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A useful employment. Send me the Taste of Chicago to sit at a booth that is only for a select few people in the entire city. After many hours and a total of five people who asked what it is that Iím doing here, I then leave. After I spend too much money on cheesecake.

I attended the Gay Pride Parade this past weekend. 1st one for me, and it was quite fun. I understand that I liked because I wasnít out on the streets but yelling things from the window from a friend of a friendís apartment. He was kind enough to feed me chips and salsa and have a enough C2 (the new low carb coke) to entertain me. What was viewed was 3 pairs of boobs, no paper mache cocks, and 1 out of 4 friends who walked in the parade. It was a fun day over all.

We had a little party for our friends recent elopement. Yes the cops did come twice and it was me who dealt with them. No problems though. Just too loud on the porch. Whatís funnier is when the crazy Ukrainian neighbors came up and just said, ďNo sleep. No sleep. Too loud.Ē and walked away.

Wednesday could be a big day for me.

Tuesday is the !!! show! Will I dance? Will I drink too much? Will both of things occur? You can only find out if you show up!

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So Iím back, better than before. Ready for everything. I woke up, about 30 minutes before my alarm, feeling great. Then it settled in that I wonít be able to actually do anything because I have to go to work, which slowly made me lay in bed for 30 minutes. Rats.

I need to come up with something better then what actually ailed me. Example, I was kidnapped by pirates. I spent the last three days sailing with them through Canadian waters plundering hockey equipment and snow caps. After an adventure very similar to the movie The Princess Bride and we were able to apprehend the 6 fingered man they dropped me off on the shores of South Carolina, which Iíve successfully hitchhiked my way backed surviving only on stale bread, cheese, and the kindness of strangers. So this is my thank you to all those strangers.

Yeah, something like that.

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Itís been a strange week so far. Iíve slept about 19 hours on Sunday and Monday each, only to wake up and go to the bathroom, which I was doing a bit too often. It turns out I had a mild case (if this is mild I would rather dislocate my shoulder again because at least with that the pain ends after a little while) of food poising. Iím impressed because it took me out of action for two days.

Funny moment which I used ultimate control to not burst out laughing is at the doctors when he asked me what color my poop was. After I told him he said excellent.

Now I canít tell if my stomach hurts because of whatever bad food I did eat or if itís because Iíve eaten a total of 2 pieces of toast and about 1 slice of cantaloupe in the total of two days.

Today is the first day Iím coherent about my thoughts. Itís time to move a little bit.

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Let me say congrats to the newly wedded Scott and Teresa Dimpfl! It was a really fun weekend. Let me recap it for youÖ..

Friday was the first time I have ever hit a golf ball with a golf club, and I might say that I wasnít too terrible. I was bad, yes, but not as bad as I thought I was going to be. I had at least 5 sweet shots. Sadly, my shoulder started to twinge and I felt I would play it safe and possibly not dislocate my shoulder.

Saturday was the wedding itself. A few cute things. 1st Scott surprised his wife to be by buying the wedding ring that his fiancť wanted that he told her he couldnít afford. He pulled a switcheroonie on her, and her face was just shocked.

2nd When we piled into the limo to head to the reception the limo actually breaks down in the churchís parking lot. Luckily we had two limos and the bride and groom went into that one. I, lucky best man that I was, got to ride in the trunk of a suburban. I donít know how I always end up in trunks. I just do.

I donít think I ended up doing anything that would have made a fool of myself. Well, besides the best man speech. Crash and burn. Whew. Was that bad. I gave Scott what I wanted to say and he read it and said he would have cried if I actually said these things.

Did you know the Best Man and the Maid of Honor sign the Marriage Certificate? I didnít. I had complete power over their wedding. If I didnít sign it this whole scenario would have been for naught.

After watching a wedding up close and personal I would have to say it would be easier on all parties involved if the couple would just elope.

So thatís enough about weddings, donít you think. I was about to go to bed and saying good-bye to my friend when all of a sudden a huge thud occurs from my bedroom. I walk in and my one shelf in my closet that is my the entire storage area for me in my apartment has collapsed. All of my clothes that I hang are now laying on the floor while there is a hill of stuff sitting in front of my closet. I have decided to ignore it for a couple of days in hope that cat will clean it up.

