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So itís finally happened. Some of my family members have decided it is time I get married. With who? Not quite sure, since Iím not currently dating anyone. Which is actually just fine with me. My aunt comes over for Easter and is now trying to set me up with someone.

Then later in the evening my landlord comes down and is having some wine with us. Then she decides that I should see her best friend. All I could do was look down at the ground and hope that maybe Iíll disappear.

I think Iíll be bringing my female roommate to the next family party and pretend sheís my girlfriend. It might be easier.

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Going back to work after a vacation is always difficult. Coming back to Chicago with cold and snow after being in Florida is even more difficult.

Incase you missed it Thursday and Friday marks the 3rd Anniversary of watching all the games of the NCAA Tournament. The thing is the games are usually over shadowed by the amount of food I eat. We head over to a friendís house, Paul, and he feeds us wonderfully. When your morning starts off with 1 pound steak and eggs, you know itís going to be a good day. Surprisingly I still have a strong shot at winning the pool with my bracket.

So that marks the first two days I had off. Saturday I would be flying down to sunny, comfortable, utopia like Florida (at least this time of year since it wasnít humid at all). Before the flight I decide to play basketball. Now, since Iíve now dislocated my shoulder 4 times one would think this is a bad idea since I have a flight later in the day. Of course I play, and of course I dislocate my shoulder for the fifth time. Somehow I was able to make my flight, quite loopy due to the Vicodin.

At least I was able to spend some relaxing days in almost perfect weather. WHOO Spring Break 2005 Ė Fuck Yeah!

But now Iím back watching snow fall outside my window at work. Iíve set up an appointment with a doctor so that maybe I can get surgery on my shoulder so that I would be able to do normal activities without the fear of dislocation.

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The odds of me getting the either of the promotions is now looking unlikely. I guess what has happened is someone above the person who wanted me has changed the requirements to allow someone else to apply once the initial applicants have applied. The other job I applied for was filled since the first job I went for showed interest in me. Meaning Iím still stuck doing nothing. Oh well. So much for me thinking that March was my month.

Bright news is that everyone else in my department will be gone so it looks like a lot of freedom. Well more freedom than I usually get.

Iím being really stupid right now, and Iím quickly making a mess out of things.

Itís March Madness time! Which means I now will be spending two days (Thursday and Friday) over at my friend Paulís house eating, drinking, watching basketball. In previous years I had such strategies, that would appear to work quite well, as this coach has good hair. His team will win two games. Another one was this certain team let me down last year, they win no games! This year is a little more difficult. I guess in my ever constant stance of trying to keep busy at work Iíve now read and know some real information, which is always a sign of doom for these brackets.

Everything was going really well this month. Really well. Surprisingly well. But then on Tuesday I found out an old family friend, one of my dadís best friend, passed away. I didnít really think it would hit me as hard as it did but I was sort of lost for a couple of days. Since that phone call nothing is clearly working out as I thought it might, and for some reason Iím talking myself out of a lot of things.

Maybe me leaving for Florida on Sat will help clear up a few thingsÖ.

Off to appear busy again!

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Hereís to two interviews for different jobs! Cheers.

What a strange evening it is when a craoyla marker makes itís appearance after people were drinking. A game was played and if you lost you had to get something written on my face. I was slightly worried since words like, Bitch Face, Gay, Queef, fake mustaches, pirate patches, and other things were placed on foreheads, back of necks, cheeks, knuckles, and any other place you could think of. Luckily I was able to win each time since I had to do an out reach program the next day where I would be seeing parents and children. Nothing like saying let me help you when the Bitch Face is on your cheeks. Even though I won ďwinĒ was still written over my forehead. Which luckily came off quite easily later in the evening.

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