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So hot. Our office is hot. Itís already hot in here. Iím sweating. Thoughts of taking my pants off have permeated my mind all day.

I still havenít gotten my license back. Shame really. Luckily Iíve gotten to know a couple people at a local place and they were able to serve me some refreshments. You know, considering Iím 28 and all.

Still so stinking hot. Itís much cooler in the bathroom. People will talk though if I spend too long in there.

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Iím in a much better mood. Seriously. I think it was just the sheer craziness of it all that got me so annoyed.

I took yesterday off and it was a great day. I spent the whole day just hanging out with one of my old roommates from 2 and a half years ago. She and I got a late breakfast and then went bowling and finished my first game quite strong. I really miss bowling. I even miss bowling during a day when I should be at work. Went and got my eyes examined and my friend helped pick out some new frames (3-5 days they said and Iíll have them). Best line at the eye doctors, ďYouíre eyes appear a little red, it must have been from the air that they push into your eyes.Ē Yes, not from the amount I drank last night. Yes. And after that we walked to a comic book store. She was so nice to hang out with me on my errand day.

So Iím in high spirits, but still unable to get into a bar unless they know me. That should be going on for at least through the weekend, but when you think about it, not going to bar for a weekend shouldnít be that difficult. Right. We do other things then just hang out at a bar, right?


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Fuckity fuck fuck.

In the words of my friend.

So, itís my birthday, what ever. Iíve been drinking. Off my back.

It started out ok. Really it did. My friend threw a party for me on Sat. Too kind. Especially since I didnít help clean up. Alas, the my true birthday didnít last. I went out for a happy hour with a couple of friends. After I drop one friend off I end up getting pulled over for talking on a cell phone. Iím just checking my messages. Iím ok with that. You got me. But I end up getting two tickets. Slightly pissed off. A lot of money just due to the fact I drive a car, and that I was doing a favor of dropping a friend off. Fine. So I have no Driverís License. Fine. I go home and bitch for a bit. Mainly I bitch that since things are going fine in my life of course something like this has to happen. I decide to meet one of my friends at a bar, but I canít get in, since I donít have any photo ID. Grrr. So Stoopud. So I end up at my place, just drinking alone after spending who knows what on cabs so that I wouldnít drive and I wouldnít get a DUI. Smart move, but since I ended up at home b/c I couldnít get into a bar with just a ticket (even though I explained I got the ticket today and itís my birthday).

Sort of a crappy b-day.

So Iím sitting at home, with roommates asleep, just drinking. What a crappy way to enter 28.

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