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Iíve been able to put off seeing Catwoman for a little longer. There were plans to go to it, but my friend from Colorado was in town. A legitimate excuse to get out of it, and put off seeing for just a little longer. I havenít been able to talk to my friend since the wedding I attended back in June, but sadly he didnít come home just for a visit. He was a little down, but we talked, and talked for a long time. I havenít really done this with anyone in a while. Iíve slowly been secluding myself and just listening. Too much going on in my own head that Iíve still been unable to put behind me. So I was glad I was there to listen and at least give my input, for whatever good it will do.

Today Ė half day. Company picnic. Raining. Should be interesting.

To get back to Catwoman for a second. That movie canít be worse than Daredevil, right? I mean, Daredevil was terrible. I know Ms. Halle isnít the best of actresses, but can she be worse than Mr. Ben trying to act blind? I regret ever saying yes Iíll go see it.

Hereís to a weekend spent in Chicago!

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I made it back safe and sound from the Arctic North that the world calls Canada. Since this was a baseball trip and we were doing 4 games in 3 days we were pretty rushed game to game. Detroit and Cleveland were blurs mostly due to the fact in Detroit it was god awful hot/humid outside. My only opinion of Cleveland still continues, cute girls with duschbags. But then again if thatís all thatís around where are the cute girls going to go? At one point in the evening I thought I was going to get into another fight, and my only near fight experience was the other time I was in Cleveland. After seeing my least favorite city off to Montreal and Toronto.

Montreal was interesting since Iíve never ever been some place where I didnít speak a lick of the language. The Expos stadium can only be summed up in this phrase, ďpost-apocalypticĒ. We were walking around and were able to see maybe a total of 15 people. Eerie. The night life was interesting except we didnít really have enough time to see anything there.

Has anyone else noticed that people in Toronto are quite nice, that and there seem to be a whole lot more girls all over the city (at least compared to the other cities we visited and Chicago?)? I did. Toronto was great. I like the idea of buying sausage at 3 in the morning just because the vendor happens to be at the corner on your walk home.

Interesting fact about Canada Ė While my friends and I were going INTO Canada we were asked to pull over so that they can search the van. It didnít help that most of the people in the van were spitting out sunflower seeds or the jokes and giggles Samir and I were making towards each other. So we get out, we declare what we need to, 2 bottles of liquor, 1 carton of smokes, and some apples. A couple of minutes go by and one of the Canadian cops come over and ask how many cans of Red Bull do we have. (one of my car mates works as a distributor for Red Bull so they go it for free.) I donít like Red Bull, and neither does Canada. Red Bull is illegal up North. We had two options, drive back to the states and throw it out, or sign something saying we will come back and pick it up (which would be impossible since we are leaving on the other side of all those lakes). After a couple more minutes we were able to convince the Canadians that they can keep it and dispose of it.

After an impressive display of driving for the last 40 minutes of our trip so we could return the rental van on time and not be charged an extra day, our trip came to an end.

That sums up my weekend quite well. More jokes, snide comments, burns, and just a little bit of chaos.

That brings me to 12 stadium, 11 different teams. Yea-yes!

The day at work is going to drag like no ones business.

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Iíve been all over this place lately. More joy for you, you lucky bastards.

So today starts the happy go lucky trip to Canada. Oh Canada! Good times for all. Iíll be knocking off 4 more stadiums and who knows what else.

Itís funny how a conversations with certain people will affect my mood. I was tense and slightly annoyed when I left work. I was able to calm down but it felt like I was being accused of doing something that Iím not fully to blame. Partly, yes. There are some things that are troubling me, but Iíve chosen not to talk about it too much (usually only with the help of Mr. Vodka and Mrs. Coke). I donít really see much of a use in discussing it. It will create problems, and Iím smart enough to know how it will turn out. So I continue to do what I do, and try and not pay any special attention to it.

My little vacations are coming at such the right times.

Last evening I sat in a field as lightening was striking all around me. All for the sake of seeing The Birds for the first time. After sitting through 3 storms, eating many pitas and various dips, the movie started and it was really a whole lot of fun. Snide comments and observations were made through out the movie. My favorite part of the movie is when the rest of the crowd just shouted, ďDonít. StopĒ all together. Itís fun when that happens. Good friends, good times.

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A fun fact learned over the weekend at the Millennium Park opening during the This American Life show. Lake Michigan used to go in as far as Michigan Ave in the downtown area of Chicago. After the great Chicago Fire the city pushed all the debris into the lake creating a landfill pushing the Lake Michigan back to itís current location. There parks, skyscrapers, parking lots, and condos were built. This is a fun fact brought to you by Acapulco.

The wild and crazy weekend did not occur, but my new car has been getting quite a sight of the mid-west since Iíve purchased it. St. Louis and now Milwaukee?! Whew, busy days.

This upcoming weekend I will be taking my annual baseball trip, sadly without my baseball buddy. He went to California and saw all those teams, me, Iím heading up to the good old neighbor of the North. Hello Canada. Iíll be leaving Wednesday right after work and showing up back home Sunday. No rest for the wicked.

