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Right after my birthday I went and purchased an ipod. Somehow I was able to find the money (credit card), and today is the first day Iím actually using it. I finally have enough songs that I felt I would get a good mix on it, and after 25 minutes I love it. Righteously!

Some how I foolishly decided to go to Florida in March. Not sure how Iím able to afford it (credit card) but I also know that I havenít taken a fool fledge vacation in almost 3 years. So that week is looking like the NCAA Tournament will Iím fed like a king at my friend Paul Swaneyís house Thursday and Friday, and then Iím off to Florida. Doubly sweet.

It would almost appear things are coming up Saul.

I finally made my way to the dentist. When youíre temping youíre usually not thinking dental help. Usually I was thinking about I wonder if I have enough money to eat today. Little things like that. So the dentist scraped and scraped and for a while I didnít think it would ever end.

My friend Clint and Lena had a beautiful baby girl yesterday. Welcome to the world Hannah Ruth. She looks so small and cute. I held her for a little bit.

I just purchased a plane ticket to head off to Florida in March. 1st vacation in about 3 years.

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Here's a bad thing. There aren't too many famous people on my birthday, and the number one guy they always show is Drew Bledsoe, which isn't all that great to begin with. There are rumors that the Buffalo Bills are going to let him go. So the most famous guy I share my birthday with is actually going to be 2nd stringer. More famous babies need to be born on my birthday.

I felt the party went off with out major hookups. Which was nice in itís own way. The clean up the next day didnít take very long either. After that we watched TOTAL RECALL! ďSee you at the party Vincent!Ē Arnold

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On my walk to get some more smokes every person I passed I kept thinking they wanted to mug me. Every car that passed me I felt that they were going to stop and jump me. Every dark corner kept someone hiding. Itís a crappy way to think and feel for walking only a couple of blocks.

Today I went to my doctor and we talked about my dislocated shoulder(s). He said physical therapy would be a waste of time, and the only thing that may fix it will be surgery. This would be the only time I actually go under the knife. I have to do a follow up with an MRI and a specialist, but never the less itís freaked me out. I know that it will help from making it pop out, and I should be able to do normal things (like lift weights, play basketball, or even go bowling). Part of me is so ashamed of my weak ass shoulder that Iím annoyed. Oh well.

Tonight was nice talking to my roommate about crap and stuff. I donít do it enough. Itís those times I miss. Since he has the day off tomorrow he made me feel like I have the day off tomorrow.

Iím having a party in two days. Should be good/exciting. If you would like to come e-mail me. My friends bought me a tie. Iíll be looking quite good.

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Hereís something funny. I went to do my follow up on my shoulder. I figured I needed to do something so that maybe it wonít pop out the next time Iím tying my shoes. So for my follow up, you know, to make sure everything is in place and that I wouldnít need any more medical help takes a month. What if they popped it in wrong and there was pain? Iím sorry, wait a month and hope your shoulder doesnít get more messed up. More trouble than itís worth.

Luckily my shoulder is just slightly sore, and usually only have I stretch it.

I consider it a victory when I only lose $17 betting on the Superbowl.

Big bash Sat. night to celebrate my coming of age as a supreme powerful being. Or itís my coming of age where I canít drink as much, stay out late multiple times in a week, or lift 35 Ĺ pounds with one arm for fear that my shoulder might pop out. Either way itís going to be a blast.

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