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My mother is the best. Why you ask? She sewed some buttons on my shirts in the span of 15 min, in a process that would have taken me an hour and a half. I know how to do it. Iím just not good at it, case in point these buttons have fallen off about 3 times now.

Then I went and played castle with my niece. She kept making soup and telling me to take my feet of the chair.

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While I was walking to lunch today I passed a retirement home, or at least I believe itís a retirement home but itís sometimes confusing. Iím not going to elaborate on that topic, but there is a little courtyard where everyone gathers sometimes during the day. Today there was an elderly woman, some where in her late 70s or 80s. Thatís not strange, but what was strange was that she was playing basketball. It was cute. She would shuffle to a spot. Bounce the ball a couple of times and take a shot. From what I saw as I was walking she was 3 for 3. A force to be reckoned with.

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