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I got my license back! Only a month. Thanks city of Chicago.

Iíve been quite busy the last couple of weeks. My impromptu vacation to Austin, TX went well. A couple of bumps occurred while driving. On the way home we ran through tornado alley and was able to miss all the tornados flying through there. Of course, when I reached Springfield, IL after 15 hours of driving I should have figured that we should stop for the night when the entire city had no power, power lines down through out the city, a couple of collapsed buildings and such. But I powered on. At least till I hit the rain.

The other exciting road trip experience was when I ran over a blown truck tire lying on the road. Bumper is dented, but the car is running just fine.

Austin is pretty sweet city though. Only major negative I felt was the public transportation is a little weak. Other then that it seemed pretty great. I do need to mention this phenomenon called Frisbee Golf. Mainly you have a frisbee and throw it through some trees to get the frisbee in a basket. Thatís it, and itís a huge hit there. We sat in the park for over an hour and there were streams of people walking through the whole time. I couldnít understand how on a Thursday afternoon so many people had no work to do, but it was nice. Aw, Austin. A city of slackers and hippies. My kind of town.

The next weekend was the annual Paul Swaney experience of the NCAA tournament. This time we weighed in to see how much food was consumed over the weekend. I was up 4 pounds, but no where near the winner of 9 pounds. Which is gross and amazing at the same time.

Iíll leave you all on that thought.


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After a number of bad days where I was sitting here at my desk imagining what I would say in my exit interview I made a decision. Iím going to go to Texas. Yes Texas. The state that currently sits as my least favorite state and the most likely state Iíll get shot in.

So Iím leaving Tuesday night. Some would say I made a quick rash decision to go on this trip, but images of trashing my desk and laughing at my boss as I ran around screaming how much I hate working in this position kept popping in my mind. I knew I needed to leave the state for a bit.

I was hoping to see my friend who lives in Austin but of course heíll be staying in St. Charles, IL while Iím down there. Thatís my kind of luck. Deal with it. He is being kind enough to let me stay at his place though. FREE PLACE TO STAY!

Iím hopping in my car and driving Tuesday after work with my friend who has lived in Austin. Hopefully I donít get shot while Iím driving through the rest of the state though.

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