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It was bound to happen. Grimmie, my car from high school, was on it’s last legs. Or as the mechanic put it, you have about 2% left of your brakes. There was a fantabulous rattle coming from the bottom of the car. Pure chaos was existing right below the driver’s seat. The rattle was enough to shake my foot near the gas pedal. I had to do something…and I fixed Grimmie up. I think it was time. So Grimmie is now cleaned up, new brakes, and no more rattle. It’s been a while since I treated Grimmie so well, he will appreciate it.

Cute moment – a man riding a motorcycle in a suit with a backpack down the street. Inside of the backpack was a dogs head sticking out, enjoying the ride.

I attended an event last night, because this can only be called an event. It’s a bar, called Rock-a-tiki. The event is Elvis impersonator every Wednesday night. You can’t but help yourself shaking your hips while Elvis sings in his white jump suit. I would place the age of Elvis to be in the middle of his career. Not all drugged up nor super skinny. This Elvis is preparing for the Elvis Extravaganza! It’s time to take this crap serious.

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“Brousha Brisha Nooch.” It may not be a direct quote but those were the comments an old woman was shouting at me as I walked down the street. “Brousha Birsha Nooch.” I have no clue what this may mean. It must mean something. Once the yelling began I glanced upward to just see a head hovering above me. “Broush Brisha Nooch.” There was another woman standing by the fence I was walking past. She shouted to the face of insults, “Be Nice.” My only assumption is that “Broush Brisha Nooch” can mean I have a hot ass.

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My elbows, shoulders, and knees hurt because I was so tense watching 28 Days Later… Let’s face it, I’m a sucker for movies where 99.99% of the population cease to exist. Hell, the first half of Stephen King’s The Stand rocked. 28 Days Later… is so much better (3 high approvals from the people I was with).

Zombies freak me out. The general idea of zombies freaks me out. I’m afraid of a dog biting me (going back to the day when a dog ate the hands off of my Man-At-Arms He-Man). The idea of a person biting me to get a chunk of Saul just freaks me out. (Chunk of Saul…song title, restaurant name, maybe even a bowling name idea? I’ll start working on that).

I once played zombies in a radio play. I was to signify an entire town of zombies with one grunt. It went like this….”auuuuu”. But other times I was an individual zombie. My line was, “auuu”. I’m talented.

My first line in any play that I have ever performed in was, “All aboard!” I was a train conductor. 6th grade.

My finest performance was another radio play where I played a six year old child with an ax in his head. My best friend was a talking dog that went into outer space. A friend’s parent came up to me and told me I played a great six year old with an ax in his head. I said thanks.

Bowling starts tomorrow…gulb. Must be better bowler…must enter zombie trance….auuuu….strike! auuu….Sweet!

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There was a crazy thunderstorm last week. It was the first time in a long time that a storm woke me up in the middle of my slumber. When you add the storm with the pirate movie currently out, one can only think about this was another attempt at the pirates trying to invade. So I went out on a lookout, to fight the good fight…against pirates.

The best part about Pirates of the Caribbean is I now have another excuse to use my pirate joke…
Did you hear about the new pirate movie?
It’s rated Arrr.
That jokes so sweet.

So I started my new job. That’s part of the reason I haven’t been here in awhile. I guess I need to be on good behavior for three months and then I’ll be in the clear.

Cute story – watch the fuck out!
I got a message on my phone. It was from my three year old niece. It went like this. “Hello! Call me back!” Sam. My Sister-in-law gets on the phone and let’s me know that my niece just wanted to talk to her Uncle Mike. My lord is my niece cute.

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