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Good morning, or good afternoon. It might be good night, but Iíll let you decide on this one.

I came back from San Fran quite safely. Thank you for asking. Youíre too kind. It was fun. A lady stripped down to her underwear in the middle of the streets, which I must say I havenít seen in any other city Iíve visited. Plus a true and honest bar fight that the only thing missing was broken beer bottles. What a right punch the bartender had.

Other bad karma resultsĖ
Just a couple of days ago I was reading in my car waiting for a friend to come out of her house and a person passes me, looks in to my window and notices me. She gets in the car in front of me and then proceeds to slam into me. Pull forward and drive away. SHE SAW ME SITTING IN MY CAR AND STILL DROVE AWAY! Luckily there was no damage.

I think buying this car may have been a bad idea.

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