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Sounds just about right. Iíve dislocated my shoulder, yet again. This time it was done when I was typing. I kid. I kid. I was actually lifting weights, and it could have been really bad, but luckily it was a machine instead of free weights. Iíve decided that since I spent all of Sat in the emergency room (4 hours) since I couldnít pop it back in myself I took the day today. You get at least one day off for how ever many days you spend in an emergency room. Itís a rule. I looked it up. So Iíll be walking around in my sling for maybe another day, which isnít all that bad.

I was standing on my porch smoking a cigarette when a guy walked past with his arm in a sling. He saw me and waved. I waved back. We bonded in injury.

Highlights of Knowing Ms. Plastic Passion
-Meeting her while both unemployed to do a job, and being my awkward self as I always am when I meet someone new.
-Slow dancing at the Valentines/My Birthday Dance Party - Jr. High Style
-Semi-weekly drink meetings
-Thinking of Hesterman
-Trading CDs
-Forcing me to attend rock shows
-Forgiving me when I cancel going to said rock shows (Explosions in the Sky ring a bell?)
-Helping her move and trying to be a calming influence
-Able to tell her anything
-Introducing me to all sorts of good/bad new bands
-Windy Cubs game
--Hearing about all her famous boy crushes (and some females whoo hoo!)
-Sharing horrifying temp jobs
-A shoulder for to lean on (drunk or not drunk)
-Getting to meet and have her in my life.
Good luck out there kiddo. Need anything let me know.

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This week is dedicated to Ms. Plastic Passion. What she wants she gets. For at least this week. Unless she asks me to take care of a problem mob style. I might step down from that one.

Has anyone else heard of the rumor of Snoop Dog hoping to be an NFL coach someday! That would be quite exciting. Are there drug tests for the coaches?

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I had yesterday off to help a friend find an apartment. Unplanned day offs are so nice, even though I didnít really sleep in.

ďIím really happy I got that syphilis test.Ē
Thatís the ad I saw on a bus today heading to work and chuckled. One day Iím going to get a phone call, as the ad showed, from a friend and their going to say that line. I will chuckle then.

A quiet weekend up ahead. Sort of glad about that. Well, the plan is to have at least a cheap weekend.

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I almost had a moment of weakness last night.

Another moment of weakness is kicking this smoking habit. Crap.

Oh, and going to that gym thing I joined a little while ago. Thatís some good weakness.

Not to mention losing at poker, but thatís not really weakness, just someone had better cards.

Thereís nothing funnier than startling a squirrel when they are on ice. They run and not go anywhere just like in a cartoon. I chuckled but then started walking since it was so dang cold out.

Iím so cold I can feel it seeping into my spine. This office stinks. Iím either freezing or sweating. Iím supposed to do work! Of course since I donít have any real work to do I guess maybe their trying to get me to quit. If I didnít quit when someone told me that I personally am ruining lives, I donít see how being cold is going to do it.

So this past weekend was strange. I couldnít sleep on Thursday. I only slept a few hours on Friday. I went out for one of my friends birthday (holla) to some club. I donít frequent clubs much. Expensive as hell and usually the people are slightly annoying. Much earlier than normally would crash everything hit me, the lack of sleep, alcohol, the loud thumping bass coming from the floor. I then slept eight hours. I guess all I needed was a little drinky drink and smokes to get me to sleep like a normal person.

J/K about that. Iíve been sleeping just fine since then. Unless you count when your alarm goes off and youíre still tired, but I donít think Iím the only with that problem today.

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Why am I up? Why did I wake up again at 3:00 in the morning and not be able to fall asleep. It's currently 5:30, and I have my alarm set to go off in one hour. I did have a fun dream, which I'll put up here later. Yawn. Here's to a long day at work.

Later as promised -
Ok, so that dream I had. As I woke up I jotted some notes down about it. There are a lot of images that made me think Iím going crazy or could mean something. Then I remembered that the dream was just fun so it doesnít matter. Itís going to jump around but hey, off my back. Iím working on an hour and a half of sleep.

Iím eating some food and it ends up burning my mouth. I feel sores opening up on my gums. Strange. Itís New Years and Iím walking around what appears to be a sanctuary but only my friends and I are staying there. My friend Chris comes up and says itís time to fight. We then proceed to fight by using magic. Itís not bright colors or anything. We are more along the lines of flicking our hands at each other and little projectiles come towards each other. While weíre flipping around and doing some crazy acrobatics Chris runs under a white blossom tree and shouts that I canít hit him when heís under it. He keeps running out a bit throwing blossoms at me and running back under the tree. Then we decide not to fight anymore and we should all go to the party at Jonahís.

I end up going to the party with April (who I donít know) and there she tells me that were just friends. I said fine because I didnít really like her anyways. Then she turns to another girl and they start making out. I run trying to find Bill because I think heíll enjoy this. While Iím sitting there talking to another friend my parents and some friends of theirs show up. I talk to them for a while, and after they leave I decide to take my pants off. Why? Why not.

This is when the dream got interesting. I then start running around outside and Iím able to slide on my boxers down streets and incredible speeds. I end up at the park district from the town I grew up in. I get in my parents van and drive back to the party to get my pants, and my friends are playing whiffle ball. Samir his batting and he hit it foul and yells for me to retrieve it. No one seems to notice I have no pants on at this point. I go get the ball and I notice my parents looking for the van. I put my pants on and pick up the van and start sliding across ledges and tops of walls with my shoes. I slide down a huge wall while trying to slow myself on the architecture. I think Iím going to break my ankles but I just slide smoothly over the surface to the ground. I give my parents the van. I wake up.

Then proceeded to be awake for 4 more hours. Now Iím at work barely coherent. Whippie!

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Right now I view it as an accomplishment that I havenít done one bit of work today and I havenít even been trying not to do any of it. The weather sort of makes me want to boycott everything and stare out my 12th floor window as the rain/snow comes down.

I turned into one of those guys. I have to make sure I donít do it anymore. I just recently joined a gym. I figured itís time for my body to actually do something for once in its life. Mainly I just donít want to dislocate my shoulder when Iím bowling (which I havenít done in a very very long time). Last night I of course am talking about it, mainly because itís new and mostly what Iím doing each night. I remember what it felt like and how little everyone else cared about it when other friends joined a gym. Must remember not to bore everyoneÖ..

Opps, too late.

Would anyone like to tell me why oneís toes are still wet but the rest of the shoe is completely dry?

So, who is this Dean character who called me last night asking me to go to The Exit and how did he know I like Screeching Weasel? Strange times indeed. Especially since I donít really give my phone number to people I donít really know or expect to see again.
No seriously, itís not like I meet anyone and our first conversation is about Screeching Weasel.

No seriously, itís 10:30 and I havenít even attempted to look like Iím working.

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sorry Ė 05

It usually takes close to an entire month for me to remember to write 05 instead of 04.

Last year a new years resolution wasnít decided upon until a couple of weeks into the year. Do not let girls use me. Quite simple for most folks. Not as good as Keeping it Clean, but still manageable.

This year only a couple of ideas have popped in my head. Here are some my friends have madeÖ..
-Get married in 05 (theyíre engaged so itís not a desperate thing)
-Itís all about Samir
-1 push up and 1 sit up a day, increase 1 a day.
-donít take anymore shit
-have more sex

One possible idea, no muggings 2005!

On the dance floor two friends and I were standing around, odds are being obnoxious, when we all decided that this year should be for us. Then my friends looked at me and told me Iím due for a good year. I nodded in agreement.

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