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Ok. I survived it. I think itís time for me to come back. I know, the Bears lost, and really at half time I was thinking with the pace of the game they didnít have too much of a shot. I mean, the ColtsÖno Iím doing it again. Itís over. Now I can just look forward to the Cubs season. Crap.

So I had a birthday. My birthday happen to fall on our bowling league night. After we finished my gracious team talked to the owner of the alley, Bob, to teach me how to throw a curve ball. The problem is this is 11 at night on my birthday where I might have intake a couple of drinks. I was able to pick up on a few pointers and Iíve been using it ever since. Itís a very up and down thing. Iíve bowled a 188 and then as low as an 86. 86 is unacceptable. Other highlights is Iíve finished 2nd high game and 3rd high series with my handicap. Iím quite powerful.

So no vacations for a while. Weíre trying to figure out a baseball trip this year but a few people will be having babies or getting married or a bunch of other stuff, so itíll be a shorter trip this year. Weíll see.

Iíve also been addicted to Lost. Iím annoyed at who ever made me watch two full episodes in a row. Iím on the last disk of season 2 and making amazing headway. Luckily Iím almost done now that the Chicago winter has finally broken.

I also have no hope left in my NCAA tournament bracket. I know you cared. I did pick 3 of the 4 final four teams, but Iím just enough points behind that I canít win. Dag.

Have a good day, no matter what day you read this.


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