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Hereís a random thought. Notice how almost every single bathroom you enter now has automatic flushers? They are becoming more and more common, and it really has only been in the last year that these things pop up. Now, mind you, I donít mind them. I think they are a mighty convenience. I donít get my hands dirty flushing my own toilet. You never know if the guy before you thought it would be funny to urinate all over the handle. Now I finish, zip up, wash, and head out. I save close to 25 seconds a day because of it, and let me tell you how Iím using those 25 seconds. But letís think about the fad of automatic flushers for a second. Iím guessing those things will work, and work splendidly, for 5-10 years. After that they will start to break down. Since most of them have been installed in the last year or so, that means we will have a lot of broken down toilets. Since they are public toilets people will continue to use them thinking, ďI wonít have to clean this mess up.Ē That means we will have a lot of smelly broken toilets, and in my mind thatís just crap. Pun intended and good night.

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A retelling Ė I love walking when it is snowing outside.

When I opened the door to my apartment the sun was a bright red reflected on my hallway wall. I stood there staring for close to five minutes.

I have a habit of not allowing myself to enjoy myself. For example, I know this past weekend I was laughing at something and making snide comments in return to otherís snide comments. Then almost in the middle of laughing I forced myself to stop. The thought swam around in my head that I was not allowed to enjoy myself at that moment. I do that a lot. Itís one of the things I have just put on my list to do before my next birthday.

For some odd reason (even though I have been averaging about 5 hours of sleep for the last 5-6 days no matter how much I try to force myself to sleep at an early time) I am unable to fall asleep last night (or currently since that is when Iím writing this). Maybe it has something to do with the amount of caffeine I drank today. It shouldnít keep kicking in for the three hours Iíve been trying to fall asleep. For a while I laid in bed letting my mind roll around. I think I played out all scenarios if someone was to break through my window swinging on a rope and grab on to my ceiling fan chanting, ďShake your booty! Shake your booty!Ē Iíve been awake enough to know how to deal with that situation now. Iím hoping a nap is in the works for tomorrow.

I want to go on a treasure hunt. Any takers? Odds are we wonít meet any pirates.

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In the first episode of Six Feet Under Ė The First Season there is a scene where one brother is sitting trying to remain calm and just yells really loud while he is working. Then you see it is really only in his mind that heís yelling. I feel just like that today.

The sky looks fake today, like it isnít really there, or it is just a back drop to the play going on around me.

I sort of missed the season of giving during Christmas. I have now entered it full steam ahead, but I must control it because Iím not exactly rolling in money. Iím more along the lines of gracefully stepping into a really cold pool looking for a piece of green rubber that we used to throw around and swim after. No wait, itís exactly like that.

Irish Car Bombs was not the right choice at one in the morning on a Wednesday evening. Must remember that.

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I attended a hockey game this evening. Quite fun to see Joan of Arc enjoying it themselves. Too bad the Blackhawks lost, but my ticket paid for itself due to the odd-even game (there are four people, each one is either odd-odd, even-even, odd-even, even-odd. Every time there is a score or a penalty you take the last number on the clock and the last number on the jersey of whoever scored or was penalized. If that number matches what you are (even-even letís say) then everyone else gives you a dollar. EX. Time 3:48. Jersey number 23. Even-Odd...which I was. Money to me, I say sweet, others call me rude names).

A Birthday Recap!
Right after work I treated myself to Happy Hour! There I was given drink after drink, like the shot with a cigarette in it to signify a birthday cake. The plan was not to be wasted when I showed up back at my place for dinner (prepared by my lovely roommate and her friend). Plan is an utter failure. We end up heading towards the Hideout where people started to line up to hand me drinks. Grade school (let me some space between you two kids) and mostly just mindless dancing occurred. At some point I found myself leaning against a wall pretty much declaring it over. We rushed back to my place where I mustered up enough energy to eat three more tacos. It was pretty sweet.

Tonight we bowl.

