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What does one do when one has no computer at oneís desk at work? One walks around since it is incredibly hard to look busy when one has nothing on oneís desk. Other then that my new position isnít so bad right now.

To answer a much asked question. Doctorís appointment is Monday and hopefully the shoulder issue will be resolved, or at least any questions on how to resolve it will be asked.

Iíve been keeping it pretty chill the last couple of weeks. This is mainly due to the bank account, but itís been pretty quiet.

Hopefully more coming tomorrow.

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I just attended the post office with my friend from work. While we were walking back we were waiting for the light to change. All of a sudden a woman is walking to us and starts yelling, ďDonít you dare look at me. Iím not a prostitute anymore. Iím going to kick your ass.Ē We just proceeded to walk away since this kind of thing occurs more often than I care for around my office. We then walk into my building and when we come up to the elevator she has already entered by another entrance. She sees us and yells, ďYou prostitute (towards the girl Iím with) better stay out of my face or Iíll kick your ass. Tell your pimp (in reference to me) that Iím not a hooker no more.Ē The security guard of the bank on the 1st floor of the building looks at us and starts to walk over to her. We get on the elevator. End scene.

Now mind you Iím pretty sure I donít look like a pimp. Iím wearing a hoodie with jeans and cons. That doesnít really scream pimp. My friend is wearing jeans, a pink shirt, and a black coat. That doesnít scream prostitute either. If anything it did amuse to get me through the rest of the morning.

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Tonight Shins in Milwaukee. Iím excited more for the small road trip. Well, excited at least for the ride home since getting there Iíll be dealing with rush hour.

Last night, as I previously said, was a poker night. There were 11 people playing which is by far the largest group Iíve ever played with. I was doing ok staying in the hands I should of and folding when I should. Still havenít really figured out the art of raising which Iím working on. I also played with a girl who is by far the best poker player Iíve ever sat against. I was able to make it down to the last three, guaranteeing me to at least get my money back, but luckily I was able to win the tournament, and I wasnít up till 2 in the morning I was afraid of. Fun night though. Now I think I have to buy people a lot of drinks though.

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Busy week! Yesterday I saw a Cubs game, making it two Mondays in a row that Iíve attended a baseball game. Today a large group are gathering together to play Texas Hold Em. Finally tomorrow Iíll be driving up to Milwaukee to see The Shins play. Number of hours of sleep that Iíll be missing to all the activity = 9.

Thursday is laundry. Seriously. Stop asking me to do stuff.

So a little more on the Cubs game. While we were sitting in a bar after the game we found the emptiest bar we could find. My friend, Jonah, from Boston wanted to see the Red Sox keep on whooping the Yankees. While we are sitting there in walks a man that I believed to be Dusty Baker, the manager of the Cubs. Jonah looks at me, we look again and we canít believe it. We get to the point where we donít think it is, but then he smiles and yep, itís him. We decided it would be better if werenít those annoying fans. Of course the two girls we were with had no problems going up and talking to him. After a little while up comes Dusty to talk to us. He introduces himself as Dusty and we start talking. A few highlighted topics Ė Pea Pod, frightening your daughterís boyfriend, and farting. Yes I talked to Dusty Baker about farting. The only baseball reference he said was, ďMan itís tough to lose.Ē Which I responded, ďIt sucks.Ē

I was also three rows away from Billy Corgan at the game.

It was a star sighting kind of day.

Thursday I have a doctor's appointment to figure out what's wrong with my shoulder and how to fix it. Whoo hoo!

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Why is when itís cold I donít want to get out of bed to stay warm, and when itís nice out I donít want to get out of bed because Iím incredibly comfortable.

Monday was an incredibly busy day. Firstly I had my doctor appointment so that I can finally use my shoulder like any other 27 slightly fit year old would. It was the first step to surgery, or so I believe. It appears that my appointment was for the previous Friday, even though no one told and they told me the wrong date. So now its been pushed back to the 14th. Secondly, White Soxís home opener! Nothing too crazy began except we started drinking at 12:30. Thirdly, Illinois in the NCAA championship game! Itís been a while since I drank for 12 hours, but I was able to do it.

All that meant was that Tuesday was a tough day.

I was recently informed that I did get the previous promotion I complained about a few weeks ago. Odds are my surgery is going to coincide when my promotion begins. From what Iíve been able to learn it sounds like my right arm will be in a tight sling to my chest for about a month. Now all Iím going to have to find is someone to button my pants because my left hand is just about as useless as a yak in heat (unless you count writing and reading).

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