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What the hell is that rash from?

Iíll let you guys and gals stew about that one for a while.

I made a mental deal. I asked for one thing to occur on Sunday. With that I was not allowed to mentally ask for another thing for one week. Itís the deal I made and Iím going to stick by it.

And no, the deal wasnít for who wins the Super Bowl. And no, it wasnít to win the square game (even though it tempted me because I was going to win 20 bucks until the last 2 seconds of the game occurred, but alas, the manís whose house we watched the game at won). And no, it wasnít asking for me to perform better in bowling. I got shit going on in my life.

I need to get up and do some exercise. Or eat a little better. Man Iíve been tired lately.

I've had new comics for one week now, and I still haven't read them. Something must be wrong.

This is for my co-worker.
"Everyone wants to be Cary Grant. Even I want to be Cary Grant."
ó Cary Grant

I've counted too many days since I've just jumped up and started dancing because the music was loud and fun and exciting. Start counting again! Shake that booty!

And no, the deal wasnít to win a video game.

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Remember a few months ago when all I would talk about were bowling shoes. I broke and purchased some fine looking bowling shoes. I searched one day after work and decided it was worth it to check it out on the web. And I did. Practice with the powerful bowling shoes has already occurred.

Iíve only thrown up once from drinking too much. I would look at that as an accomplishment. Last night, even though I really didnít drink a lot, the cab ride home caused me to feel it coming close. When your brain realizes what you are about to do it freaks you out. You do your best not to think about those moments but all your thoughts focus on finding an alley to hide behind a garbage can to extract whatever it is that is causing you these uncomfortable feelings. Luckily it all best the moment I stepped off the cab.

Who needs more vomit stories? Raise your hands high so I can see them.

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I have goose bumps up and down my legs at work. Itís so cold here.

I do love the feeling you get when you come in from the cold. The sense that you donít have to amputate your legs because feeling seeps back in to them. But when the dungeon you work in is chilly enough to remove the feeling you worked so hard to bring back it all seems pointless. You create reasons to leave to desk, where before you were content in falling asleep or watching movies. For example right now Iím going to go walk around a corridor Iíve been wondering where it leads to, just to see if I can get around with my limited access key card. It should be interesting. Later I think Iíll explore the basement at this fine newspaper establishment where they use to hold the presses. Should be interesting.

Since I got to work it has increased two degrees.

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Itís been a long time since Iíve noticed things around me. You know, walking through life but not taking in anything. But last night, in the couple minutes it takes to walk home, everything came in. With the streets empty of people and cars, due to the cold and day off most were having, it felt nice and calming to feel removed from the city itself, and just be me. The crackle of the snow beneath my feet, the humming of the lamppost, my frozen breath coming out of my mouth, the empty streets stretching on, the leafless limbs of the trees lining the street, a car rumbling just within ear shot. It all just felt great to hear and see again.

The little radio I purchased does not work in the dungeon where I spend the majority of my weekdays. Rats.

Let me tell you about my pool skills. Four game winning streak where in one game I made my first five shots, and in another game I made my first two shots not knowing I was aiming at the wrong balls. We still won that game.

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Things accomplished today for or during work Ė actually woke up for work (trust me itís an achievement), watched Thursday night television at work (scrubs may be a new hit for me), read some more of my book which is almost done (taking suggestions), ate a breakfast for the first time in months.

Things to accomplish at work Ė watch Insomnia.

To my roommates Ė if Iím ever playing video games and currently keep yelling ďShelton run your silly ass into the endzone!Ē you are more than welcomed to come out and tell me to shut my pie hole. Iíll understand. I will also apologize and beg for forgiveness. Please understand that this will not occur as often as it appears that I am drunk. Thank you and good night...again...since I just woke you up that is.

A good friend will be leaving the state in a week. I wish her well.

I finally purchased a winter coat. It only took me the combined amount of time of two years + one broken zipper for one year + loss of feeling in hands for many years +many months working downtown. Let me tell you, that wind is crap. Now Iím as cozy and warm as those freaky stuffed bears on my couch.

Finally, worse thing to see in the morning (well besides maybe waking up to your sister, at least until the moment you realize you donít have a sister, but if you think she is your sister it still is gross especially if you donít even know how you got there....moving on) is the seven stuffed bears sitting on my couch right outside of my room. Freaks me out every time.

