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The doctor informed me that the sling should not be used if at all possible. Fine.

Saw the scar for the first time yesterday. All bandages and stitches have been removed. Quite wicked. It feels strange. I guess what is inside of me is some plastic cut into the bone to block my shoulder from falling out. Iíll take it!

Our computer system has been down all day. Iíve been struggling to look busy and gave up around 10:15. Iíve also ran out of web sites I can think of.

My friends and I are heading to a prom tomorrow. Mainly weíre just having a party tomorrow night where we will dress up. We call it prom because itís funny. I donít really need to relive my prom. Not all that exciting, plus I donít really talk to the girl I went with. Sadly, Iím still not sure my body can handle my fabulous dance moves, so it might be a lot of sitting around, drinking and smoking. Not bad considering it is an open bar for $25 entry fee for three hours at the place we rented. Any interest let me know.

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My wicked scar is starting to itch.

So today I returned to work. This is so others can have nice weather. All last week when I was holed up in my house unable to really walk anywhere because of pain it was nice, then I got healthy enough it rained all day. Blah.

I liked Star Wars. I did. This is what George Lucas, insane man, was trying to do/say in the past two films but didn't realize he had nothing to work for those other 5 hours of film. Plus Yoda kicked ass.

Strangers beware. After a certain point you get tired of explaining why your arm is in a sling. It just happens. It's a conversation piece. A good ice breaker and way to start talking to someone new. Understandable. Only problem is there are only so many times you can tell someone the truth, surgery. Not an exciting story. So at the party I was at I started to tell people that my friend got into a bar fight and while I was trying to break it up someone ended up stabbing me. 5 out 5 believed me, but since I feel guilty over any bad thing I do, I ended up telling them the truth in about 5 seconds. But they believed me.

I have now counted twice where I've reacted out of instinct and ended up making my arm go further then it really can. Both involved me catching something I've dropped. 1 catch, 1 dropped object with me wincing in pain.

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Well, an added bonus of me being home all day is you get me writing here everyday. We shouldnít call it a bonus, more of a conciliation prize.

I started to remove some of my bandages when I found out it was really hurting me. As I looked closer to my wound I noticed that the bandages were intertwined with my stitches, which meant that I wasnít supposed to remove any of these. Crap. No wonder it was so painful. Iíve never claimed to be intelligent.

Iím quite bored sitting at my house and will take any kind of entertainment. Please attempt to amuse me.

Going to see Star Wars tonight. The first time Iím really out of the house since Friday. Donít worry. Iíll be bringing my drugs. I wasnít really planning on seeing it so soon, but my roommate has an extra ticket and there really is no reason not to go. I remember seeing the original Star Wars opening night when it was re-released, and it was a whole lot of fun. Too bad I donít have any costume. Actually Iím joking.

I cleaned myself today. Quite exciting, but it did tire the hell out of me. Iím glad to get the hospital smell off of me.

I called my boss to let them know I wasnít going to be in for the rest of the week, with the possibility of missing some of next week. I just wonít be productive, which would be business as normal I guess.

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Thereís something to be said that after surgery feeling discomfort for an entire arm wouldnít be so bad if I didnít just get sick. What that thing to be said is Iím not quite sure since the medicine Iíve been taking can make me drowsy and dizzy.

Iím going to have to repay my friends that have helped out since the surgery. With what, not sure. Odds are it will involve some sort of drinking.

Tomorrow I get to shower. I havenít looked forward to a shower in a very very long time.

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Have ever wondered why half your chest was shaved? I guess most girls donít to answer that.

Surgery went ok. No major problems with my shoulder. Itís funny because Iíve drugged up all weekend. They gave me this thing that hangs around my neck which has continuously been pumping full of pain medicine. It will run out today. The bandages also come off today. So excited to wear t-shirts again.

My parents helped out a lot while I was delirious, they let me stay at there place over the weekend. Free mom food is never a bad idea.

Itís too difficult to type one handed so until later, and maybe a little less druggy.

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Iím prepared to be hobbled the next week. The thing is I have no idea what Iím going to be capable of doing. I might feel fine and do my usual things, or there could be incredible pain making me want to just sit around my house. Thatís why Iíve been slowly collecting things I can do. I borrowed a bunch of comics. I have a long book Iíve been trying to find the time to finish, and the video store isnít too far. Video games are out of the question. So sad, especially since my friend Chris just bought the new baseball game and is going to be really good at it before I get a chance to even play. His winning streak will just continue I guess. But thatís beside the point.

How would one open a can with one arm? Iím sure there is a way. The question is am I going to teach myself all these special little things in the short time that Iíll be all slung up? Like, how am I going to tie my shoes? There are a slew of other things Iíve come up, but Iíll let you use your imagination.

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I know crazies exist. I usually have no problem with them. Most of the time I let them go on their way and they let me keep wandering down the streets un-pestered. Low and behold this weekend Iím just walking home minding my own business when I pass a man wearing a white cowboy hat, black shirt and pants, and orange cowboy boots. As soon as I pass him he stomps one foot and starts shouting at me in Spanish. Iím not quite sure what Iíve been doing lately to attract the crazies, but they sure do love me. Maybe itís the new shampoo Iíve been using.

Cute story Ė I was visiting my parents over the weekend when I was walking around the yard with my 1 Ĺ year old niece. At one point I hopped over something and she looked at me and laughed. She then proceeded to try and jump/hop, but mainly just sort of raised herself with her toes. Each time she laughed. What a cutie.

Itís been a while but the bar fight I saw this weekend was lame. I guess one guy got angry at his friend, odds are for something lame like being called gay since it was that kind of place. All his friends kept doing was asking him, ďWhatís the matter with you?Ē. What a swell bunch of guys I thought.

Props to my friend who had an extra ticket for the Built to Spill show, which was a really good show. I said I would buy her some drinks which I did, but then she bought me a drink and gave me a couple of bucks so I could finish the cab ride to my place from hers. I think I still owe her a couple of drinks after all the exchanging of cash.

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Who stole all of my money? Seriously. And if you say the credit card company Iím going to punch you.

Not really. I donít like to punch, and I actually think you are a pretty nice person.

Is a throat ache really bad when it actually wakes you up in the middle of the night because youíre having trouble breathing? No smokes for today in a feeble attempt at curing myself.

Who wants another update on anything medical related to my life? Okay you in the back, please put your hand down. No one wants to hear this.

Iím too spacey to be at work.

At work I just received a letter signed, ďThe PeopleĒ. Which in my opinion means this is a priority, but then I realized that more than half the letters I see are signed with something equitable.

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There really isnít anything funny about torn ligaments. Especially when itís in your shoulder. It appears that my surgery is all finished besides a few minor slices and attachments and such. Next week Friday (5/13/05). It was a little strange. The doctor decided the best way to describe what was going to be done was to draw a few pictures on the crinkly paper that doctorís office make you sit on. Before the doctor came in I was looking at the posters that are universally in every doctorís office. On each poster I noticed little pen marks. Do I feel safe knowing this doctor, that is so free with drawing on things, may or may not decide the best time to doodle is when my shoulder is open. Hopefully he will at least draw something cool, like an alligator.

Recovery notice Ė Iím only required to wear a sling for about 2 weeks. Then itís all up to me. He said it will take about 3 months for full motion to be back. I just need to take it easy for a bit, but I am definitely excited about my shoulder not falling out anymore.

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