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My right arm is feeling tired from softball and bowling. But I bowled very powerfully. Which reminds me, you can read all about the exciting adventures of bowling at theArctic Brotherhood.

I know I havenít mentioned it yet, but I am incredibly excited about the new X-men movie coming out. I kept my guard up when the first one came out. How could I not? Who doesnít remember such fine films as The Fantastic Four, The Punisher, or Captain America. The only movies that made sense where the first two Batman films and Superman (minus the scene where he spins the world backwards causing time to reverse instead of forcing everything on the planet to fly off in to outer space, but hey, heís Superman so we let some things go). With the recent results of Spider-man (which still gets my approval) and the first X-men movie I have now some high standards. Oh, by the way, Daredevil sucked.

There, that should fill my geek quota for the day.

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Today is made for vanilla shakes!

Iím currently planning many vacations. In my mind Iím able to take all of them. According to my bank account I can make none of them. But then again, Iím young, I got nothing to do at my job besides read (which I could theoretically do on vacation), and a credit card with enough space to purchase a car on. So I have decided to shout fuck it, letís go somewhere. There will be no road trips involved so Iíll be taking to the skies! Time for me to study for my ever pursuit of flight!

Iím functioning better today then the better part of yesterday. I think a little dehydration hit me yesterday making my brain incredibly slow. Well, slower than the usual at least.

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Itís weird. At some point I become so quiet that I just start to watch and not participate. Itís all about comfort levels with me. Itís strange when I watch myself become more talkative or less. There are points where I actually speak my mind, and when I do I donít feel like a fool, but then itís just feels like I have nothing important to say. The dumb part is that itís not very consistent. Alas.

A possible solution (hopefully temporary) to my work situation? I will make a decision.

Iíll be lucky if my car lasts the summer. If so I will give it a car wash. It so richly deserves it for putting up with driving my ass around for over 2 years in Chicago.

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You are now looking at the proud owner of a soon to be released Uncle x3. I just found out that my brother will be having a child bringing my total nieces / (possible) nephew up to 3. Iím a great unlce.

Over the weekend I visited the nieces that exist. We were discussing super-heroes. Sam, who is 3 prefers Batman. With this knowledge we started to play super-heroine. This mainly involved me carrying my niece pretending she was flying. She kicked some ass.

Holy crap! Was that a sighting of Scott Dimpfl? Why yes it was. I havenít seen / talked to that guy since Thanksgiving. What a dick!

Bowling starts up again! No more Powerful CreaturesÖonly Artic Brotherhood exists now!

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Impromptu half day is the nicest thing ever. Unless you count in the weather Chicago is currently facing, then add those two together, plus large amounts of alcohol producing a buzz state for the entire day, well that is just the sweetest thing ever!

Last night there was discussion of taking today off. Itís just too nice outside. Good weather without the evil humidity that is known with Chicago summers. So the decision was made that if I heard from you I would take it off. It comes to 8 in the morning and I still havenít heard anything, and halfway to work I get the call. A large debate occurred with me about skipping work. Instead I just took a halfday, and it was definitely worth it.
With a little drinking, a little bowling, and a little just driving around and having fun mad the day so sunny.

Beware of the kung-fu shadow!

2nd time in two years stoopud people bum rushed the field at a Soxís game. Man, those guys are crazy! Mostly due to the fact that there are a large number of professional sportsmen, usually muscular, strong, possibly jacked up on steroids, sitting only a few feet from you who are more than willing to kick your ass if you attack anyone on the field. Much like me in the way you know I got your back.

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Iím pretty sure, even though I have no facts to back up my claim, that the truck driving down Division St. tonight had a Transformer as itís load. Shit may come down tomorrow so keep your eyes peeled.

After playing an 82 game season of NHL hockey on the Gamecube (I know an 82 game season surprises me that we actually got through with it) and then losing in the playoffs seems very anti-climatic since I know we wonít be playing another season. My team let me down.

Today I saw Paul Collins speak in Winnetka. Here he told me a wonderful story about a town in Europe where all they do is sell books. A guy bought all these warehouses and made them into bookstores. Mr. Collins also writes a biography about a man who believes that the Earth is empty in itís core and that people can live inside of the Earth in Banvardís Folly. He may want to check the movie The Core. I didnít see that movie but I hope they didnítí steal that idea.

Tomorrow Ė Breakfast for Dinner!

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Flagpoles were making some music tonight!

This weekend ended in splendid fashion, just like the rest of the weekend occurred. I didnít do a whole lot of things, but it was fun, in a lame kind of way. Giving it a large two thumbs up, way up!

Well, Iím only a few more steps away from becoming an adult. There are currently curtains hanging in my room. CURTAINS! Curtains I bought myself. Oh crap. It was purchased for the sake of keeping the sun out of my eyes for a couple more hours in the morning. I didnít enjoy slinking into the corner of my bed to hide away from the morning. Damn you sun rising from the East! But there you have it, Mike Saul is becoming an adult. Curtains.

And currently they have only fallen down one since I put them up!

Enjoy your Monday!

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It slowly becomes more and more difficult to leave my job. I mean, just today my boss told me that heís really bored. Why donít I go and put a movie on. My boss is encouraging me play movies! That nap I took that was over an hour long at my desk doesnít hurt things either. Why the hell would I leave a job like this? Oh yeah, health benefits, more money, some form of skill, mental stability, and few other things.

Itís been so many months since Iíve seen a show that I really should just go and see one. I canít even remember being bored, staring at a band in a smoke filled room feels like anymore.

I havenít bought the new Zelda game yet. Something must have changed deep inside of me.

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Iíve been drinking the hell out my grape juice. Watch the fuck out!

This past weekend seemed like an extra long weekend. A weekend filled with fun, excitement, and rest at appropriate times. Mmmm.

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Some sports April Fools jokes I heard about but did not actually see. Thanks to all my friends for not pulling one on me!
-Mark Cuban, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, got into a fight with a referee. Mr. Cuban has been known to have problems with refs complaining about the officiating last year. He is also the owner who said he would work at a Dairy Queen and actually went though with it for one day.

-The coach of the Tennessee Titans, Jeff Fischer, informed the public that the team will be trading away their franchise players, Steve McNair and Eddie George, to the Cincinnati Bengals. About half-way through the interview Jeff Fischer lost it and informed everyone it was an April Fools joke.

Hereís a link to Top 100 Pranks. Enjoy. And I know that April Fools is April 1st. I'm a bit slow. Get off my back.

I think Iím getting sick again. Crap.

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Well that was needed. A simple solution that actually is working out. Look at me smile and not worry about anything. Letís take in this moment.

And I'm doing okay.

And thanks for having a drink with me on Monday.

Once in a while I age. I did that back in February, and I have been graciously informed that the internet public may actually believe that I am still a lowly age of 24 due to the side bar, but this incorrect. I am actually 25. Yes, a quarter of a century, and Iíve been doing it now for a couple of months.

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