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Yesterday I found a new place to eat. Almaís Pita. I walked in and went up to the counter and said, ďIíve never been here before. Do you suggest something.Ē The man behind the counter looks at me with a smile on his face and says, ď1st thing 1st, WELCOME!Ē and stretches his arms out wide and his smile grows. I order my food, which by the way was pretty tasty, and wait for it to be prepared. As I wait one of the customers yells, Bye Alma, and a little womanís head sticks out and says bye. An Alma works at Almaís Pita! It was a pleasant experience.

I put in all the requested time off I need for the next couple of months. Well, Iím sure I could squeeze in another couple of days, but over all Iím content with the 5 days off Iíll be taking.

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Wanna hear a not so tough and tough story wrapped into one? As most people who know me have heard Iíve dislocated my shoulder twice now. Once playing basketball and once playing football. Both of those sports are contact sports and that sounds slightly tough and slightly fragile on my part. Last week Tuesday I was bowling. Yes, I know. Please bear with me. Itís the 10th frame and Iím bowling. No problems. Iím bowling ok. I guess I brought the ball too high because as Iím going to release it a sharp pain goes through my arm, I clutch the ball, and I almost fall over, letting the ball flop into the gutter. I turn around with a grimace holding my arm. I sit down and my teammates look at me and realize that Iíve dislocated my shoulder again. Itís midnight and I really donít want to sit in the hospital till 3, let alone pay what ever amounts they will charge me. A friend told me that I need to pull my arm across my body and the shoulder should pop in. So I sit there preparing myself for what could be incredible pain. After debating it I decide that Iím going to try it. My arm is already losing most of itís movement, and Iím wearing bowling shoes. The bowling shoes will be ruined, and that I can not allow. So, with one of my friends asking me if I want to go to the hospital right in front of me, I take my arm and pull. I end up popping my shoulder right back in. Sweet relief. Today is the first day itís not really sore.

Last weekend was my friendís bachelor party. We went to Arlington Race Track to bet on the horses. Quite fun. My first two horses finished 2nd to last and dead last. Finally I won on the last race with the horse POWER. I picked him out of respect of our old bowling team, Powerful Creatures. Other horses I placed bets on, knowing nothing about horse racing, Old Dixie Home, Macatawa Bay, Taleofthewampuscat, Noble Wish, Tina Bull, and Imperialism.

Today I woke up feeling miserable. I attempted to go to work, mainly because itís only my fourth day at my new position. I only lasted till about 10:30, and then slept for two hours after I got home. Right now Iím thinking of watching some movies and falling asleep to those.

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Yesterday I was standing on my parents patio feeling the weather get cooler by the minute with the storm rolling in. The wind started to pick up and all those propellers that hang in the trees with the seeds in them started to fall and spin down around me on to the ground. I smiled.

Iíve been feeling really good lately. Like all the crust has cracked off and Iím not letting the crappy things bother me as much. Itís amazing. Things seem so much brighter knowing that Iím leaving my job in two days.

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It just started to smell like urine around my cubicle. I was just spacing out for a bit, and I got worried that I had an accident. Luckily there is no problem. But it does smell like urine still.

Iím ecstatic! Iím thrilled! Iím ecstilled, if you will. And you will, which I greatly appreciate. Yesterday I found out I got a promotion. The first thing this means is more money. I donít really believe I live my life with the one goal of achieving oodles of money (even though I wouldnít mind rolling around and swimming in money in a similar fashion of the duck Uncle Scrooge), but I hit the level I was hoping for when I left my current position, which isnít half bad. The second thing is that no more crappy phones. Needless to say people donít like to work. Thatís why itís called work, but this job wore me down. Iíve never been an angry person, annoyed maybe, but not angry. This job was making me into an angry person. I was in a perpetual bad mood for the last couple of months because of this job, but I was not going to repeat 8 months of unemployment willingly. As soon as I found out I got the promotion it felt like a weight was lifted off of my shoulders. A bunch of us went out to get a drink, and my roommate mentioned how happy I looked, and I really couldnít remember feeling happy in the last few months. I was smiling knowing I got out. Yes, Iím still with an organization that I think is run quite poorly, but Iím out of the entry position.

Iíve already planned on three big purchases Iíll be making in the next month or so. Quite excited.

Bowling began again this past Tuesday which can only mean that either they fixed the almost collapsed ceiling, or the owner of the alley has ran out of money and decided itís ok to risk the life of 80 slackers that think bowling at 11pm on a Tuesday is a good idea. We were currently sitting in the top 10, but I have a feeling that after our poor performance we may have dropped a few. It has been decided that we are going to take the summer off. A little break. Itís been a good run. 3 years, and I do have a lot of memories from it, from my original team watching it evolve to Powerful Creatures and onto the Arctic Brotherhood. This upcoming Tuesday is the last bash of the season. IT will be filled with drunkenness.

Everything is coming up Saul.

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Happy May!

Iím now acting like my dad. Iíve been taping the current season for Sopranos so that, at my current count, 3 friends can watch it. Iím pretty sure this is how is all started for my dad.

And the week of crazy is overÖ.

My friends threw a fake prom, and I must say it ended up being a smashing success. I was surprised to see everyone dress up. Even one guy bought a suit just for this (and for future reasons Iím sure). It wasnít crazy, but it was just fun. Then a surprise came and I won Prom King. Me, how special. I think my crown is currently sitting in a pool of someone elseís vomit. Oh well. It was a good reign while it lasted.

My mood has improved. I was recently so annoyed at everything and everyone. Not a whole lot of fun to be around. Then slowly my mood increased until Iím back to my usual. Itís nice. Still looking for a new job. Still dislikes my current job. Still confused about girls. Sounds about just right.

Fantasy Baseball update - my team is terrible.

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