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Iím sitting here smelling the rain that just fell as it blows into my room and Iím filled with a sense of calm composure. A bus came by and I narrowly jumped out of the way of the splash it produced. I put the suit jacket that I borrowed in a plastic bag as I walked home so as not to ruin it. I walked home in the rain, all decked out for my interview. It started to sprinkle by the time I made it into work. As I walked outside in the morning I saw a little boy in a slicker and galoshes a thought entered my head that I should grab my umbrella, and for some reason I ignored it. It seems the rain has followed me from New York, but Iím still haviní fun.

Two summers ago a friend convinced me to go on a trip with him. On that trip we stopped in Pittsburgh, Boston, and Baltimore. Kevin, my friend, main reason was to see some baseball games. My reason was to get out of Illinois for a week. So on this trip we saw three baseball games. Kevin was filled with joy; I was filled with exhaustion. Baseball wasnít my sport. Really sports wasnít my thing either then, but I saw the stadiums. A part of me then decided that it should be my goal to see all the stadiums, just as Kevinís plan was. Hell, I already had a good jump on it. So that is why this weekend Iíll be traveling to St. Louis and Kansas CityÖto see some baseball games. I plan on doing other things, such as visiting my brother and my niece. So if you are looking for me this weekend good luck. Have a good one, Iíll be back on Sunday!

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So job interviews, huh? God I hate these things. It always seems like such a waste of time. Every time they ask you a question you just want to scream because you know what they want to hear, but I have this major problem with telling the truth. It must of sounded idiotic when I said I want to help people because I really do want to help people, even if it is such a little fashion as this job would allow me. Name three things you think you are strong at. Name three things you think you could use some work. Fuck three things. Are you a team player? Who the hell is going to answer no. Would you rather work alone or on a team? 1/2 and 1/2. I like to work alone and with people. Asked to do either I can accomplish both. Watch the fuck out Iím flippiní amazing. Why are you leaving your last job? Well, it sucks, and I accomplish nothing all day. I want to get paid more. Then they write the dollar sign. I make shit and I want to make more. Iím not all about making money, but I want to make enough so something can go into savings. I just find it an idiotic idea for interviews for those idiotic questions. Iím going to waste my time now at my job now.

In reality the interview went really well. I just hate the whole process.

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This ball of knots in the pit of my stomach need to go away.

Well, Iím back from all my adventures in New York City. Besides the rain fun was had. If you didnít find me at the Yankees game there is a good reason. I didnít go, but I was sure to yell, ďYankees SuckĒ quite often.

NYC is a shoe heaven. For some odd reason I find myself wanting to buy more and more shoes. Luckily the logical part of my brain takes control and remembers my bank account. Saved once again, but I almost broke the entire time I was there.

Kelli, my friend I was visiting, gave me her winter coat, which was much too large for her. This also gave her an excuse to go and get a new coat which looks splendid on her. She informed me that living with my two current female roommates have made me a much more informed / fun to be with shopper. Kelli was a sweetie letting me stay at her place. This is now my 2nd attempt at a winter coat in one year.

The base of The Empire State Building looked pretty sweet. I couldnít see anymore of it because of the rain. My favorite part easily was Central Park. It blows my mind that just pass those trees there is a slew of bustling people and traffic. One big bonus of the poor weather was Central Park was pretty much empty instead of crammed full of people.

My friend, Heide, was able to get me cheap cheap tickets for this flight by putting me on standby. On my way home they bumped me up to first class....sweet.

Thatís another thing. Iíve only flown twice now, but each time it has not felt like I have really traveled anywhere. LaGuardia and OíHare look just the same. I guess I need to work for my travels. Such as drive 14 hours to get to my location and stop and 12 other places on the way.

Wish me luck for tomorrow morning. A job interview for a slightly less crappy job.

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If you don't have anything to do Friday night go see The Dirtbox Racers at the Prodigal Son at 8:00 PM. I'm not putting this here because I've been given a discount at bowling or anything and would want the discounts to continue. I'll be unable to attend due to the fact I'll be.... New York! (read it in your best Musical voice. Pick your favorite: West Side Story, Sound of Music or Singiní in the Rain, and add one large sweeping hand gesture. It just seems like the thing to do when you say your visiting New York City). Iíll be leaving tomorrow to kick off the Memorial Day weekend right and returning Sunday, and Iíll admit Iím getting pretty excited.

Two nights ago I opened my window just a crack as I was going to bed. The reason was for the rainstorm. In my bedroom, which is on the 2nd floor of a 3-story building. Iíve been unable to hear it when it rains. That is one of my top 5 sounds to listen to. I must say it was a pleasant evening of sleep.

A quick dream recap. Iím in a room with two friends having a very serious conversation, almost boarding on an argument. Then I turn and shout, ďPasam!Ē The entire dream becomes an 8-bit video game with the catching music, repeating background, and rough square graphics. End dream!

