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Well that was a weekend.

I have a new breakfast place to eat at now. Actually two. So, when you sitting around on the weekends thinking, ďMan am I hungry. I should go eat some breakfast but I donít know where to go.Ē Now you have an answer. Give me a call, I will give you a breakfast burrito you will swim in jell-o just eat. But then again, swimming in jell-o may be just your thing. Maybe swim in chicken legs or gravy. Your choice.

A bunch of females are going crazy over Marquette getting into the Final Four NCAA basketball tournament. Itís cute. They look and sound like me and the guys when the Chicago Bears are early in the year while we still have hope for a productive season.

Iíve been trying to fall asleep for a couple of hours now. My thoughts seem to be on over-drive, which is a shame since I am tired. I think I came up with something, almost a solution. Well, at least a solution in my mind. Iím going to have to wait till at least Tuesday till I can try this out. And all I had to do was think of a comic book. Who would of thunk?

Oh, and another thing. Itís my motherís birthday! Happy birthday mom.

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Has anyone actually seen the comic of Barkley vs Godzilla? Now my problem with this is, Charles Barkley is a good post up player. We all admit it. But Godzilla is huge. I mean gigantic. He breaks buildings. Now, hopefully (I never read this particular comic) they shrink Godzilla. I know,you weaken him that way, but he still can breath fire. If I could breath fire people would respect my post-up game.
I guess there was a commercial too. Man, crazy early nineties.

Okay. When I have to make a decision I cause unbelievable pain to myself. I start to struggle to fall asleep. Iím moody and anti-social like hell. Caring on a conversation becomes a waste of time for me. The worst part is when I know my answer to my problems but I really donít want to follow through on it. Make the plan, stick to the plan. Letís see if I can pull that off.

Have a good weekend everyone? You better have.

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Today, in our search for a beer garden, we ended up inside at a bar. This ended up being a good idea because the rain gods decided it was time to pour. Beer garden + rain pouring = wet beer. Since we all know wet beer is no good let us give thanks for roofs to keep our beer dry. Anyway, there was a little girl, who informed us that she was 3, (the bar actually is a restaurant that focuses on beerÖsweet), who got into a very deep discussion about her daily events. For example, today she went to the park, but before the park she was in CaliforniaÖbut not really. Her ruby shoes gave us a glimpse into what her favorite movie is (do I have to spell it out for you?). She says sheís not too scared at the Wicked Witch. I informed her that neither am I. The tiger impression followed. What a cutie.

I do this. I do this a lot. Iím not going to inform you what I do, but I do it all of the time. I would think that after a certain amount of time I would be able to say screw it, but every damn time it pops up, it hangs around and wonít leave me alone. The worst part is when I know Iím doing ok, thenÖblam. Out of no where, at the least convenient time, it happens.

I really should find a location where I can actually write what I meanÖbut then again, isnít it more fun for you to guess? Thatís what I thought. For your information, itís so little that no one but me would actually be bothered by this. Sometimes I get stoopud like that. Enough onto important newsÖ

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Oh crap. It is so much easier to distract one self from your own troubles with books, sports, comic books, video games, writing on a website, and other websites when the world makes a bit more sense than your life. When the troubles of the world just sort of suck, itís hard to remain focused on distracting yourself.

Tomorrow I have a lot of things to distract me. NCAA tournament where I plan to lose $10. A fantasy baseball draft occurred, again plan to lose $10. Focus on these. Not the Middle East, not Iraq, not the crappy foreign policy of the U.S., not the lack of a quality job, not the other little thought that keeps popping up in my mind that Iíve been trying to quiet, not the lack of ambition for grad school. Eat some of the 36 spicy lamb sticks that my friend has purchased, watch some basketball, yell a little (random yelling seems to make people happy or at least energize them), and smile.

I do not support what is going on. I do not support the way it went about. I donít support that this was a goal from the inauguration. But then again, if you know me you already know these things.

I do support ice cream.

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What a busy week. So busy for oneís whose usual activity is to sit in bed reading a book. Alas.

For example, I have to take Thursday and Friday off to watch the NCAA tournament. I have too. Itís the least I can do. I mean, my friend has taken those days off since the age of 8. I had poker one day, a fantasy baseball draft the next (sadly because my knowledge of baseball consists of Cubs and White Soxs, and gets pretty blurry after that). Bowling and poker yesterday. One might believe that I do things like this all the time.

Any suggestions for lunch? Me neither.

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So Iím back to work today. After my sleeping excursion on Tuesday it was very very difficult to fall asleep last night, even though I felt like crap. It was one of those nights where your cough burns your chest forcing you to sit up and curse Trotsky, because you know in your heart this all has something to do with the October Revolution only you havenít been able to figure out how. After the burning subsides you realize that Trotsky would have made things a lot better except that Stalin was such a dick.

My brain has been more useless than usual these past few days.

Some freaky guy just poked his head through the window in our door at work. He looked all sly with his eyes going back and forth like he was looking for something There are only us folks watching movies down here. Sorry.

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I slept for 17 hours yesterday. See, Iím not faking it.

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An impromptu road trip on a weekendÖ.Iím all up for it.

Yesterday I could tell a virus was entering my body. I ignored it. This morning the virus wanted to really let me know that it was hurt when it talked I was watching tv and too busy to give it the time it needed. So I woke up understanding that there was no way I was going to make it to work. So I slept for three more hours, and the only difference was I still felt like crap but my mouth is all dry from my nose was all clogged up. So, out of today I plan on sitting in my bed and sleeping, watching bad tv, and staring. When Iím sick I find that I stare a lot. Zzzzzz.

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Iím currently sitting here, typing wearing two pairs of socks, shoes, pajama pants, jeans, t-shirt, collared shirt, two sweaters, a hat, two blankets and a pair of gloves waiting, pleading, begging for my furnace to start working.

I took the day off from work to wait for the furnace man to grant me the heat I so deservedly need. It was almost noon, my deadline for my crazy landlord to call me back saying she was going to do something about this frigid icebox I call my home. I finally decide to wait some where else to warm up, eat some hot hot soup, so I hop in the shower (for some odd reason we still have hot water praise the lord). As soon as I get out and dressed my landlord calls. Thanks for calling, but now I have to sit around here for a couple more hours just in case so that I donít miss Mr. Furnace Man.

So therefore I will eat a plate of nachos. If you think you can stop me, try it.

Itís also strange because I know if I put in a movie to watch, I could easily be paid to watch these if I went to work today. What a weird life Iím employed in.

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Well, I thought the first real snow fall for the winter couldnít have come at a better time. Something about it just puts me in to a real good mood. Hell, I even enjoyed shoveling the snow of the front porch, as long as it continued to snow while I was doing it. I also understand that it has been snowing enough that all my hard work has been cancelled. And I also understand that tomorrow when it is not snowing I will not find everything so splendorific as I did earlier today.

Holy Shit. Six Feet Under begins again! I was close to screaming at the first 15 minutes because that is the exact kind of show that likes to fuck with you and throw you for a loop when you least expect it. Tricky tricky.

This weekend was kept cool and quiet making Monday not so difficult to wake up for.

Work is getting out of hand. I watched two movies today. Someone should try and control me.

So we received a FedEx package for someone who used to live here. No problem. Iíll just write wrong address and send it back. Today as I check the mail there is a little note. The guy, Tod, is wondering if the package came to me. He is willing to pick it up and in return, give me a 30 pack of beer. Not a bad trade off if I do say so myself. I guess the package contains tickets to Denmark, and it is first time out of the country. Props to him for getting out here for a little while. Props to him for going to Denmark too. He also confirmed that my landlord is crazy. Itís not just me.

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