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I entered a casino, The Ho-Chunk casino in Baraboo, WI, this past weekend for the first time. Utter chaos ensued. The noise and lights, and let us not forget the sheer number of old people spending their money. Scariest part of the casino is that you can cash your entire paycheck right there next to the Survivor slot machines. We decided to only spend a gracious hour there since it was getting late. So I went straight to the Blackjack tables. While sitting there valuable lessons were taught to me. Such as how to tip and not to hit when the dealer has a 5 or 6 and I have a 12 or higher showing. The most important lesson is that the guy who got wine spilled on him by a girl, who kept rubbing his leg to dry off the wine, is a dirty dirty man for this comment, ďI was just thinking all she had to do was go a little higher and in a few minutes everything would have been just fine.Ē Creepy. But then again you are in central Wisconsin so who knows. I ended up walking out of the casino with a cool $30 extra then I started with. My friend had $50 more, and another (using only $3) walked away with $7. That makes the shoes we bought that same weekend cost me $6, my friend -$6, and nothing (since one friend did not purchase any shoes that I am aware of) respectively. Sweet!

Iím looking for a bar I should attend on my upcoming birthday. Suggestions are welcomed.

The order for the first season of Six Feet Under is away. Whoís up for watching a show that makes your soul shrink.

Ever since it became cold Iím more unwilling to do things, unless you count watching tv as things.

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Last night as I tried to fall asleep it felt like a butterfly was inside my head sitting just below the bridge of my nose. It felt like the butterfly was massaging my eyes with itís flapping wings.

I just realized that today I donít really want to fly. I donít want to take off into the air, and for the last couple of weeks, odds are I did not want to then. Why you may ask, when the only thing you have really given serious thought to in the last couple of years, do you not want to fly right now? Well, itís cold outside. Actually itís not that cold out, but the wind is what gets you, and the higher I get, the colder it gets. I mean, I do want to fly and if today was the only day I could I would take it and love every minute of it. If I had a choice when flight became my specialty and if it was for only one day, then I would wait until more favorable weather conditions. Expect expectations of at least the wish to fly to begin sometime next month, or at least for one day this month on my birthday.

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Iíve been heading to the suburbs a lot lately. At least once a weekend Iíve been visiting my parents, hanging out with some high school friends, or seeing movies that are just a bit cheaper. It must an urge that has been pulling me away from the city. The desire to get out of here, just for a little while, and see strange and new lands. Unable to actually drive anywhere, Grimmie, my car just doesnít have it in her anymore, I wait until a friend suggests a road trip. Since my job is pointless they donít mind if I miss some days so odds are Iíll agree to whatever they suggest. So up for something strange and new? Yes I am. That is why this weekend Iíll be taking leave of my fine Chicago apartment and heading up to Wisconsin with a few friends. Not some place new, but strange, yes. I mean I will be in Wisconsin.

I just watched The Others. Creepy.

So far, the top 100 list of movies has been very slow. We have only watched Itís A Wonderful Life. Now mind you, it is my first full viewing of it, so we canít complain too much.

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Total War Medieval may be the first computer game that I have purchased that I have not been able to accomplish one simple aspect to move the game forward. Stoopud game. I blame the non-realistic ideas of conquering the entire continent of Europe during the Medieval Times. Heysus, itís the Medieval Times. Nothing gets accomplished during this time. Knowing what I know about that period of time I have forced myself to make the people in my town rejoice that their god has not come down and smite them because Iím such a gracious ruler.

Last year I didnít own a winter coat. The year before that I retired my old winter coat. This year I finally broke and purchased a winter coat, thinking, Iím old enough and successful enough to buy a winter coat. I mean, it is cold outside. Then the winter coat decided that maybe I really wasnít into the jacket as it first thought I was. I mean, I did get it on sale. So the jacket decides to get all up in my shit and give me a rash on my hands. We will see who gets the last laugh when your burning wonít we jacket.

The rash is subsiding though. Thanks for your worries. Feel free to shake my hand.

My co-worker and I have decided to watch the top 100 films by the AFI. We were able to cross off about 20 movies the both of us have seen. Heís quite excited about the musicals.

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