To set the record straight I donít have a sister.

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Let me tell you about the cold. Oh, all right, never mind. We are all feeling it arenít we. Except those sitting around a fireplace. I bet those guys are feeling just fine. Well, my fireplace doesnít exist. There is a space there but instead we have an empty wall where we get to see the cement that creates our house with cold coming from there. Man, I just want to escape the tricky cold. I mean, the Bears scarf and hat arenít even working.

An evening of fun. First purchase 9 large stuff bears for either 2 dollars or less. Then decide to begin a pillow fight, but instead of pillows use the large stuff bears. Fun for the kids and you too.

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At the end of the day your feet are at their largest. Donít ask me why.

My attempts at purchasing a bowling shoe (two actually) failed. We did enter a true bowling store. We walked in and started to look at the shoes. I did find a sweet kick ass one, but it cost way more than I expect to pay. It did have four different soles that were attached by velcro. The owner of the store came up to us and asked, ďCan I help you?Ē We replied, ďYeah, we are looking for some shoes, just for casual bowling.Ē ďWell, I can tell you guys arenít professionals.Ē was his reply. Dick.

Iíve been finding myself staring off into the distance lately. All due to the fact that I sort of feel guilty. Guilty of doing something that I had to do, but in the same time I did something that I felt was wrong (or at least handled wrong). Iíve been feeling that way about a lot of things recently. Mostly that I want to just hang out by myself. I donít allow this too much since I know what will happen. Iíll end up brooding in my room not accomplishing anything. Instead I attempt to have a good time. Usually Iím able to forget my not needed guilt, because I know that the person I wronged doesnít feel too bad about the whole situation, but I do find it keeps popping up. Iím just not in the mood in dealing with it. If a friend requires me to make a huge effort these past few months it just isnít going to come from me. I hate thinking that, hate writing that, hate actually going through with it, but itís the truth. Oh well, Iím going to bury my nose in a book now. Maybe even look for a new jobÖone can dream canít they?

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My preseason work out for our bowling league almost didnít even start, but at least I was able to at least get one game in before the season starts up again. People need to call me up more often and have a conversation in a fairly similar style as thisÖĒHey want to go bowling.Ē You. ďOf course.Ē Me. Currently Iím the only member of our team that has not purchased something to better our team. The Monkey received his own bowling ball, which is something a few of us can only dream of. The Mastodon got a Bills rosin bag. I think the only thing for the Mighty Manta Ray to do is get his own pair of bowling shoes as he used to talk about all of the time.

Sometimes the urge to eat a McDonalds cheeseburger is too overwhelming to ignore. Just curse yourself while you eat. It makes it all better.

Today is the S-Doggs b-day. Heís currently in Vegas, and I can only assume, doing coke off a hookerís ass. I mean, what else could you be doing in Vegas?

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Mmmm, nice long stretch. Thatís what I need. Or maybe a massage. Yeah, thatís the ticket. Or a hot tub. Mmmm, hot tubs.

Best surprise gift Ė Simpsons watch. Sweet!

I know I havenít updated the fantasy football page in a while, but hey, Iím lazy. You knew what you were getting into when you came here. I would like to say you are reading the words of the League Champion. Go Face of Domination. Mighty Lions came in second. Props to him for keeping J. Anderson the whole season.

Enough football talk, HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone. Just in case I didnít get a chance to wish you one personally. This year looks bright. Not overwhelmingly bright, like staring into the sun for an hour until you realize your blind, but imagine a dark room where youíve staring at the ceiling for a while thinking about how to make a boat become a car so you can ride the boat on the street, but the most important part of the boat is that it can climb walls. I guess you could get rid of the boat aspect and made a car that could climb walls, maybe like a spider, but what happens if there is a lake atop the mountain you just climbedÖand then suddenly someone comes in and turns on a light and tells you a Simpsons quote. You rub your eyes for a bit but everything is okay, and you look at the guy who came in and ask why he woke you up (but you knew you werenít sleeping). He just says, he heard you like Simpsons and walks off, turning the light off. You lay down and chuckle because you finally let your self listen to the Simpsons quote, and you admit that the quote is a good one as your eyes adjust to the ceiling. Itís sort of going to be just like that, except maybe more pirates. Definitely more pirates.

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