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I think I ate some raw food at lunch. Someone should be watching me. For shame on all of you.

Iíve been using too many past experiences against me. I understand the whole idea one who learns from the past may not repeat present mistakes, but part of me wants to yell at myself because right now I view myself as an idiot. A repeat of what Iíve gone through seems so pointless. The thing is that I feel myself going down that path. Iíve tried to make sure I donít ostracize myself again, but from what happened last weekend I think myself a fool. I didnít know what else to do. Why do people keep putting me in the exact situations over and over again. Iím tired of it, and really my mental up keep does not allow me to deal with this again.

Which is sad because Iím pretty happy at where my life has taken me so far. Can I be more vague? My answer is yes.

Happy hour on a Tuesday is a sweet thing. Especially when I have Friday off! Yea-Yes!

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Iím in a state of shock. A shock Iíve prepared myself, but failed to understand.

Iím sitting here at work and amazed that I donít have anything real to do. A large part of my job is to make phone calls, but I usually wait until the afternoon to make them. Today though I have nothing else to do and Iíve been working a crossword puzzle to try and fill my time. Isnít 9:30 a bit too early to call people? I would say so.

So far I count thatís two strange moments when Iíve gone to wait with someone for a cab. Maybe I should stop doing that.

While gathering for brunch on Sunday with a bunch of friends I met a woman with her kid, Nick. I asked her if she called him by his full name when he does something. Example, Nicholas, stop putting flour all over the floor! Nicholas, donít put your foot in there! Nicholas, Silly Putty does not belong in your hair or nose! Things like that. She then informs me that they actually nicknamed after the hockey player Nikolai Khabibulin! Yes, the famous hockey goalie currently playing in the NHL Stanley Cup Finals!

Oh, another thing. I happened to find a Laura recently in my cell phone. For some reason I have no recollection of who this person is. Iíve asked the Lauraís I would normally see, but nope. No oneís number. I know I havenít been that drunk the last couple of weeks for me to enter someoneís phone number without remembering. That and I donít talk to girls. So the mystery remains. I was told I should just call and state that Iíve been in a horrible accident or Iíve been arrested and we are trying to reach someone who knows him. Funny, but mean.

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Have you ever just wanted to scream really loud? Part of me wants to?

Why everytime a great night occurs THAT happens? Tired of it. But everytime.

Any why does timing come into it?

I make no sense. Continue with what your doingÖ..

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Yesterday Iím sitting at home when I get a call from my friend, Pete. He quickly informs me that heís married and is laying in the sun (itís evening so odds are just maybe drinking in the moon light) in Puerto Rico! Why is he in Puerto Rico? Well, itís because heís married! He just got married to his wonderful girlfriend Jennie on June 2, 2004! Holy crap! They have been planning this for about 5 months and have kept it quiet. Quite sneaky if you ask me. Anyway, I just want to send out my congrats to the lucky couple. There will have to be quite a shindig for them when they get back.

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We must all remember the fallen warriors. 2004 Memorial Day. The day that may have killed Grimmie, my car. Please just a moment of silence. I attempted to avoid a bump but my tire still collided with another pot hole. From then on my tire rattles anytime I reach 28 MPH. Yes, the warning they gave me over four years ago is finally coming true. I hate prophecies by the way. Four years ago a mechanic said itís not really safe to drive my car. They told me that the wheels of my car could fall off at any moment. All I had to do was hit a bump just right. This created me into a obstacle course driver. For four years I avoided bumps, cracks, potholes, and little children so as to prolong the life of my car. But sadly it looks like it is all coming to an end. At least Iíll be able to read a whole lot as I take the bus and train. Good-bye lovely May (which is usually a good month for me) and hello crappy June.

Iím going to listen to Justin Timberlake to get me in a better mood and dance in my chair at my desk.

Last night I couldnít really fall asleep. Grrr. So much for waking up early.

Other than that the weekend was pretty unmomentous. Nothing special (besides the cubs game, but my lord are there a lot of vendors. Letís settle down people and let me watch the game already) but fun and relaxing. I played some video games, read a lot, and slept a whole lot.

There, you are all caught up with my life now.

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