The steps have been put into motion and Iím scared.

Iím too flippy floppy sometimes. Itís not helping anyone.

Enjoy your weekend! Look for me at the Yankees' game on Friday!

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Dear Lord, it isn't even noon yet. Most days I handle my job just fine. I watch my movie, read my book, check out what is going on in the world wide web, think about any errands I may need to get done, crap like that. Everything is just fine, but then a week like this one comes along. Now I read a page, pace around for a while, read the newspaper, stare, and stare. I should just walk around the building for a while and move some chairs. Tell people I'm with the lighting crew and we need to clear some space because we have to change to more energy efficient bulbs. They will last 3x longer. Put on a very excited face like this is the best thing in the world for me. Take their chair and put it on the elevator.

I highly suggest one see Spellbound, a documentary out currently.

John Goodman is on The West Wing. I cheered!

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ďTake a look. The roof is starting to bulge or droop, depending on how you look at it,Ē That was the comment that forced me to finally do something about the water that was collecting on my porch outside my window. My Porch of Solitude, if you will. At first I thought about letting the small ecosystem coexist with me. We could open up trade routes. I have enormous amounts of mediocre, below average Wonderman comics. Hell, Iíll even throw in the Secret Wars II storyline (my complete and utter dorkiness ends here). Only I didnít want the front of my bedroom to be ripped off exposing me and all my world dominating / mafia dealings I have going on. I stated, ďSomething must be done.Ē So I plunged into the dark mess that came above my ankle in the deepest trenches. Since I have above average deductive skills I figured out that the two cups I had were not going to cut it, but I pressed on with a mop bucket. Low and behold the Porch of Solitude has been saved!

Could it be? Did I like X-men 2 (Iím unable to call it X2 because I really do not want to do algebra jokes) more than Spider-man? I think I did. (okay, really, that was the last geek reference in the post). I also have received two free passes for two different movies. Sometimes Iím a special guy.

My brother is getting married July 5th. So donít even ask me if I can go away with you that weekend. This will make it that half of the Saul boys will be married. Gulp.

In my over pursuit to learn how to fly I will be venturing in a plane to New York City next week. So if you see me soaring through the sky you will know my studies have been a success.

Iíve only visited NYC once before. I was the age 8, because in all my stories as a child I am either 8 or 10. We stood a ferry away from the Statue of Liberty. This is at the end of a 2 week vacation trip so my parents looked at 1 teenager 3 kids and decided it would be best if we didnít go into the city. Iíve only seen the NYC skyline one other time then that. We were on our way to Boston. I hung out the window and took a picture. The only thing you really make out in the picture is the World Trade Center. This upcoming trip shall be interesting.

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Let me set the scene of my last all black background. Ok, good we are all on the same page. Now my dream. A watermelon floating, or is it just being, in the all black background. Nothing is really special about the watermelon, just your run of the mill orb-like green with a few stripes watermelon. The watermelon starts to split, like it was sliced, but there is no knife. Then each piece that was just cut gets parted in quarters. End sceneÖdiscuss amongst yourselves.

Wisconsin produces some crazy dreams.

Do you remember when Chicago decided to put up all those cow statues that were painted? Some were blue, green, polka-dotted, a slew of colors. A new idea has surfaced. Life-size bobble-head dolls! I canít find the article, but here is something about a life size jesus bobble head.

Iím working on my posture at work. Mostly Iím trying not to put my feet up on my desk. Must, in the least possible sense, attempt to look presentable.

I attended the worldís largest scrap metal museum, created by Dr. Evermore behind a junk yard, this past weekend. It was surreal, almost dream like. Marc mentioned all the little robot sculptures looked like Mega Man villains. There was a ginormous exhibit that reminded me of all those bad sci-fi movies where someone created an antenna to speak to aliens. Scissors, fire extinguishers, pliers, wrenches, nuts, cogs, staircases, benches, bolts, door knobs, wheels, trumpets, and pistons were just some of the random pieces used to create bugs, men, machines, and animals. The clown cars were an extra bonus and pretty sweet.

Handlebar mustaches have been a major theme in my life the past few weeks.

A co-worker just said ďwicked awesomeĒ with no hint of humor. As in ďThat movie was wicked awesome. I highly recommend it.Ē

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Okay. No more faking it. Iím going to see the first baseball game of the season for me. Extra box! Nothing says baseball like hotdogs, ice cream, beer, pop, a dessert tray, and sushi! Go Cubs!

Last night just went to a whole new level then it was planned. I should have eaten some real food yesterday to settle down the results. Ugh.

Iím out of this joint I call the city of Chicago for the weekend. Iím heading off for some rest and relaxation in the scenic environment of Wisconsin. There I will eat food with cheese all over it because that is what one must do when one is in Wisconsin.

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