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What just happened there? One minute Iím doing fine, now Iím praying for my next check so that I can meet next months rent (which is tomorrow). Holy crap! Even after a weekend of nothing in my small attempt to save save save. Iím looking at a couple of weeks now where I should start to save up for a security deposit. Because if you know anything about my current rent situation there really is only about a .34827 chance of me getting my current deposit back.

This morning has been an entire blur. Then add the early evening and you have one mixed up day. I even got a full nights rest. It all started by waking up on my own realizing my alarm wasnít on. Then in my feeble attempts at shaving I put on aftershave instead of shaving cream. They were gifts and this was the first time using them. At least I smelled nice for most of the day.

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And end scene.

Give me a minute, let me catch my breath. This week wore me out.

Iíve spent (- the time sleeping) about 15 hours total at my apartment this week, and there have been some changes, let me tell you. First off, welcome to a man with a new job. I would use an ď!Ē there, but I have this sinking feeling it should stay a ď.Ē. Everyone Iíve talked to sounds like I just made the deal with the devil and I should begin to look for another job as soon as possible. Itís a shame I left a job where I didnít actually do anything and continued to get paid.

Something must be said about $5.00 martinis, because they are the most loving and cruel thing in this world. Martinis are my drink of choice. If I find a cheap one, bam, Dirty Martini with gin please. Either I drank too much gin, or I drank too much olive juice in the gin. Your choice. Iím picking the olive juice.

NEW COMICS! Itís been about two months since I picked up any comics. Itís so nice I trimmed them down to collecting only comics that I actually enjoy. Let me ask you a question. Did you ever watch The Maxx on MTV? If you didnít shame on you. If you did you might be excited to know they are collecting the comic book that the show was based on. Yes, this is sweet ass news.

I may have seen the last D-Plan show in Chicago forever. Luckily I was able to enjoy myself to the highest levels. Which made work on Friday a fun loving experience if you catch my drift.

Iím still no good at softball. Just in case you were wondering. And yes, it is a farmers tan that I have. Thanks for worrying.

Congrats to Val. Way to finish school! Good luck in NYC!

Must stick to my guns.

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I owe you many things and it is forth coming. You must give me some time

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I received this e-mail from a past roommate.
ďYou do say ďin all honestyĒ quite a bit. I think itís endearing : )Ē

Iíve got a bit on my mind today and yesterday. I really need to just clear the mind. So many things are changing and every once in a while I get punched in the face to remind me. Tonight was one of them. There is so many things that just ARE, and sometimes I have a lot of trouble accepting it. I just need to. The hole in the chest is reappearing.

Iím speaking a bit vague, and I donít really care right now. Iím going off to bed.

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Iím a very laid back kind of guy. You wonít see me jumping up and down with wild carefree emotion often. The occasional Bears game may do it, or an incredibly intense emotional moment. I think this is one of the reasons I love road trips. Scenery passing you by at 80 mph, even if it is just the flatlands of Iowa, Missouri and Illinois, forces me to stare out the window at whatever may look back. The moments shared between two people who are trapped, because every once in a while it does feel like a prison, make you look at that person in a completely different style than you believed him/her to be. Most of the time there is no definite plan. There is a general direction and usually a city for a destination, but Iím never quite sure what Iím going to do once I get there. I could walk around the city for the day and be completely content. This surprises people that I would drive 17 hours just to walk around a city for a while. But I do love them. How much can you squeeze into a weekend where half the time is spent driving. Makes you rush yourself, pace yourself, appreciate everything, and calm down the entire time. I only wish my car would last one.

One thing I did learn, which Iím trying to change, is filler words. What I mean is this, for some odd reason I add words that are not always needed. If you read through this page you will find many sentences starting with, ďso, well, hm, okayĒ and so on. It invades my speech pattern too. The line I kept saying was, ďIn all honestyÖĒ I must have said that line a couple hundred times. In the pursuit of always improving myself, I am consciously trying not to say, at least that one, line.

I think most people take me in all honesty anyway.

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