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created by me in 2001

Well, college seems to be over for me. All that is left is drinking, which over all is not that bad. A few of my friends (feel free to check the link page, .joel. and new life and love) came out with me to celebrate the last test of college, and to blow off some steam from their final schedule. We started early (at least by college people standards). And may I say, we are all feeling pretty good. The bar was fun, the party was interesting (got to say good-bye to some people I might never see again). Over all a good night. I hope everyone reading this feels the same way. There will be a repeat this Friday (my final day in college town and experiencing college life.
2:59 AM

So, today was a day. Having a final Sat. afternoon has really messed up my schedule. 5-05-01
My house is infested with rodents and insects. A mouse was caught last week, bringing the total to four mice caught. And every once in a while while I'm sitting down getting ready to watch the new West Wing on TV, what happens, that little guy goes and runs down the heating vent. And there have been two bees smashed by me in two days. We got a hive in our house, I'm almost sure of it. So if you bought/rented the Cradle from my suggestion, I'm sorry.

So, that was my last test in college. Heh. On to my papers.

Before I forget, a few days ago I was walking around campus, and three guys walked past me in full body suits of Bert, Grover, and Woody Woodpecker. At first I thought, "Stoopud guys." But then Bert sucker punched Woody Woodpecker with no warning, causing Woody to stumble and almost fall down with his mask turned. Ahhh, sucker punches.

Did anyone else notice, but in Rob Schnider's new movie (film? HA!) I think Colleen from the first Survivor show is in it.

Well, I'm going to sit around some more...I already mentioned my test has been taken, get off my back.
6:38 PM

"There is no doubt, for instance, that Italians or Belgians have far fewer qualms about considering themselves European."
Props to them for few qualms. When nations have many qualms, especially about the continent they live on, major problems occur. I think World War I was started because Austria was yelling something about that they were part of Australia. Russia kept telling them that they were European. Year of fighting due to too many qualms.

I didn't read the whole article, but I think the point of it was when the 100 years war started, it was because France had a bunch of qualms about Europe and Antarctica. France kept ranting and yelling about how Antarctica was cool, and Europe was for a bunch of "dorks". (I'm pretty sure I read the word "dork" in it, really I am.) And they fought a hundred years about it. See, good thing that Italy and Belgium only have a few qualms, because a lot of qualms causes wars. It is much better to have no qualms.

I want to visit Berlin. Can someone buy me a ticket so I can go. I've never ever been on a plane either. See, you could see me smile for a long time with a simple purchase of a place ticket. You can come with too if you like.

Dinner with nanette was fun. I attempted to show her a decent place to eat down here in Champaign, even though there are a bunch of places everywhere you look. Yeah for the Elite. I'll see her at the Dismemberment Plan show on May 10th (everyone else buy tickets late so I can get in because I really do not want to drive the entire way back to Chicago just to be turned away). I mihgt see some of you, but you should wait until I have tickets...bastards (unless of course you buy me a ticket, which makes you unbastardly and my friend).

Well, it is official. I found a new home for Man Cutting Globe (I just thought about linking to my own webpage right now, thinking it might cause a loop bringing about the end of the universe, but then I thought about how I like the universe right now, so I'm not going to try it.). It will be a part of the What Jail Is Like association. Marc and Kurt will be there too. See, fun for all who like fun. I guess if you like pain, we could squeeze some pain in there too.
9:11 PM

I guess my OZ name is Sweet Cheeks. Props to amplified.

What the fuck just happened tonight? No seriously?

Tomorrow is reading day (well I guess today is, but as I already said, I hate those people that say today is today when I have not slept yet). That means a whole lot of nothing.

We, I mean joel and pikus attempted to teach someone lastnight (or tonight, god I'm so confused) about webloggers and the whole community surrounding them. I'm not quite sure she got it though. I blame my drunkenness. Everyone else, I'm not quite so sure of their reasons. So feel free to blame them.

Setting your alarm for noon makes me feel happy. Just for the fact that I have to make sure I'm up at noon, like it is a chore to get up at that time.

I really do not need people to tell me that I'm writing this before noon either.
10:58 AM

Hackers of the world unite! I always felt that the Internet was a way to break all the borders the world has set up. But recently it has been getting a little too patriotic in my opinion (which really does not mean a lot since I'm only one man). Look at the recent hacker attacks. It is only a matter of time till they strike at me. I know, look at what I'm writing. I don't want my page to be pro-China. I've never been to China. I'm sure it is lovely, but at least let me write pro-China things not you.

The next part about this is the American hackers response to the China hackers. Instead of patriotic symbols or pictures of dead pilots, lets put up porn. Many Chinese government websites are now porn sites. "Americans had targeted all kinds of Chinese websites and had placed pornographic pictures on the home page of the official Beijing radio station." That's just like Americans. If China is going to give pro-China symbols on our websites, we will give them naked girls. Sometimes I hang my head in shame of being an American.

A slightly disturbing picture...(not porn, do not worry).

In case no one else has noticed, I've already posted three times today. And I haven't even started wasting time by procrastinating from my studies.

How come no one told me about the catapult contest? I like things that are flung out of large structures. Can I make a catapult? No. But that has never stopped me before when I tried to fling things now has it?

Shit, they're flinging pumpkins? Damn it, how do I miss all of this stuff?
4:22 PM

Holy Shit! I only have one college class left of my college career. I think I'm going to take a nap.
11:52 AM

When my last class ended I expected a lot of applause, maybe even some cheers. "Yes, I just finished college. Why thanks for noticing." Instead, everyone filed out of the room picking up their paper.

