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Strange razzle dazzle today at work. I was out in the back on a smoke break (I canít believe I didnít take breaks before I started smoking), and when I came back in there were people all huddled in a tizzy, as much as an office can get in a tizzy. Overhearing I hear how some guy was going through a co-workers stuff. From what I was able to find out that some strange guy came in, walked to our front desk, tried to take the receptionistís check (it is pay day after all), then he ended up coming to the 3rd floor, my floor, and was going through peopleís desk. He ended up leaving but it always makes you feel safe knowing some crazy might walk in and poke your eyes out. This was almost as interesting as finding out someone was coming in and using our bathroom to do cocaine. Boo yah!

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So hot. That was the theme this weekend. I attended the Intonation Festival held in Chicago and there were a load of fine bands, not to mention a load of crappy bands. After the first day of showing up late and realizing it was just too hot to be in the sun, we camped out in the shade all of Sunday just listening to the music. In reality that was just fine. We heard both stages just fine (and in an outdoor festival it might actually be better to be a little distant to actually hear what the bands are playing), and I got to hang out with friends and chat.

Good friend Jonah moved back to Boston this week, and I spent most of last week planning his surprise party with a few others. Luckily he is usually a pushover so we were able to get him to the required place at the required time instead of him convincing us to go to another bar.



Iím trying not to be a jerk but totally ending up like a jerk. Touchť.

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A fun little story. I was leaving my friends house on Friday evening, and there was a rooftop party going on at a near by apartment. A guy was sitting on the edge and shouts, ďHey dude.Ē I look up and he then proceeds to flick me off and shout, ďFuck you!Ē in a style that is stereotypical of jocks in a teen movie. I keep walking and comment, ďRight back at you.Ē Where he then comes up with a fabulous comeback, ďFag.Ē Quite original my friend. By then I was far enough away to stop shouting in the middle of the street, plus what would I have gotten out of it by yelling at a drunk guy.

A thought that did enter my head was he could have poured beer on me which would have sucked.

Why is it anytime a girl who knows nothing about sports (not that all girls know nothing about sports, but this specific girlís knowledge about sports is not great) always beats me in any sort of betting when it comes to sports?

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Iím currently sitting here staring at my computer thinking of all the things I donít like about my job. I donít like the program because the black background and blue letters have started to deteriorate the little ability my eyes have left. The constant meetings where nothing really gets accomplish except that Iím not staring at the cornea decomposing monitor. Then I read a headline about uniforms at jobs. The thought came into my mind to my first day at other jobs Iíve had. Fill out forms, get shown around the store/working area, and then be given a uniform. Not every job had a uniform, but a few did. I remember taking the uniform and then being told that it would be deducted from my first pay check. Something about that always ticked me off. First off they are making you purchase clothes I never see myself wearing ever again. Second, they are taking some of your earned cash out of the first pay check, and odds are this check is sorely needed due to the fact that you have allowed yourself to work at a crappy place that has uniforms. Thirdly, you are still making meager wages and anything out of that may mean you donít have enough gas to get to work for the rest of the week. I quit a job that was going to force me to do this.

Oh, on to a different subject Stella on Comedy Central is hilarious. Brings back memories of The State.

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Whatís that behind me? Oh, just me dragging my ass. Iím quite tired from a solid weekend of having fun.

I was able to get my fire work fix in for the year. The rooftop party I was at I was only able to really see about ľ of the fireworks in Chicago, but on the 4th good old Lisle didnít let me down.

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Holy cow. I think someone turned off the air and put the heat on. Itís currently 83 degrees here in my office, and one of the offices I spend time in itís 87. Ridiculous! They better send us home early today so I can start my celebration of this holiday.

Seriously, Iím debating on taking my pants off. Iím pretty sure that I would be fired, but then again I donít know if thatís a bad thing.

Miss Plastic Passion is back in Chicago! YAY!

Strange Place is in Texas. Boo.

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