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a small man named mike saul created this web page to fill time. he is 23 and growing tired of things, but hope exists in his life, even if it is only a small cup sitting on his tv. he can be found in the burbs of chicago.

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Yo Joe

Home in the burbs. So far it has been pretty exciting....

A party was had last night in Chicago, and I felt it was just swell. There were many people there who I haven't seen in a while due to the fact that I have been living in Central IL where nothing much happens except for people dressing up like Jesus walking around with a cross, and people giving him the thumbs up, or yelling "I want to die for your sins like that guy."

My first experience with Sams Club occurred right before I left Champaign. That store is a paradise. A person could hide there, and live there and no one would ever know. You have everything you need, and is such bulk! Amazing. I do find their elitist fascists aspects a little annoying though.

The main purpose of the trip was to purchase Genniss for some friends. $24.00 or 24 cans. A good deal all around. We got the box of beer and began walking towards the cashier. When you check out you have to show your Sams Club card. They scan it, and then they asked to check my drivers license. Right then I knew we would have a problem since the Sams Club card and my id are not the same people. The cashier saw it and said we couldn't buy the beer because the person who owns the Sams Club card is under 21. So we all looked at each other and accepted defeat. No beer for them. Then the cashier cancels the purchase and starts to punch in a bunch of other numbers. The cashier states that we can't buy the beer again, and then says "$31.90." I stop in my tracks, and look at her, look at the guys the beer is for, and ask, "do you still want it?" "yeah." is the response. We pay for the beer and walk out in a daze. I believe that we broke the space-time continuum. My power is omnipotent.

I have more, but please...i'm home and it's a weekend.

So I finally printed my paper. I'm quite impressed. Really only three hours of work and eight pages to show for it. I say the paper is around a B, which is average for me on papers.

I'm so sorry I made everyone read about my life typing a paper. I did beat a new level on Paper Mario while I was typing it.

My stomach hates me right now due to the fact that only mountain dew, a glass of OJ, noodles, and some breakfast bar is in there. I believe that the mountain dew has tried to outflank the OJ by breaking the neutrality of the noodles I had for dinner last night. But due to the breaking of neutrality the Doritos is coming to the aid of the OJ. On this day it is written this is a "struggle that that will decide the course of history for the next hundred years."Von Moltke.

I don't think Moltke gets enough credit. Props to a man with the name Moltke.

My paper was on the Schlieffen Plan during World War I, where Germany invaded neutral Belgium to take France by surprise.

This is enough about me today. I'm heading towards the Chicago land area and will be there till Monday evening for the arab strap show.

I'm done, I'm off to bed. Peace.

If anyone looks at my page in the next few hours, e-mail me a suggestion of a cd to listen to. If you do I promise to respond tonight! I know all of you are waiting to hear from me.

I'm already half done with my paper, and I really did not start typing till midnight. How sweet it is. The main factor is that I really do not care about the paper. I find my topic interesting. It is one of the few papers I enjoy researching for. The only problem is that this will be my final big paper I do in college. This forces me to procrastinate and enjoy the idea of me staying up all night working on some assignment I need done by tomorrow. I don't understand it really, but I've spent a good chunk of my time playing nintendo and on the Internet.

A few days ago we started to get ants in our kitchen. While I type my paper I hear the mouse chewing on something underneath our floor. Damn infestation. The worst part is that I hear the mouse. It is only about 3 feet away from me, at least that is where the sound is coming from. I've tried jumping up and down to scare it away, but a few minutes later you hear the chewing. At least I hope he doesn't chew any power cable or things along those lines. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't like the smell of burnt mouse.


A simple way to make one self happy is believe you have a 10 to 12 page paper to type and research and wait till 10:00 PM to really start. Then look at the assignment and see that it only has to be 8 pages long. That is so simple I'm even going to get some sleep tonight.

10:32 PM

I've never claimed I am not a dork. That is why a new Axis & Allies game excites me. If only there were people to play the damn game down here in Champaign.

Yesterday at work everyone was shocked to find out two pieces of art were missing from the museum today. Alan, my supervisor came up to me and asked if I saw anyone walk out with a squirrel on two bloody human legs (that was the art piece, shame on the future artists of the world). My response was, "it wasn't here yesterday Alan." That seemed to calm him down a bit. I found out the artist came and took the sculpture away because it was broken. Sort of like the rabbit fucking a severed human head with motion detectors. That might be broken too.

It's a good night when hajduch buys you a gin and tonic after work. Read his stuff on his links, peace.

A plastic bag stuck in a tree on a windy day.
Dirty pile of underwear on the sidewalk.
Those are two things that I saw on my way home from the bar after work.
These are also two things I do not want to be after college.

I could be the plastic bag after more thought. Hanging in trees can be fun, or at least I'm told so.

The smell of sweet pickles was hanging around campus this evening too.

A road trip and an attempt at me being political? I guess I'll have to wait on that since I promised to see a play the weekend of the summit in Quebec.

A great day begins with you waking up on your own and about to get ready for school, but then you remember that your class was canceled. Now you have time to finish the work you did not do because you went to bed!

I'm pretty sure someone replaced my brain with a pillow. This does not mean that you can start sleeping on my head.

The reason I said the statement above is that today is stoopud day for me. Waking up late is just the start, then I have to tell my partner for this speech I have to give I got nothing in three hours of research last night, the thought enters my brain that I have to work at two, not one, but in reality (which is where I live, you know reality) work did begin at one. Finally I had to talk to Willie, my next door neighbor, about painting a tit on the roof of our porch.

Sometimes when I talk to Willie I spend a lot of time looking at the ground shaking my head saying, "oh Willie." .joel. gives a pretty good account of what Willie is like. I'll try and get a picture of him at some point, because boy do I have some stories about Willie.

Here are some more new new websites. heysuburbia and what baders eat.

"The record number of orgasms achieved by a woman in one sitting is 134 (the male record is a paltry 16)." heysuburbia



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