A crotchety cranky old man was at work today. He was yelling about how the museum did not accept his piece of work. And that the instructions how to get to the museum did not say it was across from the Law Building, and he had to go up three flights of stairs just to find out he was in the wrong building, and now he is tired. The only thing I was thinking was how bad his art must have been to have The Krannert Art Museum refuse his art. I mean, look at this shit around me.

My roommates wanted to make my hair all spiky, you know messed up and spiky in parts. I fought them off, but barely. They were giving me that look that girls give you when they want you to do something, but you know you don't want to do it, but you do it anyways because of that look. Ha. It didn't work on me. Living with girls all through college can do that to you. Fuck that look.

If you think I would look better with spiky hair, e-mail me.
9:29 PM

Looking over what I wrote yesterday when I was typing my paper would classify me as insane.

Somehow when I was going to list my accomplishments of the night I only got to the first one. Starting the paper. I can not think if that is a good sign or a bad one.

Well, it looks like Britney is making some waves again. Good for her, helping teach people confused about Physics. Nice conductor band.

My finals are almost here. I'm not sure if that means I'll be here more or less.

Tato Skins story, as promised. I am a person of habit. Once I really get into something, I do not stop. It doesn't bother me, and it helps to define me. One of these habits of mine used to be my lunches. Ham sandwich, some form of drink, and Tato Skins. Tato Skins are amazing chips. I prefer the baked potato, but any will do. All through grade school I had Tato Skins in my lunch. Did I have little elves creating the chips in my basement? The answer of course is yes. It seemed like my mother bought them by the truckload because I would never run out. But one day it all ended.

Keebler stopped creating them. My elves ran away. No more Tato Skins for me. My heart broke. I searched high and low for them, but alas, they were gone. And they were gone for such a long time. People who used to talk to me stopped. Why, I had no chips for them. My grades fell due to the lack of salt in my diet because there were no more chips. Chaos. Then a glorious day occurred. I was on a road trip out in Ohio (Ohio for gods sake!). And inside a vending machine I see them. A snack size package of Tato Skins. Good-bye singles, hello chips. My life seemed to make some sense again. "Yeah, Tato Skins. Look guys, Tato Skins." Everyone was my friend again, but was I willing to drive to Ohio for these chips? Not really. I hate driving through Ohio.

So my life was empty for a while. The snack packages only lasted till the end of the car ride, and again there was nothing to fill my soul. Yes, TGIF makes a brand of Tato Skins, but they just were not the same. I ate them anyways though, and my life did seem a bit brighter. But last week I'm searching for a new kind of chip to try, and low and behold...TATO SKINS! In what appears to be the original package. I grab all of them off the shelf. Then my brain kicks back in, and I put a few back and only buy two. But they are the original, and everything is making sense again. I couldn't stop smiling that day.

If you see me feel free to ask me for the chips I can't eat after my lunch, because there are always extras.
10:37 AM

Want to talk to me? AIM = fookayooka

It is now paper time. I only wasted about an hour too before I started. #1 accomplishment.
8:57 PM

Trying to write a paper in a lab where everyone is talking to everyone who is not me can be quite annoying. HEY SHUT UP! I'M TRYING TO THINK HERE! DAMN IT! Too bad I never actually yelled any of those things.

Somehow the people next to me were talking about how someone they know was arressted for sleeping with a prostitute. Shame for that guy.
9:55 PM

Other people near were doing a education project. It sort of brought back my life a few years ago when I actually played with the idea of being a teacher. Then I also thought about how annoying a lot of people were in the education classes, the people who already looked like the 40 year old teacher and yelled at us when we were just trying to have some fun. How annoyed I was getting with the people doing the project talking about group work and how they needed to learn how to use power point and that they should not allow one person to do all of the work, and things like that...
11:18 PM

Half way done... Yippie. I'm slowly losing all sense of mental abilities though. I really should not have waited to do the entire journal in one night. The first few are quite impressive, but the last ones I've done have dropped in quality. D is for degree. D is for degree. I say it, but I never really mean it. Damn my moral sense.

Hey, I hope your computers are working fine. I guess some Chinese hackers broke into some large US companies computers and put up pro-chinese or anti-american slogans. They are doing this in respect towards the pilot who died during the whole spy place incident. I just hope I don't wake up seeing Mr. Saul, are you Chinese?

The reason I say this is because while I was student teaching a student came up to me and asked, "Mr. Saul, are you Chinese?" I looked at him and said, "No, why do you ask?" His responce was, "Because of your slanty eyes." He then ran off. I really do not think that child passed into the next grade.
12:17 AM

I'm not going to write anymore unless I really have something important to say.
1:22 AM

CDs listened to during the paper -
Urge Overkill
The Good Life

New new website - Eric Emotion. hee hee.

Today while shopping for some board games we were checking out at the "check yourself out" aisles. The person across the aisle at another check yourself (before you wreck yourself) was talking to the machine. "The chap stick is too light. Your sensors are not picking it up. It is in the bag. The chap stick is too light!" I nodded in agreement that the chap stick might be too light, but still thought that the sensors will figure it out sooner or later. We paid for our Simpson's Trivia game (more difficult than I thought it would be) and walked away.

I've been wasting time playing Civilization 2 on the computer again. For a while I stopped playing the game, but it has a habit of drawing me in. I really should just go to bed...zzzzz

I just figured out that Mogwai will be playing here (not here in Champaign, but here in Chicago) on the 31st of May. Odds are I'll be there concerning the fact of no school and no job makes me have lots of free time.

4:42 AM


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