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mike saul, who is me, created this to fill time. he is 24. He can be found in Chicago, where I am. What am I doing? I'm not quite sure.

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5 Reasons
To Keep Doing What I'm Doing
1. Peace of Mind
2. A little game
3. how much could you take?
4. advice given months ago.
5. avoid distractions leading to flying!

created by me in 2001

My place is falling apart. Okay, that’s an exaggeration. What is really happening is that my landlord is crazy and won’t fix simple things. For example, paying the water bill. Luckily that was taken care of so that we don’t have to worry about me waking up and attempting to shower but finding no water. Therefore I’m forced to bathe outside using the hose of the next door neighbor even though he doesn’t have a hose. Which would mean I would have to purchase a hose, find a spigot, run the water on me, and bathe. During this time I would be naked of course (even purchasing the hose?…yes.). So our landlord is crazy because she told us not to pay rent until she fixes everything (ie – broken windows, lights that leave you in darkness, missing mantle which was stolen from our place before we moved into, front door lock in the way it doesn’t keep people out). This place just became affordable because I have heard it through the grapevine that she just doesn’t want to deal with anything. I mean, some other tenents have lived at a place for a year but only have paid six months of rent, and she still won’t kick them out! Nice, so let’s sit back and enjoy the jets of the jacuzzi.

Don’t you love those days where you end up spending the entire day outside of your apartment without planning on spending the entire day outside of your apartment?

Girls are taking me shopping later this morning. I will become “fly”!

No, not real flight. Trust me, there would be maybe 15-20 pages about me actually flying. Come on people…childhood dream right here. I’ll let you people know when I finally take air. I’ll even take you all up for a ride.

Don’t you hate those days where nothing feels right. The ice cream you have just doesn’t taste as good, the sky looks funky, your legs are jelly, and you bowl two of your worst games in three months. Rats.

My mind has been preoccupied too. I hate these moods I get into. It’s like something large is looming off in the distance, and I might have a clue to what it is but I keep ignoring it. Maybe more sleep will fix it…forget that it’s too late this evening to catch up.

REAL NEW COMIC DAY! I understand just a few days ago I bragged about my new comics, but shit I have a butt load to read now. It’s fun because there are a load of comics I really enjoy and I can’t wait to get to them, but it’s time to cut the fat out what I’ve been collecting. So sorry, but some old time favorites will have to say good night. It’s okay, I’ll bounce back. Sometimes those tough decisions have to be made. If you haven’t bought the Ultimate Spider-man trade paperbacks then you need to get off your butt. Kids will enjoy it, you will enjoy it, hell, I’ll enjoy you getting it and then talking to me about it. Come on boys and girls, let’s get your acts together.

Other fun news - PAC-MAN! Have fun at work!

There are way too many cute kids out tonight…you know for Halloween! Like the kid dressed as Eeyore or Blue Clues. We only had two trick-or-treaters. I asked what they were and the girl’s response was, “Daddy, what am I again?” “You’re a hippie.” Said the father. Too Cute.

I joined a fantasy hockey and basketball league. Any pointers to be offered would be grand since my knowledge on those sports barely exists.

Oh, and the fantasy page has been updated. I'm sitting on the powerful 2nd place, just taken off of 1st. See, exciting...I thought so.

Thanks for checking back here you loyal readers! A treat for all of you…an update!

So on a lucky Thursday morning heading out the door I spy an orange notice taped on our front door to our apartment building. The city of Chicago was so kind to warn us that our water might be shut off in the upcoming week because it hasn’t been paid to a nice grand total of $670, oh and 56 cents. This is just one of the many many issues arising from the Grand Move of 2002.

Most people may not realize but I have no style points. None what so ever. The two girls I currently live with are slowly learning this factor. All I need is some place to sit so I can watch the television and play my video games. I’ll help out when needed, but really that’s all I’m asking for. What colors around me do not really matter, but I better be able to play my Golden Eye gosh darn it.

A friend of mine mentioned that the Bears have been losing ever since I went to see them live (and the first line of this page from over a month ago laments the debacle of a Bears game). So, here’s to more victories because of an update. A toast to future victories.

For the past two months every time I proceed to the washroom to cleanse my hands of what ever might have been festering there for the past few hours I am able to squirt the soap right between my fingers. No matter how tight I clench them together the soap slips through laughing at me…me and my dirty fingers.

Currently I’m debating on being Waldo (from Where’s Waldo fame) for Halloween. Anyone have a red and white stripe t-shirt?

My new apartment has a porch right outside my bedroom. I have spent many a evenings sitting out there getting my shit together. Getting your shit together is quite fun when you have a cup of hot chocolate to go with it.

New Comic Day…about two weeks ago! There really wasn’t too much I’ve been excited about lately. Ultimate Spider-man (as well as all the other Spider-man titles) entertains me. Powers, a police detective comic book set in a superhero world, is phenomenal. I still think Grant Morrison makes all characters an asshole. I mean he even made Beast from the X-men a jerk. Maybe I just don’t like his style.

Whew. That should have kept you busy for a while. Good to talk to you again. Hope you get home safely. Be sure to look both ways. And don’t talk to people named Lawrence for the day. Just trust me on this one.

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