Saul Thanksgiving Football 2001! All are excited. And how large of dorks are we...we have already created teams through a draft. I'm going to kick ass! That is as long as no one breaks me.

I think I'm going to start applying every aspect of my life to Calvin and Hobbes quotes.

My friend asked me what kind of tattoo I would get. My only response was maybe something with Calvin and Hobbes. Hobbes as a stuffed tiger when only the parents see them. Or the picture of Calvin and Hobbes sleeping. Then it hit me. That would be quite cute, and I believe that I do enough cute things.

ie: "You are so nice, why don't you have a girlfriend?"

Maybe I won't apply the Calvin and Hobbes quotes to my life.

I've been updating this page too much. Three days in a row (four if you count today). Hell, I haven't done one day's worth of entertaining things. Yet, I keep writing. Part of it has to do with me being in a sort of bad/depressed mood/funk this week. Don't worry folks. It seems to happen every once in awhile. The whole nothing is really wrong with my life, but I'm still in a bad mood thing. (I just mentioned how this hasn't happened to me in a while and I was so proud).

In case you were wondering, I'm still not working, so if you are holding out with those job offers, you can stop now.

This was written at ten in the night.
Oh my fucking god...The Tick is the greatest. If you haven't watched The Tick on Thursday nights you are missing some great stuff. Screw Friends and Survivor. WATCH THE TICK! The show is so good it won't be on very long. TV executives are stoopud by taking off all the good shows because they are so good, and then they might have to actually make all the other shows good. Gather around, watch the show, enjoy time with friends, or watch it alone. All I am saying is everyone needs to watch this. Except old people. They may not care for it too much.

Some quotes from The Tick...they may not be exact, but you get the point...
"We fight fire with Arthur." The Tick

"I saved those girls three time that night if you know what I mean?" Batmanuel
"Nope." Tick

Seriously folks, watch the show.

This was written at eleven in the morning.
Whew...what a tough day at work. I mean, it lasted almost a half hour. How do I deal with all the stress I have from these strenuous days? I think I came out ahead after you take out taxes and bus fare...almost.

Whew...I drank way too much for a Wednesday night.

Whew...a debate that exists right now is either to watch Rushmore or The Big Lebowski. is that I can screw up all chances with girls? Someday I won't have to argue with myself to muster up the courage. Someday.

Whew...even after I sobered up I still loved You Can Count On Me.

Whew...I'm going to take a nap.

This was written at One in the morning.
Sometimes I wish that my heart and my mind would work on the same page. Then things would be simple and make more sense. I wouldn't be wasting time thinking and feeling certain feelings where I know they are never going to happen. Feel free to call me stoopud. I do so on a daily basis.

I would highly suggest the movie You Can Count On Me. This is from one of my friends high suggestions. I watched it and enjoyed it very highly. This is the main reason for the highly suggestion.

Work should be interesting tomorrow. Why you ask? Well, to answer your question the drink has been on since about six (the time I got off of work today) till now (very early morning). Luckily, odds are I will only be working half a day. (I say luckily now since I don't want to work, but I'll be cursing these days of inactivity come rent.)

I missed my friend Quantazelle performing tonight. For that I am sorry.

Next entry feel free to look forward to a non-drunk me. All are excited.

Ways to bring the spirts up. Go to bed with stoopud thoughts then work as a temp, and during the entire day you get to hear the sobs of everyone around the office getting fired. Then you notice that while you are updating the files of all the employees so that they get holiday pay many of them are coming up as TERMINATED. Yeah...that should get you out of that bad mood your in.

The Fantasy Football page is updated, for those of you who wanted to know that I scored the least amount of points of anyone for the entire season.

here we go again

Bands I Like Currently and Have Played

because everyone needs a hug every once in a while.