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Yet another friend has become engaged, but his story had a twist. My friend Chris went out to California to take a vacation. While out there he went to see the Price is Right. With the 2nd name called my friend stood up fists in the air running. He was a contestant on The Price Is Right! On the first bet he ends up guessing $1. Wrong. The next guess he choose one dollar over the guy next to him. Everyone was over, so redo. Again Chris guesses one dollar over the guy next to him, in pure Price Is Right fashion. Bob Parker then says, “You aren’t out to make too many friends are you Christopher.” Well, sure enough Chris wins and runs up. The game, you guessed right folks (I feel like I should have a waffle iron for all of you who have guessed right) PLINKO! My friend ends up walking away with $13,500! Holy crap!

Poker night was last night and I was about to pull the ultimate move. No one on the table could see I had a flush sitting right in front of me, with 1 card not showing. I was almost able to get another guy to bet $40! Sadly the bet did not occur, but it was close. My friend Paul ended up doing a side bet saying there was no way for me to win, and he lost $12 to my friend Chris (a different one from the story above). Chris made more money than I did on that game.

My dreams keep betraying me.

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I had a dream last night. A strange one. Someone was getting married at my parents house. Someone my age. I was trying to avoid all contact with the wedding. I think I just didn’t want to run into the bride. Anyway, I end up sitting in my car, and all of a sudden my car starts to sink into the ground and I notice I’m on the edge of a pond. Which is strange to begin with because there are no ponds close to my parents house. Someone is panicking in the back seat. I nonchalantly step out of my car, and lift it out of the pond.


Yesterday’s funniest moment. 4 people chasing a mouse around the house and my roommate running up to it and trying to slap it with a magazine. We are fools, but fools who should not be messed with.

I only worked 2 hours yesterday. I feel like a better person for it.

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A direct quote from a client on the phone that I was so lucky to speak with. “Listen, you’re pissing me off. I should come down there and beat the living shit out of you.” Sometimes you gotta love your job. I on the other hand loathe it.

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This fine morning I realized my left tire was a bit low. By a bit low I mean I was able to give it a slight kick and my foot almost hit the rim. The tire has a slow leak. So I went to fill my tire up. A good hardy deed for the morning. I’m sitting there waiting for the guy in front of me to fill his tire. There is a large demand for tire filling at 8:15 AM. As soon as I finish the guy rushes up to me and shouts, “Quick it’s still on! Fill your tires!” and proceeds to run back to his car.

Yesterday I attend the home opener of the White Sox. This is my first home opener ever and I thoroughly enjoyed it. While we BBQ out in the parking lot we met a man named Ralph Beerman. Yes, Beerman. Beerman reminded me of a friend’s parent back in high school. Beerman’s running joke was “Can you hear me now.” He liked to yell, borrow our mustard, eat two sausages on one hotdog bun, and continue to yell at the helicopter. Beerman made me chuckle.

Did anyone see me on Fox news? Or my friend Kelly?

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I’m so tense that my leg is shaking.

I love the feeling of my hair when I drink just enough.

I don’t think I can handle ecstasy. I would just play with my hair.

I recently just looked miserable.

I’m not happy with knowing that.

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While walking home after parking I passed one word written in chalk. It said “SPRING” It made me smile.

This has been a strange week for me. Hopefully I’ve calmed down a bit.

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Words of encouragement.

"You're a great bowler in my book."

Other words of encouragement.

"You're a great book in my bowler. "

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You are reading the words of a man who was just given a bowling ball! I know, everyone knows I’m in a league and they make the assumption that I am great. Well, that’s just not true. I’m pretty good, just not great. Anyway, I attended a party this weekend. Mainly it felt like I was back in college. It was a party where you felt comfortable throwing your empty beer cup against a wall just because it seemed like it was what you were supposed to do. Hey, it wasn’t at my house. The hosts were throwing a party in celebration that they were moving. A final hurrah after 5 years. Mainly that also meant there was a load of trash sitting in the backyard. One of the pieces of trash was a tv. A tv with a bowling ball recently thrown into it. My friend picked up the bowling ball, gave it to me, fit me perfectly, and the host told me I could have it. Sweet.

If one more person on the phone corrects me about if it’s “good morning” or “good afternoon” I will break the handle of the phone and just scream. My god! Fine, all of you people are better then me. Congrats. Now stop calling!

I saw Hellboy last night……… was um……….a movie. Looked pretty good. Was pretty exciting for the 1st hour……..then it kept going……….I was getting tired so maybe you shouldn’t take this review to heart.

My Spanish class only has 3 more classes!

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Everyone who is anyone should go see the one man show of “Steel Magnolias”. It was quite a sweet play. The group (man) who is performing is The Billy Goat Experiment Theatre Company. A nice place to take someone on a date or see with friends. I’ve never actually seen the movie either, but found myself laughing. Anyway, it’s at The Broadway Armory, 5917 N Broadway Chicago, IL. Go see it. Cheap, $10. It will give us something to talk about during those awkward silences.

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I worked myself into a frenzy last night over nothing, which isn’t unusual, just tiresome. Luckily I was tired and I was reading something that I couldn’t really keep straight because there were too many names so I fell asleep right quick.

Colors look strange to me today.

I’m not one into practical jokes. Part of it is the fear of retaliation and I don’t really handle jokes well, at least jokes played on me. I’m also a terrible liar so carrying off a joke never seems to work. The last joke I played was telling a girl that there was a picture of her in a bar where she was flashing the camera, but that was mostly carried off by my friends, I just had to support them. It was slightly comical. So I’m on guard. Today feels like the day someone will get me.

I’m a schmo who forgets his mother’s birthday.

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