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Another fabulous Trip Recap!

This year our baseball trip was cut short, or at least made shorter, because of the following reasons: 1. One of my friends is having a baby this summer so we had to bump the schedule to early in the season instead of later. 2. Weddings and other plans have taken a few weekends away this summer. 3. How else are we going to fit Minnesota Twins in a trip anyway?

So the trip –
Day 1 – Chicago Cubs day game, end the game get to the car drive to Milwaukee Brewers for their night game. Double header in two cities! POWERFUL!
Day 2 – Minnesota Twins.
Day 3 – Drive home.

So the points (it may be lower than the normal average because of a shorter trip)–
Spider-man 3 midnight matinee +4
Day off from work +1
Sleeping in b/c I had the day off and saw a midnight matinee +3
Walking to the Cubs game stopping at the Gingerman for a drink before the game +1
Windy and cold at the game –3
Zambrano sucking it up again –1
Ohman walking batters….again –1
D. Lee and A. Soraino on my fantasy team making me happy +2
Cup game getting a triple and a homerun +3
Cubs win +3
Being the designated driver to Milwaukee –1
Traffic getting into the parking lot at the Brewers game –3
Miller Stadium (I like the stadium) +5
Fans who seem to stand at for no reason during the game –1
Know the rules, get food or beer inbetween innings or half innings –1
$ dogs +4
Only eating hot dogs all day –1
Sausage Race, and rooting for the Polish +4
Brewers win –1
Buying beer at the hotel bar because you can’t buy beer after 9 or 10 or whatever. Dumb law –2
Standing in the hotel each holding 4 open beers b/c the bartender wouldn’t sell them to us unopened. +3
Poker in the hotel after the game +2
Not winning poker –1
Sleeping during the drive to Minneapolis +1
Walking the in rain to a closed bar –1
Me, messing up directions to get to a different bar –1
Nice little walk because we were going in the wrong direction +2
Liking the Dome more than I thought I would +3
Seeing Johan Santana pitch +2
Sitting nice good Boston fans +2
Sitting behind jerky Boston fans who thought it would be funny to wear sombreros to a baseball game –5
Dumb Boston fans who wouldn’t take off their sombreros when we offered to buy them a beer –4
Twins win –1
All home teams winning on the baseball trip +2
The Irish bar after the game +2
The whiskey shot that I don’t think we needed +1 and a –1
The Irish band playing at the bar +2
Waking up saying someone threw up in the sink and missed the toilet while “dropping the kids off at the pool” –2
Finding out they weren’t joking –3
Deciding that it was funny +2
Driving the first leg home when we were all a little achy from the night before. –1
Getting home in 6 hours +2
Whiffle ball once we got home +3

Total = 27

So there you go. Not a bad 3 day trip. Out.

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