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Ok, I almost died watching the Bears game. My friend compared me to a girl watching a horror movie who couldn’t keep still and had to keep looking away, but then peaking through their fingers to see the action. I was so exhausted I couldn’t get excited about my friend Jonah, from Boston, watching the Pats game afterwards. As he said, “At least they won, watching the Pats game with you guys would have been terrible since you would all be sad.

With that said my picks, which by the way I’m not doing quite great. At least I haven’t bet big money on these.

Bears –2.5 over the Saints

Colts –3 over the Pats

Last week 1-3

Overall 3-5

Go Bears.

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Because you care, my picks of the NFL playoffs -

Chargers -5 over the Patriots

Bears -8.5 over Seahawks

Saints -5 over Eagles

Colts +4 over Ravens

My Record 2-2

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Here are my NFL playoff picks. Let’s see if I do well.

Ind –7 over KC

Dal +3 over Sea

NYJ +8.5 over NE

Phi –7 over NYG

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