I attended a barbeque last night. One of my friends that was in attendance e-mailed me today with this line, ďIsn't stuff like last night exactly what we're supposed to be doing at our age in the summertime? Thatís what I was thinking as I made my way home. Its pretty cool.Ē In reality thatís all Iíve really ever searched for. Hanging out with friends, talking about whatever, such as Shampoo a hangover, the movie Top Secret, what fabulous new clothes I purchased earlier that day, creating songs about Obama, and whatever else may come out of our mouths. Iíve been getting that feeling that everyone just hanging out might die down some day soon. A freaky feeling.

Today Iím sleepy. Shh, donít tell anyone.

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Watch out Milwaukee here I come! A slew of us are driving up there to attend the final Chalet Chalet show and then continue into the night throwing my friend who eloped a bachelor party, because everyone should have at least one bachelor party. I take no credit or blame for what may occur.

Back on Sat. for some good old fashion Chicago fun.

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When will I learn that drunk typing at 3 in the morning is not always the best of ideas? Oh yeah, never.

I just realized I havenít gone bowling since my last fated instance with my shotty dislocated shoulder. That is quite a while ago, which is saying a lot since there was a point that I was bowling at least 2 times a week. Hmm, I have to get back into bowling power shape.

My mood has lighten.

About 3 months ago I joined a mentoring program. I was interested in what it was, mostly because I didnít have a clue to what it does. I also knew I would be taken off of phones at work, which at the point in my life was the bane of all existence. ALL of existence. Think about that. My mentor just cancelled on me. Which is fine because we werenít really talking a whole lot. After a lot of thinking everything I want to do is a bit more personal.

Whenever buying Mambas make sure you do it from an Air Conditioned store.

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I needed a night like tonight. I was falling head first in to a funk. St. Louis helped a bit because it was a relaxing weekend and I didnít really focus on the things that were bothering me. Since Iíve been back Iíve felt it all welling up inside. Happily it seems tonight has helped. I talked to someone I havenít in a long time and at least the first step was made to repairing any damages. I saw good friends and I just hung out. Instead of (as I was doing earlier in the evening) stressing my problems when someone asked about them I now feel happy. When I got home I just had a glass of wine with my roommate and we talked, but really talked. We both said things that have been our minds, maybe without revealing too much, but still got our points across. Part of me says stop just sitting there and letting those problems build up in your mind (because work does allow a lot of time to build). Letís see how I feel in the morning (since itís already too late now). Good night folks.

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What crawled up my butt today?

It didnít help that I think I was a little hung over from last night, but dang was I cranky. Usually I think that Iíll slip out of this and get into a better mood, but not today. Plans are to see a bad movie for $5, eat some free popcorn, and hopefully my mood will improve.

Itís a good thing Iím leaving this weekend to see my brother in St. Louis. I think I just need to get away. My problem is that Iíve been trying to figure out what is really important to me, and so far I havenít been able to sweep away any of the clutter. What I thought in the past was important Iím starting to get annoyed at now. Maybe a little sleep.

I did get to hold babies this weekend. One of my nieces, 8 months old, had to have a little minor surgery. Her hip wasnít attached so they just had to pop it back into place. And if thereís one thing I know about itís dislocated joints. Whoo wee. Sheís all healthy and everything but she does have a cast on her from the middle of her stomach down to her little chubby shins. Sheís dealing with it just fine, and it comes off in about another month. My other niece, 5 months old, just likes to slobber over everything. Cute, but quite wet. She gnawed on my fingers, knuckles, shirt, pants, and then she started to lean over, and yes, she started to gnaw on her own toes. Quite a little flexible baby she is.

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Iím not sure how I view the Fourth of July weekend anymore. I remember as a kid always going to my Grandmotherís house to watch the fireworks that were sent off only a soccer field away. Jumping into the ditch by the street pretending the fireworks were some gangsters or Cobra soldiers firing bullets at me. Sparklers were amazing. My friends would gather there year in year out. I didnít even have to plan it in high school. They just showed up. Then something happened. Every Fourth of July weekend now has been pretty quiet. A lot of people leave town. Iím not quite sure what happened.

I still have never seen the Chicago Fireworks on the 3rd.

Do you know those large fireworks (do not use around children and all that jazz) that you hook up to the tree and they spin in a large circle? I do. I know them fairly well. When I was seven one of my uncles nailed one of those fireworks into a tree. I of course went over to watch. Not too close mind you. They are fireworks after all. FIRE is in the dang word. So the firework starts spinning, spinning, wait, the firework is not attached to the tree anymore. Wait, the firework is coming straight at my face. Wack. Down I go.

So Wednesday was a busy day. So busy that I ended up with a new car. And I mean a brand new car. A virgin car. Currently with only 72 miles on it. Quite sweet. My old car and my new car have met so as to not make Grimmie (old car) jealous. No nickname, but a car with power windows, working AC, a cd player and radio that works, shocks is pretty sweet.

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