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I feel like I’ve been battling myself so that I stay in a good mood. It’s like my mind wants me in a bad mood. There are a few things that have been on my mind. I know that I’m doing something that I don’t agree with (sounds shady don’t it), but at this point I’m not sure what else to do. I’ve been dealing with this for a while, and I know it feels wrong, like I’m rejecting my entire being, but as I said, I don’t know what else to do.

One thing I know I should do – stop smoking. Hey zeus!

My Car Story -
Par for my life. As I’m driving to work on Tuesday my power steering goes out as I’m turning on to Logan Ave. Escaping with my life and my co-workers life I’m able to park at work. Whew. Everyone is safe, and I’ll figure it out after work. No problem. Only thing is I get home fine and then I’m heading to a friends house to eat dinner and my radio goes out. Then the dashboard lights go out. Then my engine goes out. If you are from Chicago you would understand that having your car kaput in the middle of Ashland is not a good thing. Luckily I get my car towed thinking this may have been the last time I ever drive Grimmie. It’s been a good ride.

Now my car gets towed to Pep Boys. That’s fine, it’s right by work. I just want them to tell me it costs too much money to fix and I’ll be done with it. Instead I call to see what’s happening with my car and I’m informed that they do not have my car. Let me give you an example how my conversation has gone with the wonderful intelligent people at Pep Boys…..

Me - “Hi, my car was towed there last night. I was wondering if you had a chance to look at it?”
Pep Boy - “What’s your name.”
M - “Saul.”
P - “Hmm. Hold on.”
10 minutes on hold
P- “Hi, this is Pep Boys how can I help you.”
M - “Hi, my car was towed there last night. Have you had a chance to take a look at it?”
P - “Hmm. What’s your name and car?”
M- “Saul, my car is a 93 black Dodge Spirit.”
P – “Yeah, we don’t have a car like that here.”
M – “Um, well it was towed there last night.”
P – “Let’s see. Yeah, we have your receipt of your car getting towed, but I don’t see you car.”
M – “What?”
P – “Yeah, there’s no white Dodge Spirit here.”
M – “No, car is black.”
P – “Not white?”
M – “No, black.”
P – “Can you hold on for a second.”
15 minutes later
P (3rd new guy)– “Hi this is Pep Boys, how can I help you?”
(repeat conversation, but this time I’m told they will look for my car in the lot and give me a call back)

Now the worst part of this as I drove past Pep Boys on my way to work I saw my car sitting right in the lot. This is getting tiresome.

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“Does it ever get easier?”
“Sure, the more you figure out who you are and what you want to be doing.”

All my friends are on a rampage to get me a girlfriend. While I appreciate the effort it just doesn’t work that way. When someone tries to convince me to talk to a girl I won’t out of protest to be a free thinker. At least that’s what I tell myself.

The topic of love/like a person has popped up a number of times this past weekend too. We were talking about how you figure out if you like someone. What happens for me is that I could be sitting there and then one moment, it could be as little as a hand touching the shoulder, or a certain look, and next thing I know I’m telling myself, “No, no, no. Not this. Crap.” Another guy talked about the moment that he may be at a party and he starts to think that it would be fun to have that person here. That’s how he knows. And finally one more person chimed in stating it’s the moment when you realize you want that person around because it makes whatever you are doing better. Not that it wouldn’t be fun without that person, it just would be MORE fun with them. The three of us then proceeded to down our drinks.

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My insomnia continues. Since Thursday evening to Friday morning my body does not allow me to sleep in or get a decent night’s rest. The last two days I’ve actually awoken because of my dreams. I’m sitting here eyes feeling crusty straining to see the computer screen. Ugh.

It’s been snowing out here in the wonderful world of Chicago, and I love it. A usual conversation that has been taking place is someone mentioning how cold it is. Now, I kid you not that it is cold out, but it is the winter. Winter is supposed to be cold, but we have not had the chill the bone –10 degrees cold yet. You know the cold that hits your chest and makes it half frozen even though you have 19 layers on. So let’s suck it up.

About a year ago I helped a friend do some ads for some other friends for a company called Skinny Guy. The so called company does not exist anymore after they sold it and it crashed. My job was mostly just dressing up in a costume from a movie, put a different pair of glasses on, and wha-la, we had an ad. It ran in the Chicago version of the Onion (a few times in New York). It was a pretty sweet gig because it usually took about 20 minutes of my time once a week and I would get a free DVD. Not a bad deal. But then people started to recognize me. Out of the blue someone would just ask, excuse me, are you the Skinny Guy? I would say yes, they would ask how I got the job, and it was pleasant. Another time I was entering a bar with a cover (which I’m usually against but hey, if you get me drunk enough you never know) and the guy keeps looking at my ID, my face, my ID, my face, and just goes, “Are you the Skinny Guy?” I say yes, a friend jumps on my back and yells, “I’m the Skinny Guy’s best friend.” The bouncer says, “Skinny Guy +1.” Sweet. Well, last weekend I was at another bar and while I was dancing someone dances near me and just goes, “Hey, it’s the Skinny Guy!” It’s been over a year since those ads were in print. What a strange little world….

So far I’m rating 2004 a C. Not good enough for a B- and not bad enough for a D, but a solid C. To many thoughts and events rumbling through the brain that it’s making it hard to settle…..and focus.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Me, I’m going shopping. Deals galore are out there and I’m in search for another winter jacket!

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Precious few precious moments, to take in those special moments and just let them exist without over analyzing them would be a special treat.

Happy New Year! It’s been a while since I’ve shown my face around these parts.

The new year did not start off with a bang. For the first couple of days I was in a deep haze. Highlight – going to watch a movie with a friend when I’m about 3 ft from my car I feel into my pocket and quickly turn around realizing that my keys are not in my pocket. Surprise surprise, they are in the ignition….in the on position….with my car idling softly. Crap. Luckily my roommate was able to come by and save me $65 with my spare key.

My Mario Kart skills are not where they should be. They are so down here when they should be up here.

Working on (let’s estimate) 3 hours of sleep I’m impressed that I haven’t passed out on my bed yet. It was funny because I was cleaning till about six in the morning last night and thought I would crash and crash hard, but instead I found myself awake at eight with my mind racing through everything. Must settle brain down. Must learn to settle.

Hey, my landlord asked very kindly, “Could you please have people stop peeing outside. That would be great.”

It’s funny when two people act completely different but always at different times, and when one starts acting normal the other isn’t. I just don’t get it.

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